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Edward's POV

It was Friday, the last official day of this wife swapping business. I couldn't say that I wasn't ready for this game to end, but it had its moments, my cross-dressing not being one of them. Rosalie kissing Alice to win the bet had also been the most gauche thing I had ever seen in my life. Last night was quite interesting for the most part as well—the act of play biting Bella had been a trying one—and the Nut was thoroughly frightened. I wondered if the night would have any effect on her. Well we shall soon see.

The Nutcracker descended the stairs with a look of utter confusion and complete trepidation about her. Now it was the time for real acting skills if we were to pull it off, though Alice had promised it would go smoothly.

I squeezed Bella's hand in mine and she smiled up at me before her gaze too fell on Nutty.

"Oh, morning Nutty! Or I mean afternoon!" Emmett waved boisterously, allowing us all to fall back into our charade easily.

Her voice shook along with her slightly trembling figure, "Y-you… what? Why are you guys here? Rosalie, Alice and Bella are dead and the rest of you are vampires!"

Collectively we expressed an atmosphere perplexity and concern for her mental wellbeing. Jasper helped our act by truly forcing the emotions on us all.

With a dismissive attitude Emmett calmly spoke, "Nutter Butter I think you had a nightmare. You fell asleep during the movie last night so we woke you up and sent you to bed. You must not have been all that conscience walking up there though."

I played with my Bella's fingers absentmindedly and feigned indifference to Nutter's state.

She started to scream at us but Alice calmed her down and soon she disappeared right back up the steps with a rigid posture.

"Wonder what that was about," I mumbled for the sake of the cameras.

"That one is quite the dreamer. I mean really? Vampires? Haha wouldn't that be awesome! Hey Bella don't you think it would be just awesome being a vampire," Emmett babbled on in a playful tone but I growled at him nonetheless.

"Actually Emmett it sounds pretty nice."

I stared at Bella in incredulity. Was she insane? "Nice Bella? You think being a mass murderer simply for the sake of satiating the filthy lust for blood is nice? Sometimes I really wonder what is going on in that head of yours."

She simply shook her head at me with a simple "Shut up Edward" and continued arguing with Alice as to why shopping everyday can be detrimental to one's mental state.

The rest of us were at peace just relaxing and mostly reminiscing about the last two weeks. It was difficult to fathom the fact that this whole experiment had lasted but two weeks, a very minimal time span for an immortal, yet it seemed as if it had been a lifetime. Weird.

Alice paused mid-sentence in her rebuttal when a sly smirk broke out across her face. She smiled wholly before skipping over to the computer and ordering party supplies to be delivered by tonight.

"Alice what are you doing?" I hissed in her direction.

'You'll see Edward, you'll see' she thought smugly before grabbing her purse and waiting by the door for what I had no idea.

A few minutes later the Nutcracker bounded down the stairs freshly washed and all smiles. Yes, we definitely drove her insane last night cause I have never actually seen her smile of her own accord.

"Ahh Hello Cullen family! Again," she giggled to herself before tossing herself on the couch next to Bella and I. Everyone just stared.

"What? Geez you guys look like you've seen a vampire," she squealed in laughter again before her expression became serious. She looked at each of us individually and then proceeded to confound us further.

"So I had a bit of a epiphany earlier and I want to act on it as soon as possible." He smile was still apparent on her face and in her voice. I had never seen her so… optimistic.

"And your epiphany Stacy?" Alice beamed at the lady practically looking as if she would burst any second. I was bit scared, because Alice only ever got this excited when she could plan something big.

Stacy looked kindly up at Alice, all the while thinking of her two daughters, "I realized that life is worth living and that since you never know when your time is up, you should live it to the fullest. Screw order and perfection because in the end you will regret not having fun."

Everyone gaped at her, including myself. Not in a million years had I expected those words to exit her mouth. Wow.

"Crap! Hurry call 911 and I'll grab the car. Stacy can you hear me? How many fingers am I holding up? Carlisle do something!" Emmett scrambled in front of Nutty and started waving his hands in her face like a crazed man.

"Emmett…" I started slowly but he continued to freak out.

"No, we could get in so much trouble if she goes insane! I mean that would suck to have to wear a straight jacket and…"

"Wait, Emmett…" I tried again but he was hardly listening.

"Then her kids will die because their mom is insane and it will be in the news with the drawing and then the court will…"

I laughed out loud, standing up I grabbed my brothers shoulders and shook him a bit, "Emmett what the hell are you going on about? You are not making any sense." I grinned and chuckled at his awestruck face.

"Well you know, she is going to go home and like all the crazed people do she will put her kids in the closet or something and then they will die and then she will run away wearing a hoodie and then the police will have those sketch artists draw her picture and put it in the news because they are cooler than regular pictures and then she will be found like twenty years later and then in court she will be sentenced to…"

"Emmett just stop please," everyone was laughing at him now, "I don't think she has gone insane and everything else you just said makes no sense at all."

"Oh," was all he said before he turned to look at Stacy again, this time as if he was making sure she wasn't going to start convulsing and scratching symbols into the walls.

"Really Emmet I'm not crazy, anymore at least!" Stacy chirped.

Emmett hesitated before slowly, as if to not startle her, he reached out pushing the lamp next to her onto the floor. It crashed and broke, and all the while he kept his eyes on The Nutcracker.

"Wow, I guess accidents happen?" She looked up at him amused but otherwise it had no effect on her.

A goofy grin spread across Em's face, "I just broke a lamp… and you don't care."

"Uhh yeah…"

Emmett's booming laughter filled the room before he scooped her up in one of his classic bear hugs. "The Cracker has finally cracked!"

Stacy rolled her eyes once he let her go and she could breath again, "So I was thinking we could have a party tonight! You know, invite all your teen friends from school and have one of those crazy parties kids throw when their parents go out of town!" She was full in squealing Alice style by the end.

"You want to have a party here, a teenage party… do you know what happens at…" Emmett was bewildered but grinning at the possibilities.

"Yes! Everything! Tonight, so let's get planning!"
Emmett deliberated for a few seconds before pumping his hand into the air, "Boo ya! Party time!"

Alice broke in and started ordering everyone around. Bella and I were given the task of calling all teens residing in Forks while Alice ran to buy decorations, food, and whatever party supplies she could get her hands on with Rosalie and Stacy. Carlisle, Emmett and Jasper were set to moving all the furniture down into the basement. This would have only taken a few minutes, but due to our human charade in front of the cameras, they had to "help" each other mover everything one at a time.


Fours hours later the house was almost unrecognizable. Alice had draped Christmas lights all along the driveway around each of the trees giving it a magical feel. The house too was covered in lights and balloons on the outside. Upon entrance the outside looked like nothing. Our living room had been turned into a dance floor, a DJ all set up in the far corner checking the sound system. Music was suddenly blaring loudly throughout the house.

A long table was placed against the far back wall covered in disgusting looking human food. It also had a punch bowl along with a bear keg. Yes, there apparently would be drinking at this party because Stacy thought it wouldn't be a party without it. I don't know if the producers of this show would do anything about the underage drinking, but they looked pretty excited just about the fact that the Cullens were so "resourceful" as Mickey put it.

Everywhere there were multicolored lights and even a disco ball directly over the dance floor. This party was definitely going to be the main topic in this small town for a long while.

Alice, Bella, and Rosalie were upstairs still getting ready. Stacy was wearing a simple brown dress that was modest, but still not a Nutcracker type thing to wear. I guess she really did go through some life altering change as a result of our prank. Still, I doubted it would last. I eyed her skeptically as she had already started on a red cup full of bear. This would be interesting.

"Oh boys," Alice called from the top of the stairs. Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle and I had been conversing lightly with the DJ.

We all spun around to gaze at our women. Alice came down first wearing a short turquoise dress that was strapless and fit her like a glove. The bottom of it puffed our just above her knees giving her the perfect pixie look. It was covered in sparkles and matched perfectly with her sparkling silver heels. Her hair was pulled up halfway and curled slightly at the ends. Jasper was practically drooling all over her.

Rosalie came next, of course dressed in the classic red, a favorite color of hers because it matched both her fiery personality and devilish sex appeal. The dress was so short I was surprised she could even walk, and instead of heels like Alice, she had gone with knee high black-heeled boots. There really was no shame when it came to Rosalie. Her hair was straight and down just as always. Emmet didn't bother to stare and drool like Jasper, instead he just ran up to his woman and took her. Well he really didn't take her, but he did practically eat her face while his hands scavenged her body like a starved man after food.

At last Bella descended, it seemed from heaven itself. Knowing it was my favorite color on her, she was clothed in a dark midnight blue dress that was floor length. This allowed her to get away with not wearing heels, instead going with a pair of black ballet flats. The dress was so low cut that came all the way past her breasts, only further accentuating her ladies. Her shoulders were entirely bare save for the thin blue strap that came around her neck. Alice had evidently curled her hair so that they bounced whenever she moved the slightest bit. She only wore light makeup but it was enough to give her an older more mature look. I practically died as my eyes roamed her body at a speed that almost made me dizzy. It wasn't until she placed her small hand on my chest and told me to breath that I realized I had stopped at all.

"Bella you look… my lord I cannot even think right now." She giggled and blushed a beautiful red at my obvious speechlessness.

Leaning down to her ear I breathed softly, "If we were alone right now, I would not hesitate to take you right here, right now." It was her turn to become speechless and stop breathing.

"No, down Eddie! I won't let you whisk Bella off to make passionate love while we have to deal with all the hum-… teenagers that will be eventually drunk and stupid," Alice scowled at me shaking a warning finger in her direction. I smiled innocently at her throwing her own pout right back at her.

She just rolled her eyes and mumbled "boys" before walking off to make sure everything was in order.

I turned to find Bella eyeing me up and down with obvious lust in her eyes. The love was there too of course, the love was always there.

"Like what you see love?" I grinned at her obvious appeal for my current attire. I was wearing a pair of dark jeans that were tight in all the right places, along with a button down black silk shirt. Knowing how much it drives Bella crazy, I left the top three buttons undone.

"I always did like you in black Edward, it contrast with your skin flawlessly," her voice was strong and suggestive, and I loved it. Rare was it that she had enough courage to act with confidence and play me to her will. I was too far gone now and didn't hesitate to bring her mouth to mine. I was just getting startled when suddenly she was ripped from my arms.

I growled at Alice who proceeded to drag my fiancé in the opposite direction claiming she needed Bella's help with something. Damn meddlesome pixie.

It was around 8:30 and the guests began to arrive. Jessica, Mike, Lauren, and Tyler were the first to show, all looking overwhelmed with their surroundings. I tried not to gag when Lauren unabashedly undressed me with her mind. I openly glared at her, which caused her to turn away, but the fantasies did not stop. Scowling I went to greet the rest of the guests. By nine the house was full of teenagers just barely starting to get tipsy.

I despised the stench of intoxicated humans probably more than anything, my whole family did. For such an annoying little thing, Alice sure was smart though. Se had fresh Freesia flowers set about the entire house overwhelming my senses with Bella rather than sweaty bodies.

Deciding that my guest duties were finished for now, I left the front door in search of Bella. I found her in conversation with the two shallowest and unintelligent humans I knew, Jessica and Lauren. Her eyes darted around her quickly as she looked for an excuse to escape.

"No offense Bella but your dress is rather slutty geez. Is Cullen not enough for you?" Lauren sneered at my love. She was entirely jealous of how good Bella looked and was simply pushing her own insecurities on someone else. Even so, I would not stand for this. I made to pull that nasty brat away from my girl when Alice stopped me.

"Don't Edward let her do this on her own," Alice looked at me with a knowing smile so I gave in. Simply watching like a hawk for my assistance if needed.

Bella spoke with a frown clouding her delicate features, "Look Lauren I get that your jealous, but really? You are entirely too pathetic for me to waste my time." She stalked off with a grace I have yet to see her carry. I spoke too soon, for she stumbled over nothing and began a downward fall. Of course I would never let the ground touch her though. Finally spotting my chance, I swooped in and caught her around the waist. She smiled up at me and kissed my nose gently before I righted her.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Now she decides to be self-conscious, looking everywhere but my eyes.

"Bella look at me," She did and I continued with a large grin splayed across my face, "I am so proud of you. You are so much better than all the girls here and I'm glad that you are finally understanding that."

She rolled her eyes, "Hardly, I am just not in the mood to take her crap."

"Well then are you in the mood to dance with me?"

"Edward I can't dan…"

"So glad you will join me love." I dismissed her lack of enthusiasm and brought her to the middle of the dance floor. Pulling her close, I lifted her onto my feet before I began gliding across the room. I could tell she was thoroughly enjoying herself by the radiant smile and occasional giggle. What I would give to be able to make her smile like that for all of eternity.

"You will," she whispered softly to me.


"You will be able to make me smile, make me this happy for the rest of forever Edward."

"How… Last I checked Bella, I was the mind reader not you."

She chuckled and shook her head, "I can't read minds silly, I can simply read you. You're my absolute favorite book!"
"Better than Wurthington Heights?"

"Hmm I don't know, tough call." I glared at her playfully causing her bell-like laughter to ring out once more.

"I love you Isabella Marie Swan."

"And I love you Edward Anthony Masen Cullen."

I leaned in to kiss her when someone rudely bumped into us. Angry, I turned to unleash my annoyance only to find Stacy—A very very drunk Stacy.

"Oh Bella! Edward! You two look so lovely tonight! Ahh I bet Edward would look good in that dress too! Ahahahah oh my, why is the room spinning? HA!" She slumped over in hysterical laughter while Bella and I just stared at her in utter amazement.

"Uhh are you alright Mrs. Nutcracker?" I ventured to ask as she swayed in place. Carefully we steered her away from the dance floor; she was still laughing.

"Oh I'm just great! Oh let's go downstairs! Its too steenfy in here."

"Steenfy?" Bella giggled out in question.

"Yes, stuffy with teens!" She laughed again at her not entirely coherent joke and made here way towards the basement. The door was ajar and I could hear Jasper and Emmett cursing while their girls laughed at them. Curious as well as not wanting The Nut to fall to her drunken death, we went to follow her down the stairs.

"Edward, I'm going to go grab a bit of punch, I'll meet you down there," Bella smiled at me and made to leave but I stopped her.

"I'll get it for you."
"No it's fine, besides, if The Nut falls you can catch her. I would probably trip and cause us both to fall to our deaths." I sighed at her pessimism but allowed her to go anyway while I went to find out what my brothers were up to.

As I reached the bottom step I saw my two sisters along with Nutty cheering Emmett and Jasper on. They had set up the TV and X-box and were now competing in a car racing game. Mike, Tyler, and Ben were there as well eager for a try themselves.

"NO! Damn it Jasper you cheated!" Emmett yelled throwing his hands up in the air. He never was a good looser.

"You're just upset because you can't impress your girl."

"Oh trust me, I don't need to win a video game to impress my babe," Emmett said coyly, winking at Rose suggestively. She made to scowl at him but we all saw the smile pulling at the corners of her lips.

"Hey is there room for one more?" I asked making my presence known.

"Come on down Eddie, I bet you could beat Jasper here easily. I just wasn't trying that hard."

"Sure Emmett, of course you weren't." I laughed at my insane brother before taking up his controller. We played for a while occasionally switching off with the human boys as well. They weren't that bad, but of course never came close to beating us.

I just finished beating Emmett's ass again when Bella finally showed up with a red cup in her hands.

"What took you so long?"

"I was talking with Angela is all," she smiled at me, but then her eyes wandered and she gasped and look at me with big eyes.

My concern spiked, "What's wrong."

"Umm Edward, just stay calm…"

"They're drunk and don't realize, really it isn't that big of a deal…"

She was really scaring me now. I turned around madly searching the room for the cause of her alarm. Then I saw it, and I would not be surprised if my eyes turned black. It wasn't until Bella touched my arm that I realized I had been growling.

Mike and Jessica, the two vilest humans on this earth, were currently having a hard-core suck face session. On. My. Piano.

I raced to the other side of the room and nearly roared, "Get off."

Apparently alcohol affects one's hearing abilities because they both completely ignored me. Without any patience when it comes to my baby, I grabbed Mike's shirt collar and dragged him onto the floor. He fell with an 'Ump', Jessica falling right after him.

Mike jumped up in a daze, "Dude what the hell!"

Jessica sat on the ground looking like she just saw aliens abduct someone.

"Stay away from my piano," I hissed and apparently I was right about my eyes because they both shrank back in fear.

"Calm down Edward." Bella's voice was the only thing that brought me back from my anger-induced haze. She made to pull me away while I quickly scanned my artistic outlet for any damage. Visibly I winced when I saw the faint smug marks across the tops of it. Damn it. If it weren't for the love of my life pulling me away determined, I would have whipped out a washcloth and wiped the whole thing down until it was once again flawless.

The guys were no longer playing video games, instead looking at Nutty who was currently dancing on top of the couch. Ummmmm… I pray to God that she doesn't do something incredibly stupid, like rip her shirt off. After all she was human, and drunk.

"Oh I have the best idea! We have to do it cause this is a teen party and you always have to do it!" Stacy declared jumping down from the sofa and staring at us all excitedly. Alice just laughed and looked amused.

Nutty continued, "Let's play spin the bottle!"

While Mike, Tyler, and Jessica agreed a little too enthusiastically, the rest of us made for the door.

"Wait just a minute kids!" Nutty called to us in an unnaturally authoritative voice, "Now I am the rule maker this week and I say that you will play spin the bottle with us whether you like it or not! So sit your pretty little butts down!"

"She can't make us do this right?" I whined, looking over to one of the cameramen for confirmation. Unfortunately his thoughts and facial expression told me she could. Damn it.

Emmett just cocked an eyebrow and plopped down on the ground with Rosalie. The humans were entirely giddy over the subject, and it was quite disturbing when it came to their thoughts.

Jessica left and quickly stumbled back in with Lauren and Angela. Oh hell, just kill me now. Angela was nice, but I was not going to kiss her, and Lauren was a sick fuck. Whatever, I will just make sure the bottle falls how I want it to.

The thirteen of us sat in a circle looking at Stacy. Great, we just had to have an unlucky number of people. A simple bear bottle lay in the center mocking me.

Yeah well Mr. Bottle I could so turn you to dust so you better watch out! Don't just sit there all innocent like, I'm watching you!

"Edward? Why are you glaring at the beer bottle?" Bella asked rather loudly, giggling a bit before sipping her red cup.

"Oh uhh nothing." I was not just talking to a bottle.

Stacy clapped her hands excitedly, "Okay Hmmm, Jessica right? You go first."

Jessica reached out for the torture device and spun it eagerly. Her eyes kept flashing up to my lips while I continued to glare at the damn bottle. It started to slow down and was coming way too close to me, so I sort of nonchalantly punched the ground. It caused the bottle to spin entirely around thankfully making me safe. Only my family noticed.

'Hey no cheating Eddie, so not fair,' Alice warned, but I really didn't care. I was not kissing a human. And no, Bella is not a human, she is an angel.

The bottle stopped in front of Tyler. Jessica paused for a brief second and then practically jumped him. Yeah, this isn't awkward and disgusting or anything. Turning slightly I kissed Bella on the head and inhaled her luscious scent. Mmm, just her presence made everything better. She just sat there drinking from her little red cup.

"Okay now it's Alice's turn," Stacy bellowed. Alice was on the right of Jessica, and just to the left of Bella.

Alice delicately flicked the bottle and watched it spin with a knowing smirk. Gracefully she stood up and walked over to Rosalie before the bottle even stopped. But of course it was on Rose once it had.

"Hey babe! One for old times sake?" Alice giggled, plopping into Rose's lap. This game was definitely on my hate list.

Without even hesitating, Rose and Alice just started to… umm make out, again. Right there. The humans all dropped their jaws with wide eyes; lil Jasper and lil Emmett seemed to be having a hard time, while Bella just sat laughing. She wasn't even blushing.

"Okay Bella's turn!" Alice sang leaping back to her spot. It took all my will power not to drag my girl out of there right then. Alice started to sing in Greek in her mind so she must have known who Bella would get.

The bottle span, I glared, Bella looked… excited? And then it landed on Mike. Shit.

"Okay Bella it's your bed time, let's go." My hand not gripping hers balled into a fist as I made to drag her away. Screw Stacy, my girl is not kissing Newton.

"Wait! Eddie I wana get a kissy!" I froze and turned to face my Bella. She stood there pouting at me before giggling and skipping away.


"I wana get a kissy! Mmmhmm!"

"Bella are you drunk."


"What are you drinking?"

"Fruit punch silly."

"Give me your cup."

"Nah uhh!" She skipped further away from me still giggling like a little schoolgirl. The rest of the group juts watched us.

Newton had the nerve to stand up and face me, "Hey Cullen, Bella wants to kiss me so let her. What, afraid I'm a better kisser!?"

Bella walked back over to me slowly. "Oooo is Eddie friends with a little green monster?" She sang at me teasingly. She had to be drunk, because she never called me that.

"Bella…" I snatched the now empty red cup from her hands. Sniffing it I smelled the fruit punch, but that wasn't all. Shit, someone spiked the damn juice.

"Honey you're drunk, you don't want to kiss Newton."

"Yes I do!" She grabbed Newton by the collar pulled his smug face down to hers. I will kill him!

Emmett grabbed me from behind and I fought like a mad man. Hell no. Oh hell fucking no.

But I was too late to stop Bella. In the end though I was really really glad I didn't.

He had his eyes closed all ready to kiss her when Bella's face twisted in disgust and she just puked. All over him.

My girl never mixed well with alcoholic beverages. She burped softly and walked back over to me with a smile on her face. She pulled me back to our spot and curled up in my lap.

I ignored Newton's screams as he ran out of the room. He wasn't even worth Bella's barf.

And then it was my turn. I was too euphoric to have Bella entirely pure of the filth called Newton that I did not pay attention.

"Shit this is great!" Emmett bellowed hunched over in laughter. Jasper hit me with a strong wave of fear right before I looked up at the bottle. Oh hell shit talking monkeys.

Lauren grinned up at me in what she believed to be sexy but it was utterly repulsive. Like a cat stalking a mouse she stood and started for me.

"Stay away from me!" I glared and even growled, but she was unfazed. That damn Jasper had to keep hitting her with lust and confidence.

She started swirling her ugly hair around her fingers as if she were flirting, "Come here Eddie weddie, kiss me."

Scouting Bella off my lap, I back away looking for an escape. Stacy knowingly blocked the only exit and I was trapped. Shit! Think Edward think! Brain blast!

I was standing in front of the closet, an empty closet that locks from the outside. Well, might as well get this over with.

"Fine, come here Lauren. I'm not a very patient man," my voice was low and husky as I pictured Bella walking toward me instead.

The girl looked like she had a heart attack when I smirked at her. She practically ran over to me thoroughly excited and haughty. Just before she reached for me eagerly, I put up my finger.

"Not yet babe, "gag, "In the closet, I want privacy."

Understanding filled her flat unappealing eyes as she scurried into the darkness. I winked at her before turning and slamming the door in her face, locking it of course.

"W-wait! Eddie you have to be in here too!" Her whines were faint behind the door.

"There is no way in hell I am letting you come near me."

Smiling in triumph I made my way back to the circle while the brat slammed her fists on the closet door screaming.

"Let. Me. OUT!"

"So who's next?" I asked nonchalantly while my family sat practically convulsing in laughter. Emmett high fived me, and Jasper held a thumbs up.

"My turn! Now it's my turn!" The Nut squealed before spinning the bottle. Now everyone looked absolutely petrified. No matter where it landed this would be mortifying.

She spun the thing pretty hard and it just kept spinning, taunting us all. Just as the thing started to slow down there was a loud crash and a bark. Evidently someone had let him out of his enclosure in the backyard because Monster came bounding down the stairs charging Emmet like it had rabies. Just before it hit its target, Emmett rolled out of the way and the bottle lay still. It was pointing at the dog.

Silence. Everyone just stared back and forth from the animal sitting there drooling and a befuddled Nutcracker.

Attempting to break the silence Bella spoke, "Well Emmett you are one hell of a lucky dude." That did it and we all started laughing.

"I'm just that good Bella!" He winked at her jokingly. But the Nut was still staring, but now with a calculative look about her face.

"Well… rules are rules. Come here doggy."

"Eww!" Everyone was making faces and the girls shrieking in aversion. The Nut freaking attacked the dog. The animal thought nothing of it, instead licking her face right back. I was going to throw up. Bella did.

"Holy hell what it going on down here?" Carlisle demanded from the staircase. He looked entirely repulsed just like the rest of us.

Nutty finally pulled back spitting up hair, "Nothing, we are just playing spin the bottle."

"You were kissing the dog."

"The bottle told me to!"

"Emmet I think you were right when you said she went insane."

"Yeah uhh game over, kids I think it's time for you to go home." At Carlisle's demand everyone started to file out. "Wait, why is there screaming coming from the closet?"

I ducked my head and grinned guiltily, "Well umm about that, I sort of… you know what, I have no idea." I pulled Bella up the stairs with me laughing when I heard a thud. Lauren would be leaning her full weight on the door while screaming for someone to open it.

Jasper's POV

Edward took off with Bella upstairs while Emmett and I sent everyone on his or her way. This night was definitely interesting to say the least. I still cannot believe that Nutty kissed the dog without my help. Okay so maybe I had a little tiny bit to do with it. But that shit was funny.

I was glad this whole ordeal was almost over. Sure it was downright hilarious at times, but I missed Esme and these humans were getting annoying. Everyday I had to deal with the emotions of at least thirty different people without rest due to all the cameramen etc…

"Jazzy, help me take down the driveway lights?" Alice asked once we made sure everyone had left. Stacy was passed out I on the couch in the basement. Actually I think I liked the crazy strict woman better than the insane party one.

"Sure thing," I smiled and took Alice's hand, leading her outside. We started at the entrance and quickly had all the lights down and wrapped neatly within a matter of seconds. Now we had about an hour to kill. Showing up about a minute after we left with all the lights might be a tad suspicious. I grabbed Alice's hand and ran with her through the forest.

"Did you enjoy the party Ali?"

We sat in our tree and gazed at the stars. In was a large oak about a mile away from the house and it absolutely fascinated me. Its trunk twisted like a candy cane where upon the branches stretched out far and wide in the most beautiful design. I also liked the fact that it was so old, aged, and yet still magnificent. I don't know I guess the fact that it could withstand transforming in to the magnificent beast from a tiny seed meant that I too could prevail through all my struggles and be the best man I could be for Alice's sake.

Her tinkling laughter was music to my ears, "It was fantastic to plan! I love putting my skills to the test! Four hours is my record I think."

Gently I encased her small hand in mine, "Yes well you are simply amazing. Anything you set your mind to you will achieve."

"Corny much?"

"You love it."

"I love you."

"I love you too," I kissed her forehead lightly before gazing up at the stars once more. Just then, a shooting star shot across the sky in a brilliant blaze.

"That reminds me of a quote I came across awhile back," She turned to face me expectantly.

"It's called The World's Most Beautiful, by Edwan Shaharir

I'd give anything to see the sun set on the horizon,

I'd do anything to gaze at a full moon in the night sky;

Even a rainbow would make me smile,

And I'd love to swim in crystal clear waters

Of an untouched sea;

Sometimes I'll see a shooting star,

And try to gaze from afar,

All the diamonds in the night sky;

The mist on the mountains is breathtaking,

As is walking in rainforest;

To see cascading waterfalls I'd do anything for,

As to stand on the highest peak in the world,

And look at the sights below;

I'd love to soar on wings above the clouds,

Across the bluest skies;

I'd do anything to see

All the beautiful things in the world,

Like a red rose blooming in the Sahara,

Like a river twisting through a dusty land,

All the beautiful things in the world;

But I also know I am looking at

The world's most beautiful creation,

Every time you smile,

And every time I look into your eyes."

When I finished, the love that was pouring out of her very soul could have rivaled mine at the moment.

Sighing she snuggled further into my chest, "You're too perfect Jazzy."

"I'm not perfect in the least." All the mistakes I have made throughout this existence are utterly repulsive. Not only did I massacre thousands while I was with Marie, but I almost cost my brother his love and life.

"Jasper look at me," I did as she commanded, "Everyone has flaws and mistakes, but that's just it. Everyone does, and you cannot live your life regretting everything little thing or else eternity would be a pretty horrible place. What I meant was that you are perfect for me, in every way."

If she could have, tears would be streaming down her face. What I did to deserve her was entirely beyond my comprehension.

So I kissed her, it wasn't soft, it wasn't sweet, but it was beautiful. I was kissing the world's most beautiful girl in the world's most beautiful tree on the world's most beautiful night.

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