Invader Zim Chapter 3:

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Dib awoke to the sun shining in his eyes. He looked at the clock and saw that it was11: 30 AM. And even though he was getting up so late, it was easier to lie in bed. The less movement, the less pain it caused him. By 11:45 he had gotten out of bed. He went to take a shower and headed down stairs to the kitchen to find something to eat. Usually on days like this Gaz would leave some left over's from breakfast like a few pieces of french roast or something. But there was nothing of the sort. Dib felt to lazy to cook so he decided to run to the gas station and grab a few doughnuts. His trench coat really came in handy at times like this, when his body was covered in bruises.

Dib thanked the lady at the cash register and took his things. But as he was heading out the door he bumped into somebody.

"Sorry-. Dad." said Dib freightingly.

"Why are you not in skool Dib?" Said his father angrily.

"I just don't feel good."

"Then you should be at home."

"I needed breakfast you know what a terrible cook I am Dad."

"Well we will talk about this later son."

"Yes sir." Said Dib as he turned to walk home.

Dib was to lost in his thoughts to notice that a Black Voot cruiser was hovering over him.

"That's him right master?" Said the little Irken.

"Yes Saû it is. Hehehe. Zim, this is going to be fun."

Dib sat in the bathtub. Usually it helped to ease his pain. But at the moment it was doing no such thing. This time was really bad. For some reason his body was slowly becoming stiff. He would tell his father to take him the doctor. But if they saw the bruises they would suspect something. And saying that he was fighting to save the earth wouldn't work this time. He had used it so many times in the past that they actually were suspicious.

Dib got out of the bathtub and put his usual clothes on. He slowly made his way to the couch in the living room. It took all he had to get down the stairs. He grabbed the remote until he found something remotely interesting. Day time television, nothings on of course.

Dib soon fell asleep he was so exhausted. To him it felt as if his body had over exerted itself. And soon he was in a deep sleep.

"Well Saû what's his status?"

"He is completely asleep Master."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Master."

"Good lets get on with phase two of the plan."

"Yes Sir."

"I'll head down and grab him . You will prepare every thing."

"Yes master."

The Master took the Voot cruiser down from His floating invisible ship.

"Oh Master why? Why must this happen? That poor boy doesn't deserve to be made into this for Zim. I know you lo- oh I have to get everything ready in the lab. Oh master will most definitely be angered if it's not ready." said the little Irken as he ran to the lab. When he got there he started running to cupboards. He ran to the shiny sterile table in the corner of the room. He was setting up the computer when his Master walked in with Dib.

"Is everything ready Saû?"

"Almost Master."

"I said have it done by time I got back Saû." Said his Master in a very angry tone.

"Yes master but there was a little problem with the computer and-"

"Will we deal with this problem tonight, when we go the bed." Said His Master in a angry tone as he laid Dib down upon the sterile table.

"There Master I-its ready." Said they frightened slave. The memories of his last punishment frightened him.

"Good. Now bring me the needle with the sancritium in it." Said the master as he took up a stode beside the sterile table. The little Irken did as told and quickly brought the needle. As he put it in, he saw that Dib was moving.

"Shit. You didn't give him enough quinotinic you fucking idiot. Bring more." The little slave quickly did as his master as asked.

"What the-" said a very groggy Dib. The angry Master quickly shot the quinotinic into Dibs arm. Dib quickly fell back into his drug induced sleep.

"Saû you are such a fucking idiot. You will be punished when I am done with the boy. Now come here." Saû quickly did as told seeing as he was to afraid of his Master at the moment.

The master pulled out of his pocket a metallic collar. He then placed it upon Saû.

"Now I want you to go check on the status of this beings house as well as Zims. And take extra cases of quinotinic since your such a fucking idiot. And make sure that Zim and his Sir unit do not awaken. Got it?"

"Yes Master."

"And remember you try and run this collar will surge your pack and you will fall unconscious till I reanimate you got it?"

"Yes sir."

"Good." The Master grabbed his slave by the shirt and brought him forward. He thrust his tongue into Saû's mouth and for about a minute frenched the little Irken. Once he let go of Saû the little Irken was breathless.

"Now go." Said the Master as he turned back to Dib.

The little Irken did as told. As just as he had shut the sliding lid, he fell to the floor crying his eyes out. What did he do to deserve this? All he had done was fall asleep. They didn't have to do what they did.

flash back

Saû sat at his post in the Armada. He was in charge of one of the sectors of the control floor. He had been kept up all night the night before by his room neighbor who was having a party. He was exhausted. He didn't mean to fall asleep but he had only gotten two hours of sleep before he was called into work.

He didn't mean to fall sleep. There was a transmition signal coming in. When he did not answer it the tallest had a guard roughly grab him nd the him to the platform. Another Irken taking his place.

"My tallest I m sorry. I only got two hours of sleep and-"

"Quiet! Open the transmition."

"Can we help you?"

The alien on the screen was what was know as Flibdorin. An odd species. They lived on a very small planet but their people made up for it in thier size. They were about as tall as the Tallest them selves.

"I was wondering if you have anything that you need transferred anywhere."

"Well we don't have anything to be transferred but we have a worthless solder here who you could keep. He is the reason that it took so long to answer your transmition. Would you like him?"


"If you don't we will just sell him on the slave market. Think bout it. Free slave."

"I guess. Make sure he's chained up by time I get him."

And thus Monsue was changed into the slave Saû.

End Flashback

The little Irken watched from a glass observatory as His Master worked on Dib. after awhile he could not stand to watch it any longer. He ran from the room to the storage part of the ship. There he shed the tears of his pain.

"Saû! Where the fuck are you, you worthless slut."

Saû quickly ran to his master.

"Yes sir?"

"Where in the fuck were you?"

"I was just wondering around sir."

"Well now I want you to watch that boy. I'm going to sleep. You're punishment will be carried out tommrow as a lesson for that boy."

"Yes sir. Good night sir."

"Goodnight" Said the tired Flibdorin.

As Saû watched Dib he began to once again cry.

"Wh-what the? Who are you?"

Saû jumped from his seat.

"Your awake. Oh no. You must go to sleep. Master will be angry."

"What? Y-your Irken." Said the druged Dib.

"Yes but you must sleep. If my master discovers your wake I will be beaten please?"Begged Saû.

Dib knew the meaning of a beating. Even if he was Irken, Dib knew that no one deserved beatings. And so he closed his eyes and fell back into his drug induced sleep.

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