Disclaimer: I do not own the LBK series. But I do own a few of my own chararacters. The Ashanti in this is not the famous singer, but she can sing don't get me wrong.

Vicki: Hey Anna

Sup Vick

Vicki: nothing

Judd: Hi


Judd and Vicki: DId you just cuss?!

You guys sound like the brady bunch, I'm Joking. But seriously, you remember the time you guys came to my house and watched Madea with me?

Vicki: Yeah, she was funny but had a real potty mouth.

What did she always say?

Judd: heller?

Exactly, it's hello with and e, and an r on the end.

Lionel: I think I'm gonna like this story.( flipping through the script)


Lionel: huh?!

We are on the air!

Lionel: I know.

All, except me: This is the best ding dang darn story we have ever read, we love you Anna!"

I love you guys too! Bless all my brothers and sisters in Christ! I am not Ashanti!!

Lionel: I get my first..


Lionel: what?

Can you please stop giving hints about the story before I take away your ipod!

Lionel: I can do that.

All: Enjoy the story.

Despite all these crazy people. ( Attacking me with foam bats) I was Joking! Ow!


Vicki braced herself for meeting Ashanti, after she had recieved a flyer from shelly. Now this could be dangerous going to an underground church. But it was one of those things that Christians regularly did during this time period. She was so excited that she couldn't sleep, she was too busy praying that that things would go well after she had finished praying for the people on her prayer list. She looked at te clock it was 5:00 A.M she had stayed up all night! She decided to get a head start on everyone else so she got washed up,dressed and then brushed her hair.At 6:00 P.M she heard a loud rumaging noise. The noise led her to Lionel's room.

" Are you decent?" She whispered

" Yeah."he whispered back, She opened the doo and crept in quietly and cautiosly. She saw Lionel strewn across the3 floor tossing and turning on a pile of clothes,

" This is akward." She managed.

" Vicki can you help me?" He asked

" Sure what's up?"

" I went to school with Ashanti I've had a crush on her since Pre-K."

"I don't see the problem."

' The problem is I don't know how she'll react when she sees me.."

" Lionel you have been through worse things than this, everything will turn out fine."

" yeah I guess."

" See problem solved."

" Thanks Vick!"

" Anytime."When she walked down the hall she thought she heard voices.

" Dear God, please help me to tell Vicki how I really feel about her, I don't know if she really likes me..: that's when she realized in front of Judd's door did he really like her?


Judd: This is getting uncomfortable.


Judd: The fact that she walks by my door and hears my prayers.

Oh poor baby,everyone knows you two are gonna get together it's just that obvious. Or is it.

Judd: What are you talking about. (follows Anna out of the room) Wait up Anna.

( I pick up a leftbehind the Kids book( book 38) and He tries to snatch the book away) Hey Judd back up man I'm trying to read. Enjoy the mext chapter everyone!