Part One

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A/N: New story! Keep note, this is a Edmund/OC story, but not till later. At first, it is a Peter/OC.

I might not remember everything about my trip to Narnia, but I do remember most of the important details. I remember how it felt to be apart of something that huge, apart of something…bigger than myself. And, most of all, I remember him.

It was halfway through my seventh grade year, walking down the hallway towards my math class. I was glaring and trying to make my way around the crowded hallway. I pushed my way past the kids just standing the middle of the hallway, then pulled open the door to my math class. I sighed in annoyance as the bell rang, late, as usual.

I walked into the classroom and then stopped in complete shock.


There was snow everywhere. And trees. Why are there trees in my math class? I looked around quickly. It was a forest. Snow was everywhere, and it appeared to be a open clearing. Where was I?

I stepped back quickly and felt a twig snap under my foot. "Who's there?" A voice called out sharply. My eyes widened and I felt a stab of fear in my stomach. I looked around quickly searching for a place to hide.

I didn't find one quick enough.

There were footsteps behind me and I looked quickly…only to see four kids around my own age walking towards me. "Oh! Hello!" The youngest of the four children, a girl, said, looking at me in surprise.

"Hello." I said softly, looking behind me for an escape. I heard a chuckle and I looked up to see the oldest one, a boy, fighting back a laugh, his hand over his mouth. I frowned at him.

"How did you get into Narnia?" The youngest asked once again.

"Narnia?" I questioned, feeling like I was about to fall over. "I just walked into my math class."

The oldest laughed once again, while the other boy scowled at me. I frowned at him. What was his deal?

"Oh!" The girl said. "Well, we got in through a wardrobe."

I stared at her a moment. "What?"

The two girls laughed along with the oldest boy, and I even saw the younger boy, who actually looked about my age, smiled slightly. "Oh. Let me tell you all about it!" The girl said, smiling brightly. She grabbed my arm and pulled me along with them, explaining a crazy story about a Witch, and a fawn named Tumnus.

"And that's where we are going now." The girl said, smiling brightly. "To see Mr. Tumnus."

"Oh." I said, still feeling a little sick. "ok."

The oldest boy laughed once again. "Ok, Lucy. Would you mind if I introduced us? I don't think we even know her name."

Lucy blushed deeply. "Oh, right." Then she smiled once again. "I'm Lucy! I'm ten. Peters the oldest and he's fifteen, Susan is fourteen, and Edmund is thirteen."

I smiled at her softly. She was a cute girl, with short dark hair and eyes. Peter was tall with light hair and eyes. Susan was a lot like her sister, but had more freckles, and then there was Edmund. He had dark hair, and even darker eyes, and he was very handsome…or he would be if he would get that scowl off of his face.

"I'm Heather. Thirteen." I said.

"Oh! You're the same age as Edmund!" Lucy said brightly, glancing back at her scowling brother.

"Lucky her." Peter muttered, shooting me a small smile.

I smiled back and we continued walking in the snow. At this point, I was freezing. I was only wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I wrapped my arms around myself, trying to get heat, when I felt something soft drape over my shoulders. I looked up and saw Peter had taken his own coat off and put it on me. "You look like you need it more than I do."

I smiled at him slightly, then watched as he hurried a bit to walk with Lucy. "Perfect, isn't he?"

I jumped in surprise at the voice and looked at Edmund, who was glaring at his brother. "What?" I questioned politely, trying to ignore the glares.

"Peter. He's perfect, everyone loves Peter. Never does anything wrong." Edmund muttered. He looked at me from the corner of his eye. "Be careful. He isn't like everyone thinks he is."

"Be careful?" I questioned, but was interrupted by a scream.

Edmund and I looked up to see Lucy running to what looked like a door falling off its hinges. Peter ran after her, followed by Susan. Edmund and I looked at each other, then started running after them.

The sight was horrible, There was broken pictures, tables, chairs. There was dirt and snow all over the ground, as well as food. It looked like they caught him in the middle of dinner. I looked at Edmund once again and saw him looking around, looking slightly sick.

Peter walked over and pulled a note off of the wall. As he read it out loud, I felt my heart sink. "We should call the police." Peter said.

"These are the police!" Susan snapped at her brother.

"Psst!" Something said. We all turned around. The only thing that was there was a bird. "Psst!"

Susan turned to look at all of us slowly. "Did that bird just psst us?"

We all looked back over and started walking out the door slowly. The bird flew and we followed. Then we heard a loud noise. Susan and Lucy clung to Peter, and I grabbed Edmund's arm. He wrapped his arm around me. We all stared at the woods, wondering what was going to come out. Then it walked out.

"Its- it's a beaver!" Susan said in shock. I let go of Edmund slowly.

Peter looked at all of us, then held out his hand and started walking towards the beaver, making a strange clicking noise as he did so. The beaver looked at him like he was insane. "Well, I'm not going to smell it if that's what you want." The beaver said.

Susan started in shock while Lucy giggled. I looked at Edmund, who looked back at me with a small smile on his face. "Sorry." Peter said, his face flushed.

The beaver turned to Lucy. "Lucy Pevensee." Lucy stopped smiling. The beaver held up his handkerchief. Lucy frowned.

"That's the handkerchief I gave Mr-"

"Tumnus." The beaver confirmed. "He gave it to me right before they took him." He looked around quickly and motioned to the wood. "We best go so we aren't overheard."

I looked at Edmund, who shook his head, just as confused as I was. "He means the trees." Lucy whispered.

Peter started to follow. "Peter! Are you sure about this?" Susan snapped.

Peter shrugged. "He says he knows the fawn."

I tuned out as the siblings fought, but in the end, we followed the beaver.