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"I'm not sure if I can't take much more of this..." Hermione muttered as she paced around the drawing room. Ever since the twins informed her about Harry's impromptu leaving, her emotions felt like they were caught up in a blender. Worry as to whether he was all right and wondering why he left in the first place, annoyance at the pranking duo for not telling her sooner, and biting back the constantly growing desire to hex the two youngest Weasleys into another time zone, especially after they learned about it too. She had seen Ginny throw a mild temper tantrum, going on about how he 'dared to leave her like this'. They aren't even dating, Pete's sake!. Ron, on the other hand, seemed positively gleeful, and his attempts to make out with her became a tad more aggressive. His last attempt earned him a trip to get the quill removed from his groin. After that, she refused to even talk to him, much less let him within five feet of her.

She was abruptly brought out of her thoughts by Lupin, who had been watching for the last few minutes. Like her, he was wondering how Harry was doing as well, but he was doing a better job of staying calm, though learning he had completly left the British Isles was a bit of a shock. "Hermione, I know how you feel, but wearing a hole in the floor isn't going to help. They said the letter he sent them indicated he'd be back soon. I told him to get out of there, just didn't expect him to take my advice to that level, though." He thought to himself, "Why do I have a feeling we're all going to be in for a surprise when he does come back?" Setting that question aside, he decided it was time to try and help her get her mind on something else, at least something that would help cheer her up a bit.

"So, you plan to finally tell him how you feel when he gets back?" He stifled a snicked as she came to a screeching halt, looking at him with a slightly startled expression.

"S-say what?" She asked, trying to fight the shade of pink making its way to her face.

Lupin chuckled, "I'm a werewolf, remember? Being able to sniff out things like that is one of the positives. I've been picking up on it ever since your fourth year. That and ever since you said a letter you were writing vanished, our resident Harry fangirl has been glaring daggers at you almost nonstop. So it's not too much of a challenge to figure out."

Hermione blushed, "Well.I-I.." She stuttered, trying to collect her thoughts, "I was was figuring on at least taking a shot after the will reading. The only thing is..I don't know if he'll feel the same."

"Hermione, you and Harry have known each other just about your entire time at Hogwarts, and you're damn near the only one who's stuck with him through it all. Frankly, I'd be surprised if he hasn't."

She sighed, knowing he was right, "Yeah...I just can't help but wonder a little, though."

"Trust me. If I'm wrong, I'll change my name to ''"

She couldn't help but chuckle, although it quickly changed to a glare as she saw Ron limp into the room. "Thanks, Remus. I need to get something done." She said, narrowing her eyes at the redhead as she left through a different door.

"What's with her?" He muttered, "I already forgave her for the quill, so what else is she expecting??"

"I don't think that's the reason.." Lupin said.

"Why not? Not my fault she doesn't pay attention to anything when she's reading."

The werewolf could only roll his eyes at Ron's apparent inability to admit he could be to blame.


"Who the hell said that??" Harry demanded, his eyes darting about, "Riddle's link was destroyed, so it can't be him..."

"Calm down, lad." The voice replied, "Been tryin' tah get through tah ye eveh since yer inheritance ritual with Godric's statue, but those blocks kept interferin'. Just speak in ye mind if ye wanna talk, keep folks from thinkin' yer losin' it.".

"Harry..what are you talking about?" Francois said, "No on else is here aside from us."

Quickly taking the voice's advice, he shook his head as if clearing it, "Huh?? Oh, sorry...guess I must've heard someone out in the hall." He calmed down a bit and fished his clothes out from the jumbled mess his magic had made.

"Now," He focused back to the voice as he got dressed, "Who the hell are you, anyway?"

"Well, considerin' ye got me from Godric's statue.." It responded dryly, "An' Ah'll be a lot happier once ye get me outta the bag on this metallic montrosity 'o' yers."

Harry blinked; bag on his metallic....? Then it hit: the motorcycle, "E-Excalibur?!" He had to fight saying it verbally.

"Right in one, boyo." A brief chuckle followed, "What? Surprised that a sword could have a mind 'o' it's own? I am magical, after all." The voice of the sword made a sound like someone clearing their throat, "Now, waddaya say we get tah know each other?"


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