Pairing: Tahu/Gali

Warning: hmm…. Nothing bad.

For: Saya Moonshadow, because she wanted a Tahu/Gali, prompt "markers"


Gali was nervous. No, beyond nervous. Downright TERRIFIED!!
Why, you may ask? Well today, she was going to meet one of them.

A boy.

Her mommy said boys were bad, and only wanted to do the bad thing. And, in her 5-year-old mind, her mother was never wrong. Well, she didn't know what the bad thing was, but she knew it was bad.

Her parents told her that this boy was her cousin. Well, he wasn't her real cousin because she was adopted but still. And apparently, from what her dad told her mom, that was the only reason she was going to be meeting him. If it hadn't been her cousin, he would've gone into "over-protective dad mode" and say "Stay away". But this boy would be safe.

The good news was that whenever she was nervous, she could always draw and color a picture, and she would always calm down. Today was no exception.

She hummed happily to herself and colored. It was a wedding scene. And of course, the bride was beautiful.

"Gali!" her mother called, "You're cousins here!" She went to the door to greet him. He was fairly tall, for a seven year old. He had red hair, and gold eyes. His name was Tahu.

And he was going to be her future husband whether he liked it or not.

He didn't talk much. Or look too happy. Gali pursed her lips. Oh well. She showed him to the room where she had been drawing with markers.

"What were you drawing?" He asked, looking at her picture. She smiled. "A wedding." He frowned. "The brides ugly."

Ouch. Burn. Major put-down if there ever was one.

"NO! She isn't! You're just stupid!" She yelled. She usually never got this angry, but he insulted her fantasy. He rolled his eyes and picked up a marker and started coloring. She glared. And now he was ruining it! She growled and pushed him away, with surprising strength for a five year old. He grunted and hit the floor. She grabbed her markers and tried to fix the picture best she could.

He looked up at her in surprise. No one had ever pushed him before. No one really had the guts. "You're alright." He replied. She looked surprised. "Well, of course I am." She replied. Then she smiled. "Wanna know something awesome?" "Always." Her grin got bigger. "Were gonna get married."

His eyes got huge. What?? He barely knew her! They just had a marker fight!!




She smiled. "You'll see.

15 years later

'No kidding I saw.' He thought. Why his mind had flashed back to the first time he met her, he had no clue. But it was time to focus on something more important.

His wedding day, for example.

And the fact that the best man was chocking him with the tie he was wearing.

"HEY!" He yelled. Kopaka smirked. "Awake? Good. I'm not going to be responsible for the groom collapsing. Where were you anyway?"

He groaned. "The day I first met her."

Kopaka raised an eyebrow. "And you fought with markers?"

"Pretty much."

"…You're screwed up."

Tahu rolled his eyes and left the room, to wait on the alter before Gali's big entrance.

Looking around, he realized something. This was the same picture Gali had made in her room 15 years ago. Except for one thing…

When the music started and Gali walked down the aisle, Tahu grinned.

This bride was much, much prettier then the stick figure in marker.

The End