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Emmett came bouncing into the room like the six year old we all knew he really was at heart. A giddy Jasper followed, looking like a thirteen year old boy who had just received his first kiss from the most amazing girl ever. They excitedly jumped up and down; the house shaking each time Emmett's feet hit the floor.

I looked up for a moment to see their childish behavior, but quickly returned to the notepad in front of me, thousands of words written down on the lined paper, the spiral binding barely holding all the pages together. I chuckled to myself as my handwriting faltered from the shaking house.

"OH MY GOD! EARTH QUAKE!" Alice shouted, running into the living room from the kitchen. Once again, I couldn't help but chuckle as she ducked down, shielding her head with her arms.

"Alice, honey, there isn't an earthquake," Rosalie said, the amusement clear in her voice. "It's my big buffoon of a boyfriend jumping around like a bunny rabbit on drugs."

Alice laughed at herself and stood up from the floor. "Oh."

"Which brings up the question of why exactly you and your accomplice, Thumper, over there, are bouncing around like the cute little bunnies we all wish you were," Rosalie commented.

"Well," Emmett drawled, grasping his hands behind his back and rocking back and forth on his heels with a goofy grin on his face. "I think we all need to talk about something," he finally said.

Everyone took a seat around the living room of our lovely Forks, Washington home. It was extremely large, a beautiful, original Victorian, and was perfectly for the five of us. We'd bought it about three months ago, and truth be told, none of us could really be happier. At least, that was what I thought until about five minutes ago when I saw the looks on Jasper's and Emmett's faces.

Emmett Cullen was 26 going on 27, and the big brother I always wished I'd had growing up. His childish tricks combined with the ridiculousness of his entire being made it impossible not to love him. He worked as a personal trainer since the end of high school, and was so successful that he began looking into setting up a gym of his own this past week. Six months ago, he moved out here to Forks, from somewhere down in California, to live with his cousin, Jasper.

Jasper Whitlock had just finished grad school a year ago, now age 27, and had already become an accomplished psychiatrist. He had interned in the Port Angeles Hospital and now he started to run his own office. He even volunteered weekly over at the YMCA to help kids who really couldn't afford his services. He moved out to Forks, from the lovely city of Seattle, right after finishing up school, a year ago, so that he could finally be with his beloved Alice, who he had met six months before that.

Alice Brandon had grown up in the lovely town of Forks, Washington and had just turned 24 a month ago. She went to college in Seattle, having graduated two years ago. She studied design and fashion, and is now the best personal shopper alive. After landing the biggest client known to man, she now practically ran the company she was working for. However, she worked diligently on her own clothing line, her designs nearly complete and she was almost ready to begin showcasing them all to the world. She met Jasper while in a restaurant on business in Seattle, and the two had been inseparable ever since. Now, they were even engaged.

Rose and I both met the lovely Alice in college, the three of us being roommates through those four grueling years. Her superb amounts of energy and bubby personality made us instantly bond to the little pixie.

Rosalie Hale was born and raised in the bustling metropolis of Seattle. She went to college there too, and is a perfect 24 years of age, plus three or four months tacked on there too. Her model good looks always had guys calling after her, night and day. But her looks weren't the only reason she was constantly chased. She was every man's dream, considering her love for cars. She had been working as a car designer in Port Angeles and even began recently hoping to someday start her own car company called Hale. Her witty remarks, though, really called Alice and me to start the never ending friendship with her. She spent a few months living on her own after college before she got the job offer for Port Angeles and decided it was time to move back in with Alice and me. She was also now involved with Emmett, their relationship showing such a serious and intense love, that even I couldn't write something like that into my books.

This brings everything to me, Isabella Marie Swan. I was age 23, turning 24 in just a few months. Baby of our makeshift family, but not really minding at all. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, but I went to college in Seattle, clearly stating the obvious, and majored in English and Literature. My writing was great and a real passion of mine, the romance novels especially. Nothing I ever wrote could compare to the classics, but they were modern and well liked. My first was published while I was still in college, only 20 years old, and I was positively ecstatic. They flew off the shelves, and I was only inspired to continue my writing more and more. Now, four years later, I had five books on the shelves, still selling like they were brand new, and a six was on the way. Most of the money I made off the books went to pay my college loans, though, so I wasn't living large like Janet Evanovich. Still, I was living more than comfortably and in style. I was genuinely happy with the way my life was going.

Three months ago, we all were fed up with our living arrangements. The landlords were horrible in the apartment building that Alice, Rose, and I lived in. We even had the biggest and best apartment in the place, paying the most money, and he did nothing he should have. Emmett and Jasper had similar problems. Finally, we all decided that we were done with the apartments and bought this very house together. Between the five of us, we didn't even need to take a loan from the bank. After moving in, we all knew that this really was the life.

So, that brought us back to the present, and as I slowly put down my notebook, holding the very story I was currently writing out, I looked up at Emmett and Jasper.

"So?" I prompted as we all sat in silence.

Emmett placed his finger to his chin, looking as if he were thinking long and hard about how to begin. After a few long moments, I cleared my throat, and his attention snapped to us three girls who were sitting on the sofa before him.

"Alright, here it goes," he said. "You guys remember me mentioning my little brother right?"

"Edward?" I asked, remembering the multiple times he mentioned his prized little brother. I always truly wondered if Edward were the older one because Emmett always seemed like he looked up to the guy.

"That's the one," Jasper quietly and nervously chimed in.

"He just graduated medical school, amazingly at only twenty-five years old, and he is going to start his internship and residency over at the Port Angeles Hospital in September," Emmett began explaining. "He was just starting to go apartment hunting when he called me up. I was so excited to hear from him that I couldn't stop talking about meaningless things with him."

I laughed. "How often are the things you talk about meaningful?"

He smiled at me. "Not often, but that's beside the point. So when he started telling me everything, I told him that we weren't too far off. Since he wasn't doing anything this summer, I sort of invitedhimtostaywithus," Emmett finished off in such a rush that I wasn't sure if I heard him right.

"You invited him to stay with us?" I asked.

"I uh yeah. I know I should have asked you guys if he could stay here with us before offering it up to him, but I just was so excited at the prospect of getting to spend a whole summer with him. I haven't seen him since he started college. He's spent all his time taking extra classes and working on this project or that paper. I was evening hoping that maybe you guys would let him live here permanently."

I decided that I was going to have a little fun with my dearest big brother Emmett. The king of pranks was about to become the jester. "Oh, Emmett," I said, shaking my head back and forth. Rosalie and Alice caught on quickly and joined in with me.

"I can't believe you didn't speak with us first," Rosalie said, her voice sounding disappointed.

"I don't know if it's such a good idea," Alice continued.

We looked to see Emmett on the verge of tears, and then we decided to cut the game, because he really did look upset.

"God, Emmett. Go get a tissue and then tell us when he's getting here. Did you really think we'd deny you such a request?" I asked.

He instantly perked up and grabbed all three of us into a life threatening bear hug. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Trust me, you guys won't regret this."

He jumped up and started running through the halls of the house screaming "Woohoo!" at the top of his lungs.

I turned to Rose. "Are you sure he's really going to be turning twenty seven soon?" I asked.

She shrugged and then got up from the couch smiling. "All I know is that I'm going to go get some sleep. This guy really does get excited when he's excited," she said with a wink. "And I don't think that I'll sleep much tonight after my nap."

"Thanks so much you guys. Edward's definitely my fave cousin," Jasper said.

"Hey!" Emmett called from in the hallway.

"Other than you Em," Jasper called back.

Alice and I turned to each other and laughed. "I wonder how much of a kid Edward will be. After growing up with Emmett, you've really got to wonder," I said.

"Rosalie, relax. How could he not like you? Have you even met yourself lately?" I tried to comfort my friend, but she was restlessly pacing in her bedroom.

"Bella, don't you get it? My entire relationship with Emmett hangs on whatever Edward thinks of me. Emmett lives for the guy!" she responded frantically.

Time for plan B. "Alright Rose. You are going to sit down on the edge of that bed right now before you create a hole in the floor that strangely resembles your feet. Next, you are going to take three deep breaths and then release them all slowly. Finally, you are going to get up, slowly walk over to that huge mirror that you can see your entire self in and say to yourself, 'No matter what this guy thinks, Emmett loves me and that won't change'."

Rosalie looked at me in disbelief, my stern tone unusual for me, but did as she was told.

Finally, she began to relax. "Thanks Bella. I really needed that."

"Anytime. Now get your fine ass down those steps and into the living room. He'll be here soon."

On cue, I heard the front door open and an unfamiliar voice call out, "LUCY! I'm ho-ome!"

Next thing I knew, the house was shaking as Emmett bounded down the hallway, sprinting on heavy feet and running down the steps to the front door.

"Hug me brotha!" his incredibly loud voice boomed.

I walked Rosalie calmly down the steps and saw the exchange between the two brothers as well as Jasper's silent, sneaky approach.

"Ethel, don't think I can't see you. What are you up to this time?" the unfamiliar, velvety voice warned jokingly.

"Hm, I Love Lucy jokes. Alright, I'll bite," I said, finally reaching the three boys huddled at the front door.

Emmett's large figure moved to the side, revealing the ever amazing Edward Cullen.

My jaw dropped open at the incredible sight before me. His bronze hair sparkled in the afternoon sunlight that shone in from behind him through the open door, disheveled to perfection. His defined face was clean and beautiful. His bright green eyes bore deeply into mine, burning with an incredible intensity. His smile was shining white and dazzling me. He was tall and strong, I could easily tell, but did not have all the bursting muscles that you could see on his brother. He was gorgeous; a Greek god even. I stood before Adonis himself.

I realized I was gaping at him, though not before he noticed. He smiled his dazzling smile at me, a crooked grin that nearly had me melting in my shoes. I wanted to say something to him, but couldn't think of what. Fortunately, I was saved by Emmett, and I was forever in the man's debt.

"Edward, this is the love of my life, the most amazing girl I have ever known, and the most incredible woman to ever walk the Earth. This, is my Rosalie," Emmett said, wrapping his arms around Rose's waist and pulling her to him. She smiled and looked up at Emmett lovingly.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Rosalie. I'm thrilled that he's finally met someone who can put up with him," Edward said, extending his hand for Rose to shake.

"An honor to meet you as well, Edward. I've heard so much about you. Emmett hasn't stopped speaking highly of you since I first asked him about his family," she said smiling. "Oh! And before I forget, please call me Rose."

"Of course, Rose."

Then Emmett turned to me, seeming quite ecstatic that things were going well so far. "And this, my dear brother, is my baby sister, Bella."

I blushed as Emmett introduced me as his baby sister to his real baby brother. Edward look confused by the title, but extended his hand to me anyway.

"When did Mom have this one? I would have surely remembered," Edward said to Emmett.

"Emmett's really just like my big, overprotective brother who I never really had growing up. I love him like he was family," I said, taking Edward's hand in mine to shake it.

I gasped as I felt the electricity shoot from his hand and into mine. I pulled my hand back immediately and grasped it in my other behind my back. I turned my face to look at the floor.

"It's um nice to meet you as well Bella," Edward said to me.

I nodded. "I'm going to go and find Alice," I announced quietly and turned around quickly, making a run for the stairs. Some how I managed to get all the way up the steps and out of sight before I finally stumbled. Still, I kept myself front hitting the floor, and that was an accomplishment in itself.

I walked down the hall to Alice and Jasper's room. Opening the door, I found Alice standing in her silk robe with five different outfits sitting on the bed. "Alice?" I asked.

"I can't choose. I've got to be perfect. I know that Jasper isn't exactly the same with Edward as Emmett is, but I know that Edward still means a lot to him. I have to make the perfect first impression."

"Well, the fact that you're already five minutes late to meet him isn't helping that."

Her eyes widened. "Oh. My. God! You're right! I'm so stupid. Hurry Bella, help me pick!"

I grabbed the light green sundress off of the bed and the white strappy sandals. "Here. This one has always been my favorite," I said, handing her the clothing.

"You're a genius Bella!" she squealed as she ran for the bathroom.

"I try," I said, smiling as I left her room and walked toward mine.

When I finally reached the door, I twisted the knob, flung the door open, and shut it behind me as fast as was humanly possible.

Finally positive that I was safe behind locked doors, I laid out on my bed, grabbed my notebook, and began scribbling down the words that came to my mind.

I woke up to a banging on my door, not even realizing I had fallen asleep. The top paper from my notebook was stuck to my face, and when I got up and looked in the mirror to see what I looked like, I noticed that the ink of my writing had transferred onto my face.

Great. Now I look like I wrote my story on my face…but backwards!

I groaned.

"Bella? Are you alright in there?" Alice asked me from the other side of the door, concern lacing her face.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just fell asleep," I said as I walked over to my door. I opened in and walked out of my room. Alice hopped along beside me in her lovely green sundress and I suddenly felt very Plain Jane in my jeans and black T-shirt.

"Fall asleep on your writing again?" she asked cheerily.

"Yup," I said, still a little disoriented from my nap.

"Aren't you even going to try and wash that off your face?" she asked.

"Never came off any of the other times it happened. Can't imagine this time would be any different," I replied, smiling as I remembered that this was maybe the twenty third time that this had happened.

I walked into the dining room, knowing that at this time, everyone would be in there watching Emmett swallow up the entire dinner table.

When I arrived, all faces turned to me and all that were seated at the table burst into laughter. "Fell asleep while writing again Bells?" Emmett asked between laughing fits.

I smiled. "Yup. My notebook has become quite a comfortable pillow," I responded.

"How many times is this now?" Rose asked.

"Fifteen? Sixteen?" Jasper suggested.

"I was thinking twenty three, but I liked your numbers a little better, Jazz," I answered.

I looked at all my friends at the table as we laughed hysterically. When I came across one face, though, I immediately stopped laughing and looked down at my hands in my lap, blushing furiously.

"Oh come on Bells, it's not like lil Eddie hasn't done worse," Emmett said.

"Yeah," Jasper chimed in. "Hey Em, remember the time that he woke up, fully covered in make-up?"


"Oh no. Emmett I told you to burn those or I'd have your head!" Edward cried out.

"Oh yes! And I think that we should all pay a little visit to my 'Edward Photo Album'."

"Emmett? How many embarrassing photos do you have of me?"

"All of them," Emmett replied, grinning wickedly.

I looked at Edward, though not meeting his gaze, and smiled apologetically, knowing the torture that would ensue the second those photos were shown.

"Jessica really did you in that night," Emmett said to Edward. "She was truly one sad mistake."

"You could say that again," Edward mumbled.

Dinner held a fun tone, teasing and joking continuing throughout. I still couldn't bring myself to look into Edward's eyes, though. The intensity was too strong that I didn't know how anyone could remain standing under his gaze.

I helped Alice and Rose clear the table, though it was their night tonight. Cleaning up was easy considering that the boys had ordered pizza for our sustenance. When we were finished, we made our way into the living room and sat down on our usual couch. The Emmett and Jasper were sitting in their gaming seats in front of the TV, battling it out Halo style.

Rose grabbed her controller and plugged it into the fourth slot, the third taken by our spare controller.

Edward was playing as well, and making a killing. He had some pretty amazing yet brutal tactics.

"Take that!" he shouted when he finally killed off Rose's character.

I smiled. No one ever beat Rose.

The dumbfounded look on her face was absolutely priceless, and I was highly tempted to jump up and hug Edward for putting it there.

"I…I…I lost?"

"All hail the mighty Edward, new ruler of the Halo kingdom!" Alice cried out, bowing down at his feet.

I giggled. "We're not worthy, we're not worthy!" I cried out from where I sat alone on the sofa, continuing Alice's dramatic performance.

"Willst thou show thy king to thine's sleeping quarters?" Edward asked, looking at me as he did.

"I er…yeah sure," I said, a bit uneasy as I stood up from my seat.

"Hey Eddie! Don't pull a move on my innocent little Bella over there when she takes you to your room or you'll have to deal with me," Emmett said.

I began walking up the steps, knowing that Edward was about three feet behind me.

"Because of course we wouldn't want that, Emmett," Edward called back.

I arrived at the door to the guest room which we had set up for Edward to take residence in for the summer. It was our biggest one and Alice had really personalized it for him. When I opened the door, I noticed that Emmett had already brought all of Edward's things up here.

"So," I heard him say as he leaned up against the door frame. "A romance novelist? Very rare to come across these days."

"Yeah. It just sort of happened that way, I guess," I said, looking down at his shoes instead of at his face.

I knew I was being rude by not looking up at him, but I felt like an eight year old girl, talking to a cute boy who may or may not have had cooties.

"Really," he said, his voice thoughtful. "Pretty interesting."

He walked into the room and sat down on the edge of his bed. I leaned up against the door frame where he had just been standing. "I was at college, majoring in English and Literature. I had a real passion for writing and was in love with reading the classics. I decided to write a modern novel with a classic romance feel. I was twenty years old when it was published. I finished college while I continued writing, and my romance novels have been on the shelves ever since."

"I've read a few, actually," he said sheepishly.

I giggled. I knew I had a few men who read my books, but Edward didn't strike me as one of them.

"Which ones?" I asked.

"All of them," he said quietly, smiling a crooked grin at me.

"Really…" I said. "Well I hope you weren't disappointed."

"Far from. And I must say that First Sight was my favorite. Probably the greatest book I've ever read."

"I loved writing that one. I spent three days without sleep because I was writing nonstop."

We both laughed and Edward pointed to the couch against the wall in the room. I stepped inside and sat down, making myself comfortable before looking back to Edward. The awkwardness I'd been feeling earlier was still there, but the shackling ice broke as Edward began asking me about my books.

"So you're going to be a doctor?" I asked, looking to continue the short conversation we'd just had.

"Yeah. It's like a dream come true," he said as he fell back onto his bed. I giggled. "Wait, I sounded like such a girl when I said that."

"You did, but don't worry, no embarrassing pictures to be used for further torture, reminding you of this moment," I said with a smile.

He chuckled. "I'm going to have to find that photo album and burn it before he shows anyone else what's in it."

"I'll go get it for you," I said, standing up from my seat.

"You know where it is?" Edward asked, jumping upright on the bed. His face looked absolutely mortified.

"Don't look so humiliated. Your looking at Bella Swan, Queen Klutz who woke up to find the ink from her writing got transferred to her cheek and is now backwards. Besides, that's about the best of it. I'm sure you'll find out all the stories from Emmett."

"I suppose I'll have to ask him about those," he said.

I reached the doorway and just as I was about to walk out the door, I turned my head around to take one last look. "And with that, I'll leave you to your evening. Get some sleep because I'm sure Alice has something planned for us that will require early rising. Tootles," I called out from where I was, now down the hall and in front of my door.

Slipping inside my room, I breathed a sigh of relief.

This is not going to be an easy summer…