Brotherly Bonding

Brotherly Bonding

Part 4

Plot Outline: This story takes place at the end of Season 6 and the Start of Season 7 with flashbacks to Season 5. Basically Simon wants to get off, and Matt gives him a helping hand.

Warning: This is a SLASH witch means male/male parings. If you don't like SLASH then don't read this story. Contains high graphic content.

Parings: Simon/Matt.

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Brotherly Bonding Part 4:

"Just relax" Matt said, looking down at his younger brother Simon, who was breathing in very hard. Matt didn't know weather it was because Simon was scared or if he liked it. Matt continued to stroke Simon's now hard erection. Simon moaned and let his head fall back. He couldn't believe this was happening, his older brother was giving him a hand job, and he liked it, a lot, and knew this would defiantly get him off. But another thing that was now pressing on Simon's thoughts was, "Will Matt want this in return?"

"Simon!" Matt said, looking at his brother. "If you don't want to do this then we don't have to?" Matt pulled his hand away from Simon's pulsing dick.

"No I do want it, I really like it to be honest" Simon said. He grabbed Matt's hand and returned it back to his cock.

"Please" Simon said, and he closed his eyes when Matt continued to stroke his cock. It was getting increasingly difficult to stroke Simon's cock, because the boxes and the pj's were too small when Simon was erect.

"I'm going to have to undo you pj's" Matt said getting up and pulling Simon's pants down. Matt saw Simon's very erect dick in his boxes, and let a small gasp escape his mouth. Simon blushed and pulled his top over his head. Matt gasped when he saw Simon's body. No one in the Camden house hold knew that Simon had a workout at the gym everyday after school, so now he had a six pack, and broad shoulders. (Imagine Robbie, Simon's body is built like Robbie's now) Matt looked allover his brother, and licked his lips. Simon lent forward and pulled Matt's t-shirt over his head. Matt had a lot of chest hair, and his nipples were fairly big. Matt smiled. Simon reached around Matt's back and placed his arms around his waist. Simon pulled his older brother on top of him; they looked into each others eyes. Matt's own cock was hard too, and Simon felt it. Matt moved his hip up into Simon's who moaned out loud, Matt continued this motion. He kissed his way down Simon's body, giving attention to his nipples. Simon moaned and screamed.

"Matt hurry, if don't I'll cum now in my boxers!" Matt responded quickly. He reached Simon's cock, he rubbed it trough the boxers. Simon was big, really big. Matt wrapped his thumbs onto Simon's boxer straps, and looked up to his brother.

"Yeah its fine" Simon said, in a hushed voice.

"You sure?" Matt asked, "Because once we do this our relationship won't be the same"

"Are Matt I think our relationship has already changed" Simon moaned in frustration.

"Very funny" Matt said laughing to himself.

"Well come' on" Simon said thrusting his hips up into Matt's. Matt pulled down the boxers, and Simon's cock was able to breath, his cock flew out, it was massive, bigger than when Matt had caught his jerking off before. Matt looked at his brothers dick, it was about 7.4 inches with pre cum leaking out of the head, and Simon's blond pubic hair had grow all around the base and all over his ball sack. Matt could smell Simon's dick, it was so powerful, he could feel the energy. Matt's own dick twitched.

"Hurry up" Simon said impatiently.

"Ok hang on" Matt said, he got up of Simon and undid his jeans, and pulled his own boxers down. Simon caught a glimpse of Matt cock. He had a lot more pubic hair (which was brown of course) Matt was also fully erect, of about 7.6 inches and pre cum was oozing out of the head.

"That's better" Matt said getting back down to Simon's cock.

"You're big" Simon said still looking at Matt's cock. Matt blushed. He went back down to Simon's dick but Simon stopped him.

"Can I see your dick?" Simon asked.

"Um okay" They shifted around on the bed, so now they were side by side. Matt's cock was larger and longer, that Simon's. Simon outstretched his hand and wrapped it around Matt's pulsing member. Matt moaned. This was the first time Simon had jerked another guy off or touched another guys cock ever, except himself. Simon started to work on his older brother's cock, pumping it hard up and down, while his other hand fumbled with his ball sack. Matt moaned in ecstasy, he was surprised by Simon's talented hand. Simon rubbed his thumb over Matt's head collecting the pre cum. Simon put the pre cum thumb into his mouth. The cum was a little salty but still nice. Matt was panting, his orgasm was coming. Simon stroked his brother faster, he closed his eyes, and glad to see his brother in pleasure and knowing he was doing it. Simon suddenly gasped; he opened his eyes and saw Matt's hand wrapped around his own cock, going at it at the same speed.

"O Matt yes" Simon moaned. He moved his hands from Matt's ball sack, and massaged Matt's chest, he played with the nipples, getting a moan. Both boys were panting. They jacked each other harder, and faster.

"Simon, I'm going to cum" Matt moaned.

"Yeh me too" Simon moaned. Men in extreme pleasure, their orgasms rising, then suddenly they cam. Simon was first, followed by Matt a couple of seconds later.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Matt roared Simon shooting his massive load into his older brother's hands.

"SSSSSIIIIIIIMMMMMOOOONNNN" Matt screamed also releasing. Simon released more (as this was his first time)

Both were left panting.

"That was wow" Simon was out of words.

"I know" Matt said.

The cars pulled up out side, and the door slammed shut.

"Crap, you better go" Simon said, looking at Matt.

"Yeh, that was pretty close" Matt continued, he quickly walked to the door.

"Matt?" Simon said.

"Yeh?" he asked looking back.


"Its ok, but you know that nothing can ever happen of this, this was only a one off thing, you know?" asked Matt. Simon knew from the start nothing could happen with this, but their was some feeling for his brother.

"Yeh I know" Simon answered.

"Cool so lets forget about this and move on" Matt said, and he left the room. Simon sat their pondering, could he just forget about this; just forget about everything they just did? Simon herded the door open downstairs and got up and ran for the bathroom to have a shower, and to think things over.


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Plots for Book 2:

Simon and Robbie discover their feelings.

Matt and Simon get into more action.

Simon realizes something about himself.

Family drama (Mary style)