Akatsuki entered the house first. Pein followed her.

"Go to your room, I'll be there in a minute."

She looked at him apprehensively but did as she was told. Pein entered her room with his arms full. He set his burden on her bed. There was a multi-ended whip, a hanger, a blindfold, some rope, and a shot labeled 'truth serum'. He really couldn't be serious, right? Wrong. Pein is always serious!

He grabbed the blindfold and tied it over her eyes. She flinched slightly. He got the truth serum and stuck her in the neck. Her eyes got big, wide, and shiny. He kept the needle in her. He tore her bottoms off and angled the hanger so the slightest pressure would cause it to enter her and stab her. He kept the whip and rope by his side. He hovered over her body.

"Did you really plan on leaving permanately?"

"No." She said in giggly voice.

"Is everything you told me on the way here true?"

"Yes." Her voice remained giggly.

He asked her questions for the rest of the night. If he found that she had lied, which was not often, he punished her with the hanger, whip and rope. Her punishments were harsher then anyone who came before her, because she told the truth more often they did. That both annoyed and pleased him at the same time.

Pein woke up next Akatsuki the next morning. He sat up and saw all the bottles of truth serum he had used on her. He shook her to see if he had made her OD on the stuff. Nope, she was still alive. She was a fighter, that much was for sure.

Akatsuki was never entered into the group. She did in fact, remain as Pein's little sex toy. But it gave her acceptance, so she didn't mind. And it is pointless to say that he did not mind at all or why.

Thanks for readng this story. Sorry that it got butchered there at the end. But nothing was coming to me for a really long time until now, so this is the end that I came up with. But at least no one died in this ending. I'm infamous for that.