Chapter 1:Banishment

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Now as you walk down the street in this ever normal neighborhood, you shall find a house. Nothing strange about it. Well except for the way it looks. On any normal day you might find a child with black hair and a BIG head sneaking around. But it had been weeks since anything of the sort had taken place.

Sometimes there would be a ruckus from the inhabitants of the house. A scream of pain, a shrieking screech. Sometimes even odd sounds that sounded "OUT OF THIS WORLD."

But none of these sounds were like the ones made by one of the inhabitants of the house on this very evening.

Zim had gone to school like he always did. He would walk into class, hear the usual "Blah, Blah, Blah, Your lives are a piece of crap" from his eccentric teacher, Ms. Bitters. He would listen to Dib as he told the class for the 3 trillionth time that Zim was an alien which is true, ever true.

"I really can't believe they haven't caught on yet.' thought Zim as he walked to lunch. It had been 3 years since he had been on earth and you would think that people would notice the weird activities. Such as when they were almost smashed by a planet. Can you say dumb? I mean how else except for an alien being , being the cause of such a thing.

Zim walked to his locker and pulled out his bag lunch. He had given up on school food. Once, he was out of school for a nearly 2 weeks because of it. And seeing as he was the only one who was effected he thought it better to not risk it. You never know, the stupid earth scum might have actually gained some little ability to comprehend and process intellectual thoughts.

"Look, Look he's eating a home made lunch. His alien body can't handle OUR earth food. That proves that Zim is an ALIEN!" Yelled Dib. He had pretty much given up on people believing that he was right about Zim being an alien. He would say his daily "Zim's an alien" thing. And then everyone would just call him crazy.

After lunch they headed to gym. In which Zim had a "parents note" to excuse him because of some false sickness or another. The couch was finally convinced that he was a hyprocondricate. And so he was allowed to sit in the locker room.

Afterward they would head back to their classroom and hear more "Blah, Blah, Blah, DOOM." Afterwards, then school was let out. Zim headed for his locker. Quickly taking what he needed home with him. It helped him escape the rush of students. He also had to grab an umbrella. He had learned to watch the news the night before school he couldn't risk getting hurt in the rain.

He was surprised that his walk home was so relaxing. Usually it was full of Dib being his normal Dib self. Not that the boy was normal (You know what I mean). But it was a nice change. Zim liked the silence. He didn't hear it very often. And the soft pitter patter of the rain was nice. But his relaxation was lost when he saw an Irken ship in front of his house. He ran inside to find The Tallest.

"My Tallest!" said Zim in surprise. He gave a quick bow and was quickly up again. "What brings you here? If I had known-"

"Zim we have come for an important visit." said Tallest Red.

"Important… visit?" said Zim confused.

"Yes we have something to tell you." Said Tallest purple.

"Something important." Said Tallest Red.

"Really? What is it?" Asked Zim, excitement in his eyes.

It was then that the door was busted down. It was Dib and about 10 of his fellow members of the Swollen Eye Ball.

"Your under arrest ALIENS." Yelled Dib.

The tallest laughed.

"Don't worry we shall leave your puny, worthless, planet in a minute." Said Tallest Purple.

"We just had to tell ZIM that he is permanently banished to this horrific planet." Said Tallest Red as he looked out the window at the pouring rain.

"WHAT?" yelled Zim in a shriek. A look of disbelief on his face.

"Yes we have gotten tired of you. We only gave you this mission to get rid of you." Said Tallest Purple.

"You are a joke and embarrassment to the Irken race. The number of years you've been on this stupid planet." said Tallest Red

"Yes, Stuuupid planet." Said Tallest Purple

"We came to tell you personally." Said Tallest Red with a huge grin on his face.

"Yes that way you would not have thought that there was no misinterpretation." Said Tallest Purple.

"We have also taken the liberty of adjusting the components of your Voot runner." Said Tallest Red

By now Zim had fallen to his knees.

"We also wanted to see the look on your face." said Tallest Purple

"Enjoy banishment, Zim." Said the two Irken leaders at the same time.

"Oh and Zim if you try and come back you will be killed. If you come 25 gilometers within the Armada your Voot Runner will automatically explode." said Tallest Red with a happy grin on his face at the thought of Zim being killed by the alien race that he loved so much.

"So enjoy." They said as they headed out the door. They looked at Zims umbrella and took it as cover in the rain. As they left they heard a loud-

"Nnnnnnnnnoooooooo. No, No, No! AAAAAHHHHHH! " coming from Zim.

They both laughed hysterically at the banished Irken.

Zim ran around his house, now his permanent home. He grabbed anything he could and started breaking it.


"Well our Job here is done. It doesn't look like he'll be a problem any more. But still keep a watch on him Agent Mothman?"

Dib nodded. Not for a second taking his eyes off of Zim. Gir was now trying to calm down his master.

"Master no."

"Zim?" Dib slowly approached Zim. Zim stood there a book in his hand, most of the pages of which were torn out. He didn't look in the best of state. And then he dropped the book and, with a creepy smile, headed for his ship. Dib followed. When Zim got there he stared at the ship for a moment and then he went ballistic.

Zim had started banging his head into the wall.

"Why?" he keep screaming at the top of his lungs. Dib grabbed Zim, who by now was bleeding greatly from the head."

"Zim stop. GIR!" He yelled in desperation.

Gir was by his side as soon as he called.

"Yes?" he asked in a sad/scared tone.

"Where is Zims room? He needs help."

"This way" Said Gir. Gir lead Dib down into Zims laboratory.

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