Justice Heroes Elite

CHP92: Time Has Come

The night air was fresh and everything was silent, it was perfect and followed the lines of calm just before the storm. Much as everyone hated it a storm was coming, a storm they were unsure was beatable. They'd been tested for the past couple weeks and to some degree could be thought as small stepping stones toward the main battle. Things were certainly going to heat up with the arrival of Tyvez and his claim of give in or be killed. Pythena and her pupils had the upper hand at the moment, but that wasn't about to put Stark or anyone else at dismay.

It was one of the greater challenges they'd have to face ever but were up to the challenge. Stark was especially interested to see if Pythena would personally make an appearance but had his doubts that would happen. Not until after earth had fallen through her eyes would there be any chance of that, and that was something he and everyone else couldn't allow. If everything worked out the way he wanted, Captain America, Subzero and Batman would somehow infiltrate her base of operations. At that point it would still be no cakewalk, not to mention the uncertainties of how many warriors of stationed there.

No matter the number it would have to be overcame and the interesting factor was the decision to only send three. Whether it was the right move or not was yet to be seen. A lot of factors went into Tony's final decision and only time would tell if the right decision was made. The automatic off to his right opened; a couple shield members entering with Nightwing, Black Cat and Red Arrow. The three traveled to the Avengers mansion separately, conveniently arriving around the same time.

"Sorry I'm late, I spoke with Batman via communications equipment so I have somewhat an idea what's going on," Nightwing went on approaching the billionaire. Natasha and various others stood around in the room, eyes glued to the different monitors, "A little clarification on a couple things and I'll be right up to speed."

"How much do you know?" Stark inquired facing Nightwing.

"Well I got the bit about the Stalkers and Isolationer, but an explanation in great detail wouldn't hurt." The masked hero replied.

Tony nodded signaling for Red Arrow, Black Cat and Nightwing to follow, doing as he suggested. They situated beside a tabletop away from the main computers and equipment.

"This here is the finished product of what me and my people have so desperately been trying to complete over the past couple weeks; a galactical teleportation mechanism. This here is what I took to calling the Isolationer," Tony lifted the box shaped object for a couple moments. He set it down pointing out the smaller objects, "And these are the stalkers and as we speak I sent one off with the grandmaster and Batman." Tony informed.

"Grandmaster?" Black Cat questioned.

"Subzero, the fighter capable of producing ice. Anyhow I'm only gonna go through this once so pay close attention."

It was unknown when Red Robin and others who were scheduled to show up would arrive. Nightwing paid close attention to what was said getting the idea Stark was getting tired of repeating himself, so when others did arrive he could update them personally. Just as Tony finished up Steve entered the space fully suited in his gear, shield included.

"What happened to Subzero and Batman and thought we three were…"

"They left just a little while ago returning to wherever Batman's base is. Said something about properly equipping for the upcoming encounter. You need not worry about that, their absence works perfectly in our favor. Captain you will remain here until Tyvez makes his appearance."

"What, why would I do that?! We need to plan and be waiting near wherever he and his minions touchdown. Waiting around is not an option!"

"That isn't what I meant or had in mind, prepare yourself in whatever way you feel necessary but you will remain here until Batman and Subzero disembark on the battlefield. They will contact us at that time and when that happens I will activate the Isolationer."

By the expression on his face Tony could see Steve was somewhat confused.

"Batman currently has one of the Stalkers in his possession and upon activating the Isolationer if all works out as planned you should immediately relocate to his position without trouble. Do know this will be the first time it will be tested; with that in mind are you still willing to be the one to go through this."

"With you at the helm I'm sure there is nothing I have to worry about. Let's just hope that whenever this Tyvez shows his face Batman is on scene ASAP."

Another of the doors in a far corner of the room opened and it was Ermac that stepped through.

"Any updates, I'm tired of standing around?" The warrior of many souls inquired.

"No not yet but the hour will soon pass and when that happens if what Tyvez said is true he will arrive and we will strike. This might very well be our last stand and if it is let's make sure it's a damn good one." Tony said.

Aside from Ermac there were others that were just as anxious to get through it all, the back and forth battle was growing tiresome for a large portion of them. But there were others like Scorpion that thrived and loved the thrill of battle that came with the war before them. Two floors above the facility Johnny Cage walked the halls pacing back and forth. There was no one more impatient than him that wanted it to begin and end.

"Cage what are you doing up here alone I thought for sure you were down in the lab with everyone else."

Johnny looked over his shoulder spotting Kung Lao.

"Nah I'm doing what I can to clear my head and mentally get prepared for what's ahead. We've had one hell of a battle in our hands up to this point and it won't get any easier with the arrival of Pythena's henchman either. Forgive me if I have my doubts but she was able to take down a cluster of god like individuals with little effort. So where does that leave us?"

"Now isn't the time for negative thoughts. Yes maybe she was able to do all that but that doesn't mean there isn't a chance we come out on top. You heard it yourself from Stark it is possible they're still alive somewhere being held captive." Kung Lao replied.

For the next couple seconds they didn't speak a word and were joined by Kitana and Sareena approaching from opposite sides of the hall, "What are you boys doing standing around here, shouldn't you be with the others negotiating a plan?" Sareena questioned.

"A plan is already in place and I was headed that way when I just so happened to run into Johnny. Now if you'll all excuse me I should be headed that way." Kung Lao walked toward the nearest staircase.

"Liu, Jax or Sonya; do you know where any of them are. For the past thirty minutes I've searched but have had no luck finding any of them." Kitana asked.

"Well Liu should be where I'm headed along with Jax and Sonya. If they aren't, it's also a possibility they departed with that team of shield members a little over two hours ago. If that's the case I imagine they should be back any minute from now."

Kung Lao prolonged down the stairs without another word, Kitana following close behind leaving behind Sareena and Johnny.

Miles away in Gotham City was Subzero and the caped crusader. It was more intriguing than he thought upon agreeing to accompany the Dark Knight to his headquarters. Between the massive coin and T-Rex statue he was undecided which of the two he wanted to know the story behind most. More so than that he wondered how Batman managed to bring and fit the specific objects into the cave. The entryway they used was much too narrow for either object to pass through, and then there was the enormous computer screen and bats hanging from the ceiling.

"We're just about ready to go." The Caped Crusader appeared from a back room equipped with more gadgetry than before, "Tyvez will give us all we can handle and there's no telling what type beasts he will have with him."

"True, through the back and forth battles we've had up till now different variations of beasts have made appearances at different times. We can only imagine what Tyvez will arrive with."

Batman took a seat in front of the large computer screen, the grand master following and situating behind him. There were a few last minute things he wanted to look over before they departed. Subzero patiently watched from over Batman's shoulder. Within ten short minutes they were out of the cave and back into the skies.


Shang Tsung journeyed down a hall with Reptile following close behind. It went without saying but both were thrilled the testing stages were over and it was time for the real moves to be made. For Shang Tsung it couldn't come any faster, and the only thing on his mind was finishing the take over as fast they could focus their attention on Earth realm. It was the one and only goal he ever wanted to accomplish and with Pythena as an alley it was achievable and right at his finger.

"Where are Tyvez and his people?" Shang Tsung asked entering prince Goro's quarters.

"Down on the main dock preparing for departure. If you're at all worried you shouldn't be, I've personally monitored their training sessions and will be more than enough to handle whatever earth's defenses pull out. If you want to see them off there is still time, I don't believe they're set to leave until another couple minutes."

"Thanks for the heads up, I shall head that way now. Is there any last second adjustments being made far as who will go and stay? Baraka informed she might send Shao Kahn or I alongside Tyvez as a security blanket to make certain things went down the way she wanted."

"If so I've heard nothing of it." Goro said.

Shang Tsung nodded and without another word headed for the dock and just as Goro insisted there were squads of beasts getting ready to make the trip. Pythena and Kahn were present as well beside Tyvez, "So what exactly are your planned arrangements?" Shang Tsung inquired stopping in front of the three.

"It will be as originally planned, Tyvez is more than capable and will go at it alone. I'd rather have you and Kahn present here to help with the preparations of our next phase." Pythena smirked.

"Good to hear, it's about time we got the wheels spinning on this whole ordeal. Once there planet is conquered what will become of our super powered prisoners? I know you plan to kill them but will it be right away? Forgive all my questions I just want to make certain we're on the same page." Shang Tsung clarified.

"It's no problem at all, no need to explain yourself. As for the heroes, I shall think on the matter. Keeping them alive a little while longer may be more deserving than putting them down right away. I want them to experience and feel the torture of fail, who knows they might even beg for death once our work is done." She snickered throwing back her long blond hair.

Tyvez stepped away from Pythena, Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn.

"If it is ok with you my lady I'd like to initiate departure as of this moment; it might be a couple minutes early but why delay any longer. My soldiers are ready and I know I'm ready to get this over with just as much as the next person. So what do you say?" Tyvez asked.

"Do as you wish, we will keep a close eye on things from here. Do your best and above all else don't disappoint me."

"Oh don't worry…that's not about to happen." Tyvez grinned rubbing his hands together.

To Be Continued