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So there's no confusion. the parts in this chapter with the guy in the cell represents the locked part of Harry's mind. Those of who who've read 'Naruto:Reborn' might be familiar with it.

I know I had planned to rework all the chapters but I'm gonna be fusing and adding material so it looks like it'll be a bigger overhaul than I thought.


The steady dripping of water faintly echoed through the small prison cell. The ragged stone walls, caked in moss and old spider webs, seemed to catch even the minor sound of its occupant's breathing; a young man slumped against the back wall, heavy shackles around his wrists, the chains on them firmly anchored to the wall. He slowly raised his head, revealing a pair of dulled green eyes behind a curtain of stringy black hair.

"They never cared..they never..." Was all that escaped his lips, "They promised freedom..but instead they denied it.."


"And stay there, Freak!" Vernon Dursley growled as he slammed the bedroom door, followed by the clicking of multiple locks on the other side

On the floor lay a bloodied and beaten Harry. He coughed up a bit of blood and struggled to climb to his feet. Less than a week had passed since Moody had 'chatted with the Dursleys. It didn't take long for their hatred of him to override their fear of the Order and Vernon and Dudley, AKA Fat Load and Fat Load Jr, promptly made it evident less than an hour ago before Petunia called them down to dinner.

"Thought I felt something crack." He muttered to himself, holding his side. A fractured rib, probably two. He was glad Hedwig was out hunting at the moment. Knowing his owl, she'd be wanting a piece of them. Pulling himself to the window, he could've sworn he saw one of the bushes move like someone had brushed against it. His eyes narrowed and he fought the urge to make a rude gesture, "Looks like the Order's already at it. Wouldn't be surprised if they arrived as soon as I did and saw the whole thing...thanks for the help,guys..."


He fought against the weight of his bindings as he got to his feet, "How alone am I? Did any that called themselves my friend ever mean it?" His chains clinked loudly each time he moved, "Can I trust anyone..?"


Harry gripped the sill until his fingernails began to dig in the wood, "All because of that god-damned prophecy! If it was so effin important, why the hell didn't he tell me sooner!? And all that gob about wanting me to have a 'normal childhood'...HAH! People like Sirius and Cedric are dead because of that shit!" As he thought, other instances came to mind, "Wait..that howler last year..he knew they were wanting to throw me out...he's been keeping tabs on me...it's the only explanation. If so, then what's to say he hasn't been doing this from the start? The Tri-Wzard Tournament.." Almost forgetting about his injuries, he reached under the bed and took out the copy of A History of Magic Hermione had sent him on his 13th birthday.

"Where is it...?" He muttered rifling through the pages, "Aha..."Magical contracts are binding ONLY if both the agreement is knowingly and willingly made by all parties involved'" Harry began to see red, "He lied...HE EFFIN LIED! I never willingly put my name in it, so the contract wasn't binding." Then it hit him; Dumbledore was a Ligillimens. He could look in people's minds..so he HAD to have known he was seeing things from Voldemort's mind through the link..that it was a fake Moody teaching Defense Class. And that 'Scabbers' had a human mind, that Ginny had been possessed during second year, and Quirell...


They used him...for their own ends or otherwise, he didn't know. But it didn't matter, they thought they could control him, like a machine or an animal. He was neither

And they would learn soon enough. Taking a breath, he gritted his teeth and began pulling on the chains with all his might.


"He knew, he had to have..but he still let ME deal with it. That explains why he was so conveniently away when we learned that the Philosopher's Stone was going to be stolen..and how Fawkes suddenly appeared with the hat, but why didn't he come help himself!?"

Then, like a dive-bombing Chinese Fireball, it hit him...

The prophecy.

He was supposed to be the one that finished off Voldemort...the stone, the basilisk, everything...it was all training..training him to be ready.

"Why the hell didn't he ever come out and just bloody SAY it!? Or actually stuff me stuff to get me ready?? Why would he constantly let me nearly kill myself without me knowing why!?" He froze dead in his rant, "He didn't want me to know..a person knows when he's being prepared..but a weapon...a weapon has no idea you're honing it."

So that was why..a weapon. That's all the headmaster saw him as...a weapon to defeat Voldemort.#4 Privet Drive was just the scabbard the old man stuck him after he was done each year.

Anger, pure, undilluted anger, began boiling up from the pit of his gut. The bastard had simply been using him from the start.

He was momentarily brought out of his thoughts by rapid tapping at the window. He opened it, letting in Hedwig and four other owls came. True to form, Hedwig looked his face and started clicking her beak towards the door in absolute fury.

"It's ok, girl. They'll get theirs soon." He said, taking the letters from the other owls. The first one carried his O.W.Ls. "Hm, an E in Potions. Surprised Snape didn't try to make it a T or something.. Herbology:E, O in Defense, E and Charms and Transfiguration.." He read through the rest, "At least I can drop Divination now."

The next one had the Gringotts seal on it. On its opening, instead of writing, the letter began to speak. Harry quickly recognized the voice of Griphook.

"Mr. Potter, we wish to offer our most sincere condolences regarding the passing of your godfather, Sirius Black. We would also like to inform you that the reading of his will shall take place at 3:30 PM, on the eleventh of July. The seal at the bottom of this letter will act as a portkey set to bring you to Gringotts fifteen minutes before the indicated date, should it become difficult for you to arrive on your own power."

Harry sighed, as much as he hated to admit it, this sealed the fact that Padfoot was truly gone. He slipped the letter under his mattress and opened the third letter. What he read was the last straw,


No doubt you have gotten notice of Sirius' will. Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to attend. It is simply too dangerous for you to be outside right now with Voldemort's return. Therefore extra security will be posted and I will be arriving within the week to add additional wards. You must understand this is in your best interests. Don't make the same mistake Sirius made.


Albus Per.."

Harry didn't even bother reading the full name before shredding the letter. The miserable old goat had the gall to forbid him from attending his godfather's will! That was bad enough, but using Sirius like that crossed the damn line!

"That's IT!" He growled, I'm through playing that ancient wanker's games!"


Sweat trickled from his brow as he exerted everything he had against his restraints, determined to free himself from the prison erected by those he considered friends.

'I will be their slave NO MORE!" With a final pull, his manacles and chains shattered like glass as he wrenched his body free.


Harry caught himself in the middle of a string of expletives against the headmaster when his head exploded in blinding pain. His vision blurred into a mass of yellows, greens, and reds before the pain sent everything into darkness


Harry grabbed his head as the lingering pain brought him back, "Merlin..what..what happened?" Getting to his feet, he looked around and felt like he had been thrust into one the horror movies Dudley loved. His room, the house, everything was gone, replaced by a narrow hallway that stretched into the darkness behind him. The only light was a pair of small torches flanking the remains of a heavy metal cell door in front of him. It looked as if something had blasted its way out. Of course, it wasn't the door itself that caught the majority of his attention,

It was the person standing amongst the shredded metal wearing little more than a pair of tattered and dirty pants. A young man with stringy jet black hair that covered half his face. He stood a few inches taller than Harry and even though he was slightly thin, still had a fair bit of visible muscle on him. The broken shackles in his hand were a fair indication that he was the one who had broken down the door.

"You're here..." The figure said in a voice that sounded like it hadn't been used in years.

"Uh, ok..and where exactly is 'here?" Harry asked, taking a step back.

"In a way, this is your mind. The part that a certain someone didn't want you waving access too, to be exact."


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