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This is the story of Albus Potter, ( the younger son of Harry Potter ), and his adventures at Hogwarts. It is the first of seven installments. This installment takes place immediately after the epilogue of "Deathly Hallows". It starts at like a normal Next gen fic, but I promise, it evolves into much more. Enjoy!

Authors note -

Due to popular demand, this story (and all following stories) have been edited over for grammatical errors. That being said, however, no changes have been to the actual content of the story, with the exception of a few slight continuity errors that I don't think will be missed.

And now, where it all begins:

Chapter 1. The Sorting

Albus stepped onto the train with excitement flooding through him. He was going to Hogwarts. It had been his dream since his father had first told him about it, his passion, every year up until his eleventh had just been another year that he couldn't go to school and learn magic. Here, he would make a name for himself. Here, he wouldn't just be Harry Potter's son. Here, he would be...

"Albus will you hurry up and go!" came a loud voice from behind him.

Albus turned around and saw his cousin, Rose Weasley, who would also be going to Hogwarts for the first time this year.

"You're holding up the line!" repeated the bossy voice.

"Okay, okay...I'm going" Albus said, defeated, as he moved his way down the scarlet train looking for an empty compartment.

His brother had gotten on the train first, the result of Albus being pulled aside by his father. James had established that though he loved Albus, he was not to sit with him and his friends on the train, and that he should immediately get started on "finding some chaps of his own."

Albus hadn't even bothered to argue the matter. He was still furious at his brother for taunting him about being put in Slytherin house, and wasn't in a very big hurry to spend the entire train ride with him anyway. Instead, he made his way to the end of the train, then slid himself into an empty compartment, hoping that company would join him soon.

He didn't have to wait very long. Five minutes after he had sat down, his cousin entered looking slightly flustered.

"I guess this is the only available compartment" she said.

"I guess so" Albus replied blandly.

"What's wrong?" Rose said, catching on to his melancholy mood.

Albus shrugged grumpily, and muttered "James".

Rose rolled her eyes. "Don't let him get to you! Is he still going on about that Slytherin thing? Al, your entire family's been in Gyffindor, it's extremely unlikely that you'll be sorted anywhere else, least of all Slytherin."

Apparently, Rose figured that she had cheered him up enough so that she could now ignore him, and immediately dove into her trunk to pull out one of her many spellbooks. Before she could read very far however, the compartment door had slid open again. A boy with a rather pale face and straggly shoulder length brown hair was standing there with his trunk. He appeared to be quite nervous as well, so much so to the point that he couldn't work up the courage to say anything for several seconds.

" Every- everywhere else is full" he said finally. "Do you mind if I sit here?"

"Not at all", Albus replied. He pushed his trunk off of the seat next to him and slid over to give the boy a seat. "What's your name?" he asked politely.

"Morrison" the boy said, offering his hand. "Morrison Vincent. Yours?" he asked kindly.

" Ermm..." Albus was still trying to discover if this boys first name was Morrison, or if he'd simply introduced himself by surname first. "Albus" he replied after a long pause. "Albus Potter. And this is my cousin, Rose Weasley".

"Nice to meet you Rose" he said.

Rose lifted her eyes from her book for a split second, giving him a nonchalant glance before replying "cool".

"Ermm...she doesn't like to be interrupted when reading" Albus told him.

Albus himself had learned that lesson the hard way when they were younger. Rose would become so immersed in a book that she would smack it across the back of someone's head if they interfered with her reading, or even so much as broke her concentration.

"So you know what house you're going to be in yet?" Morrison (or was it Vincent ?) asked as the train began picking up speed.

"No clue" Albus said truthfully. Rose didn't answer.

The conversation quickly turned to Quidditch, where it stayed for over an hour. Albus' new friend was a strong supporter of the Chudley Cannons, despite having not learned of their existence until months ago. As it turned out, Albus learned, Morrison was a pureblood wizard and hadn't even known it for the first several years of his life. He had grown up in America with his dad, who was always hesitant of telling him about the wizarding world. Once he turned eleven however, and learned the truth, he moved to England with his mother, who was more than happy to explain everything to him.

"My dad decided that being a wizard was far too dangerous when he was growing up, and moved out to America. I grew up in New York City" the boy told them both, despite the fact that Rose clearly wasn't listening. "Once I found out the truth, I moved out here with my mom, and the first thing she taught me about was Quidditch. Took me to see a Holyhead Harpies game. I even got to see Ginny Pott- wait a second" he stared at Albus blankly.

Albus simply smiled at him. It struck him as odd that this boy knew of his mum, but nothing of his dad. In a way, it comforted him.

"Are you related to her ?" he asked him.

Albus nodded. "She's my mother " he said.

The boy looked as though his head was going to explode.

The remainder of the journey was spent with Albus being asked what seemed like a million questions about his mother; what she had taught him, if he had ever gotten to hold any of her trophies. Albus was embarrassed to say that he was quite atrocious at Quidditch, scared of it in fact, and that he had only seen his mum play one game.

"My brother James though," he started, as his travel companion sat staring at him with his mouth open, "is real good. He's a third year Gryffindor. He's going to try out for Chaser this year. Last year he missed tryouts because he was in trouble."

Rose snorted next to him, implying that she had been paying attention for the first time. Albus knew why. "Trouble" was quite an understatement; his brother had been serving his fifth of seven detentions. James was quite a prankster, something which Albus had heard he shared with his grandfather. On this particular occasion, he had been attempting to melt the doorknobs on the classroom doors, and had accidently set fire to an entire hallway, slightly burning several students and causing massive amounts of damage to the hallway itself.

They arrived at Hogwarts in pitch blackness. It was about a quarter past ten by the time everyone got off the train. Albus pulled his trunk while making mild conversation with Morrison; he had finally worked up the courage to ask him which was his first name during the last hour of the ride.

Morrison briskly made his way towards the carriages, looking as though he was quite ready for the journey, until Rose pulled him aside and whispered harshly "No, not over there. We go in by boat."

Seconds after she had said it, Albus heard a gruff voice bellow "Firs' years, ov'r this way".

Albus looked off into the distance and saw a man roughly three times his size waving over to the group of shocked first years.

"Hello Hagrid" Albus said as he made his way over to him.

"'Lo there Albus" he replied with a broad smile.

Albus had known Hagrid since he was a baby. In fact, Albus had learned from his mother that immediately after he and his other siblings were born, his father had let Hagrid be the first person to hold them (other than his parents, of course). Albus knew a lot about Hagrid. For instance, Hagrid was only half giant, and not nearly as ferocious as he looked. He was both a teacher and gamekeeper at Hogwarts as well, and was also one of his father's most trusted and best friends. The other children, however, didn't seem to be quite as comfortable with him. Indeed, several of them seemed to be rather terrified at the prospect of meeting him.

"We'll be gettin' inter these boats here" he said to Albus, nodding towards about twenty boats stationed by the lake.

The first year students timidly entered the boats, four to each. Albus sat with Rose, Morrison, and a scared looking girl with short blonde hair. The boats magically rowed themselves, while Hagrid, who occupied an entire boat to himself, shouted for the students to stay still while the boats did all the work, apparently not realizing that his random shouting was very likely to scare them out of the boats and into the water.

After a rather short ride, Albus stepped off his boat at the other end of the lake and took Hogwarts in with all its glory. It was a massive castle, beautiful and sturdy. It looked as though its walls could stop anything, and its large front doors seemed to radiate sheer power. He and the other students-some looking just as astounded as he-made their way towards the castle, Hagrid striding along beside them. They reached the doors and waited for Hagrid to catch up with them. Hagrid reached the doors and fumbled around with the keys in his many pockets. Finally, he withdrew the right one, muttered "ahh, thasit" and opened the doors, revealing a long hallway, with more doors at the end.

Just then, a man came striding through the doors. At first unrecognizable, Albus took a closer look at him and saw that it was Neville Longbottom, another of his dad's friends and the Herbology professor at the school. He waved to Rose and Albus, both who waved back.

"Right" he started. "Okay Hagrid, you can go in now" he said.

Hagrid walked through the doors, leaving the students alone with Neville, where they quietly waited to be addressed.

"Hello there students" he began. "My name is Professor Longbottom. I am head of Gryffindor house, and I will also be your Herbology teacher. Now I should explain something to you. There are four houses at Hogwarts, and the people in your house will be like your family while you stay here, though inter-house unity is still important. Good behavior and things like answering your questions correctly will earn you points for your house, whereas negative behavior will subtract them. The house with the most points at the end of the year will win the house cup, a great honour. Every house also has its Head of House, who you can come to if you have any problems. As mentioned before, I am head of Gryffindor. Professor Flitwick is head of Ravenclaw, Professor Darvy is head of Slytherin, and Professor Handit for Hufflepuff. Please wait here while we prepare to sort you."

He turned around and walked through the doors, but not before giving Albus a wink.

The second the doors had closed, there was a murmuring throughout the crowd of students. Apparently, very few of them knew how exactly they were going to be sorted. Albus took this time to look around at his fellow classmates. They seemed nice enough, with the minor exception of two of them. One of them was a girl with long black hair and grey eyes, who would have looked very pretty had it not been for the sad look on her face. Albus was quite tempted to ask her what was wrong, but the second person quickly caught his attention.

He was very pale, with a pointed nose and extremely blonde hair combed back out of his face. He had a look of utter boredom. He had seen him at the Kings Cross Station, he knew that much. His Uncle Ron had even mentioned his name...Scorpius something.

Just then however, before he could search through his head for the boy's name, Neville reappeared and beckoned for the class to follow him.

They were led into the Grand Hall, and Albus almost let out a gasp. It was gigantic. There were four tables in the hall, all of them filled with students. He could see his brother James straining his head to get a good look at him. In the front of the hall, on a three legged stool, sat what Albus knew was the Sorting Hat. Silence filled the room. After several moments, a huge rip appeared in the hat, and it began singing.

"Oh, here you are at Hogwarts, where learning and fun are assured

At a school with no dull moments, and you'll never feel bored.

Here magic awaits you, the time to learn is now

But first you must be sorted, and so I'll tell you how.

Just place me on you head, and let your mind roam free

I can see your every thought, and know where you should be!

You might belong to Gryffindor, where bravery is cherished

Or you could go to Ravenclaw, where your mind will flourish

You might end up Slytherin, if you're confident and cunning

Or perhaps you're best in Hufflepuff, where disloyalty gets you nothing

Just know that where you're sorted, shows not where you will end

It shows who you are as seen by you, not whether you're a foe or friend.

Apart you will collapse, but united you stay strong

Forget your house and accept all around you, and now I end my song."

The tables burst into applause, some of the first year students joining in with the clapping. Neville stood up in the front of the hall and silence resumed.

"Right" he said. " When I call your name, please sit on the stool and place the Sorting Hat on your head. After the Sorting Hat makes its decision, take your place with your new house."

"When can we eat!" yelled a voice from the Gryffindor table that Albus recognized as his brother's.

There was laughter and mild agreement from the other students, but Neville cast him a furtive look and he went quiet.

"Anifur, Anastasia!" he called out.

A small girl with a ponytail made her way up to the front and jammed the hat onto her head. After a few moments, the hat shouted "HUFFLEPUFF"!

Anastasia made her way over to the Hufflepuff table, with another girl named Vanessa Adams following next.

"Bing, Bartleby!"

A scrawny boy with a rather smug look on his face made his way up to the stool, and after a few moments he became the first Slytherin. Albus was only mildly paying attention. He caught a few names; he had heard Elton Connor be sorted into Hufflepuff, as well as Dante Haug and Donovan Hornsbrook being sorted into Slytherin and Gryffindor, respectively. Right as he was tuning out, a familiar name caught his attention.

"Malfoy, Scorpius" Neville called.

The pale boy that Albus had recognized earlier strode over to the hat and carefully placed it on his head. He sat there for several minutes before the hat yelled out "SLYTHERIN!"

Scorpius walked over to the Slytherin table, still looking quite bored. Albus saw Neville roll his eyes, his lips muttering something that looked like it had been "big surprise".

Finally, after "Parish, Milton" was sorted into Ravenclaw, Albus was called up. He approached the hat uneasily, unsure if he really wanted to know the answer to where he belonged.

He sat down on the stool and carefully placed the hat on his head. Immediately after he had done so, he heard a small voice in his ear say "Ahh...another Potter."

Albus' heart skipped a beat. The Sorting Hat's voice was extremely scary.

"Oh goodness...you're very much like your father was aren't you? Not much in common with your brother though...let's look a bit deeper...hmmm yes...you're quite an enigma, aren't you?"

Albus had no idea what an enigma was, but could only hope it was good.

"Oh yes, it is" said the Sorting Hat, as if it could read his thoughts.

"That's because it can" Albus said to himself stupidly.

"Oh yes, I can read all of your thoughts Mr. Potter. I honestly don't know where to put you. You're quite smart...but I'm not sure if you're Ravenclaw worthy. You could always be in Gryffindor...like the rest of your family...but then again...both your father and grandfather would have done quite well in Slytherin. And my goodness, you're loyal too...you could be a Hufflepuff as well. There's plenty of power there...you've got talent boy."

Albus began sweating profusely. It was taking much longer for the hat to decide on him than it had for anyone else, he knew that much.

"Hmmm...I'm honestly stumped. You seem to be a near perfect balance of them all...the choice is up to you boy."

Albus felt his heart skip another beat; his father had been right. The Sorting Hat did let you choose your own house.

"Well...then put me somewhere randomly" Albus told the hat, hoping he didn't sound too forceful. If he was being honest with himself, he didn't really mind where he went. Hadn't the hat just said that other people in his family would have done well in Slytherin? Maybe it was time he gave it a try...but then again, what would his parents think? Or his cousins? Or his brother? Gryffindor house was practically tradition...

"Nothing wrong with breaking tradition" he heard the hat whisper in his ear. "What's wrong with spicing things up a bit? Maybe it's time you stopped worrying about where your family thinks you belong and began worrying about where you think you belong".

"You're right" Albus said.

"I know I am" the hat responded, confidently. "So we're agreed then?"

Albus braced himself. He wanted to give it more thought, but he was already taking so long...

"We're agreed" he told the Hat

"Very well then...SLYTHERIN!"