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Severus' brain was still numb.

He had spent another night out of bed thanks to the brat.

Just when he had began to actually get accustomed to his ever present presence.

He had even began to enjoy teaching the Brat.
Well almost if it weren't for the fact that the boy was atrocious when it came to potions, he might, just might fully enjoy teaching him.

The worst part was he had to, absolutely had to, get to breackfast this morning. Yesterday he had skipped lunch and dinner trying to read the journal.
But today he couldn't skip any meals.
He was definitely in no mood to go or to have to "socialize" with the rest of the staff.
But then again if he didn't he would have to render some type of logical explanation to the old bat.

Merlin forbid that happen!

It was enough with the usual line of questions.

Oh my boy how was your night?
How has Tom been treating you these days?
Are you sure you can handle all of this?

And his usual: Sometimes I think this strains you a little too much.
But then again:You are a very important element in this war my boy. Without you I truly doubt we have any chance of defeating Him.

So it was that with his usual sour expression that Severus made his way to the great hall.


Harry was stressed beyond description.

He hadn't been able to find his journal anywhere.
He was in no mood or state to eat anything.
But if he didn't, again, Hermione might just have a serious talk with him.
Something he wasn't willing to put up with again.

Sometimes he wished he had no one who cared about him.
Actually most of the time it was nice to know that someone actually cared about him and not what he had to bring to the table.
But Hermione went to extremes. Extremes that were easy to get fed up with.

He was trying hard to swallow his breakfast. But it was simply not easy.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see Snape picking at his food.
It seemed that the man was having trouble digesting his food as well.

Harry wondered what would happen if the journal fell in Snape's lap.
Harry knew the man was curious. Of course he would never admit to it. He remembered Snape referring to his curiosity as a thirst for knowledge.

In Harry's mind it all came down to the same thing. The man was curious no matter how hard he tried to mascaraed it with a long strain of well chosen words.

And then both their eyes met.

Harry was overwhelmed with the sense that Snape knew something.
He just hoped it wasn't what he was thinking.


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