Brotherly Bonding

Brotherly Bonding

Plot Outline: This Story takes place at the end of Season Six or the Start of Season 7. Basically Simon wants to get off, and Matt gives him a helping hand.

Warning: This is a SLASH witch means male/male parings. If you don't like SLASH then don't read this story.

Parings: Simon/Matt.

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Brotherly Bonding:

Finally Simon thought to himself, the house was finally Camden free or so Simon thought. The whole family had gone out to lunch, but Simon wanted to stay home, and jerk off. From the moment he woke up with a very hard erection, too the countless times he was starting to pump his cock, a Camden would walk in. First was Lucy, Simon had just pulled his pajama pants down, and pulled his briefs of too when the door opened up, Simon quickly pulled them up again. Well you get the idea, Lucy babbled on.

"No I think I'll stay home" Simon said. Lucy narrowed her eyes and walked off pulling the door shut as well. Simon then went back to what he was doing, this time he was more successful, he wrapped his hands around his throbbing hard member, and gave it a good hard stroke. Simon moaned and put his head back in ecstasy. After all he was 17 and all teenage boys do this, he thought to himself. He let out a few more moans, and stroked his dick faster and harder. Simon was pulled out of his pleasant feeling when the door opened again. He let go of his erection, and went to pull his pants up, but they were all the way down to his ankles, Simon gasped and pulled the blanket over himself.

"That was close" he said quietly too himself. Robbie entered the room.

"Hey man, come on lets get moving" Robbie said.

"No I think I'll pass" Simon said yawning.

"Please I'll be the only guy their" Robbie moaned in protest. He then sat at the end of Simon's bed.

"Sam and David will be there" Simon said smiling.

"Fine" Robbie said getting up, "the next time you need me I'll remember this day ok, so you owe me"

"Ok" Simon said braking into a laugh. Robbie pulled the door shut, and Simon this time waited a few minutes, then pulled back the covers to see his semi-hard dick. He pumped it again, and his cock grew, and was soon as hard as before. Simon was giving it as all he had. He was moaning, and was thrusting his hips up into his hand, He pumped his hand faster and faster, and soon Simon was reaching his climax.

"ARRRR" Suddenly Simon stopped his heart was pounding.

"Simon is that you?" asked a voce witch belonged to Eric. This time Simon had plenty of time to get ready; he grabbed his pants and briefs and pulled them up along with his covers. Eric entered the room.

"Simon? Are you having a bad dream?" asked his dad sitting down on the bed.

"Wh- hwat- I mean sorry" Simon pretended he was asleep and just waking up.

"Are you ok?" Eric asked again.

"Yeah I'm fine dad"

"Good, now get up were going out for lunch" Eric said getting up.

"Dad, it's been a long week, I'm tired, and can't I just stay home and sleep" Simon said looking up at his dad.

"Well ok" Eric said leaving the room. This time Simon would wait until the whole family will leave, before he finished what he started.

Simon heard the cars start and smiled. Finally Simon thought to himself, the house was finally Camden free or so Simon thought. He grabbed onto his now small dick through his pants and rubbed it. He felt it grow. He pulled both his pants down and grabbed his cock, giving it a few good strokes.

"Oh yeah" Simon moaned. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, he moaned more and more as he was getting harder and harder, Simon's hand kept hitting his pubic hair. Finally Simon thought I can now cum with no interruptions. How wrong Simon was he didn't yet know. He pumped faster and harder, he was thrashing his hips up into his hand, his breath hitched and he felt the orgasm approach. Soon Simon was panting, but he couldn't here the stairs creek as one of the Camden's approached the door to Simon's room. All the other Camden heard was moaning and panting. The door opened when Simon moaned really load.

"AAAAAARRRRRRRRRR" This time Simon was caught, he still hadn't cum, because he had let go of his hard member. The other Camden looked on in deep surprise.

"H- hi Matt!, had a good morning?" Simon asked now completely embarrassed. Matt folded his arms.

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