Severus was tired. His entire life revolved around those petulant idiots. They seemed to enter Hogwarts more and more brainless every year.

The fact that he was presumably playing for both teams so to speak didn't help either. That idiot Dumbldore
seemed to forget he had a life and that he wasn't getting any younger. But no his cause was of utter importance.

The old imbecile put all his trust in that scared idiot. If the damn idiot wasn't competent enough to
do a simple first year potion what made the old bugger think he would be capable of getting rid of the nose-less idiot.

He was tired! Tired off everyone.

The worst part was not having a suitable solution to his problem. For now, as always, the best thing was to play along his role in the War against the nose-less idiot.

As for today he was simply grateful that the day was over. Strangely enough there had been no incidents in
any of his classes. He wasn't sure if it was sheer luck or the babbling morons were all sick.
Maybe it was a virus that made them act seemingly normal. If it was a virus, all Severus could do
was hope that it would last a long time.

But then again he couldn't get his hopes up. After all he wasn't necessarily known to be optimistic.


"Oh! Hermione." screeched Harry as he rubbed his forehead.

"Sorry. It's just that you're not paying any attention."

"I know i just can't concentrate. Not today."

"Not just today." answered Hermione sarcastically but it was to late Harry had space out once more

Harry looking out the window. The sky was a midnight blue and there were no visible stars.
How could he tell his friends what was going on. He himself couldn't explain it.

It was all Dumbledore's fault. That 'wise' old man was always meddling in his life. Harry already knew
what he had to do in relation to Voldemort. he didn't need that extra help.

Harry in no way was implying that he was ready to take on Voldemort single handily.
He simply needed a bit of training.

At first, he was angry about this extra help he 'needed', now things were different.
Harry's problem was no longer the anger he felt when the sole thought of his so desperately needed help, his problem
now was that he wasn't certain what or how to describe what he felt.

Harry was at a complete loss. He couldn't even think about talking this with Ron and Hermione, especially Hermione.

"Harry come on its time for supper."

"Yeah go ahead you two I'll catch up."

"You sure mate?"

"Yes Ron I'll catch up."

"OK then."

Harry saw how both his friends made their way out of the library.
He let out a big sigh as he gathered his belongings.

He made his way to the Great Hall in a state of oblivion.


I know such short chapter!!
I'm so thrilled that I'm finally working on a Snarry Fic. At least on e that is being published!!