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A Girl Named Akatsuki

Itomi Akatsuki, a kunochi cast from her home of Kumo, the Hidden Cloud Village. She had 'unnatural' and 'scary' powers. Her hair was bright violet. Her eyeballs were pure black. Her skin was fair. Her body was lean and fit. She wore a very sexy net suit with a small black mini-tank and and black shorts with the traditional footwear.

She had learned of a group that normally she'd have ignored, but had decided to seek them out, having nowhere to turn. It was the S-rank criminal group that called themselves the Akatsuki that she searched for. The name was just a fact that was meaningless to the lone kunochi. She thought them her last hope of acceptance.

Akatsuki's powers that had her banished were that she could control an enemy's body, heart, mind and soul if she willed it. She could mimic jutsus for a short amount of time and could fight off a small army all alone with taijutsu. She was unstable with her powers, causing fear, jealousy and her eventual expulsion. And that was just her known abilities.

Akatsuki went to the Ame, hearing strange rumors about its leader. She met with a difficult time at the gates. She ended up having to scale the walls to get inside. Once inside, she met with no resistance surprisingly enough. But that was probably because no one was outside. It was pouring out and only those having a destination were outside, moving without stop.

Akatsuki went to the local tavern to gather information. She sat at the bar, mud stuck in her hair and to her skin and clothes. The bartender got her a drink on the house, hoping to score. She just ignored him but took a water. The person next to her tried the same. Only, when she rejected him, he stood up drunkenly. He pointed at her. It turned out that he was an extremely drunken she.

The other woman threw a punch at her, and they got into a bar brawl. Akatsuki had tried to avoid just that, being a very gentle-natured person. She killed the woman and several others who tried to help her on accident.

A woman with a blue bun and a paper flower with piercings stood away from the bar. She had on a black cloak with red clouds. It seemed that Akatsuki had found what she was looking for. She followed her into an ally. She stopped and stood next to a man with spiky orange hair that had several piercings and the same cloak. He nodded the woman away and led Akatsuki to an office, for lack of a better term.

He sat down on a box. She sat on a different box opposite from him. His eyes glowed many colors.

"Quite a display you showed." He said, boring holes through her.

"Well, I'm looking for something...The Akatsuki." She just got to the point.

"Hm, so you want to join. What makes you think that you can join? You're just a little girl." He scoffed at the young woman.

"I have abilities that would benefit you and the group."

"And makes you think that I'm in the Akatsuki?"

"Several things, sir."

"If you want to even be considered, you have to work your way up. And be willing to do anything."

"Hai." She looked down, knowing where this was going.

"Pein." He told her his name as he stood.

"Akatsuki...Itomi Akatsuki."

He smirked as he stood in front of her. He pushed her down on her back. He spread her legs out and examined her, fully clothed. He took her shirt and shorts off, leaving her in nothing but her net.

She turned her head away and clenched her entire body. Pein smirked. This was going to be very fun, well for him at least.

The woman with blue hair, Konan, stood outside the building. She felt tremendous pity for all the women who tried to join the Akatsuki. Even if they had the skills to make it, the men would rape the will out of them. She was the only woman to have made it to the actual group. But she had locked all that up deep inside and forgot it all. She put her hand on the door and left as Akatsuki's screams, moans, and tears burst out.

Akatsuki shivered as she put her clothes back on. She was used to being raped, so this was nothing new. She looked over at Pein. who was getting dressed himself. He was secretly impressed that she handled him that well. Even Konan, after all the years they've known each other, had not been that pleasing or put together. But he was sure that this one would brake soon enough. He glared at her coldly. Akatsuki just put her head down and followed her new 'master' out of the warehouse to unknown parts.