The tea was cold by the time Integral bothered to take a sip but it barely registered in her mind. She drank her extravagant tea not to savor its rich aroma but to distract herself with the simple actions associated with it. There were two more journals to be read but Integral was hesitant to pick the next one up.

Reading the journals should have been the first thing she had done after becoming the head of Hellsing. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it after all. She shouldn't have relied on her father's retelling of history, edited for a child's ears, for all these years. Luthor brought vampires into Hellsing service through an agreement with Selene, he father said. More like, Luthor brought vampires into Hellsing by force after a raw deal with Selene led to her death.

Being the extraordinarily logical person that she was, Integral applauded Luthor for his cunning. However, a strange and small part of her was disgusted with him. He committed many "evils" but he thought himself righteous to the end. For the first time in her life, Integral had to wonder if she was really as virtuous as she thought that she was.

Hellsing will soon fall for our fathers' mistakes, Great Grandfather Henry said.Was the manipulation of Selene the mistake that he was speaking of? Or was it the enslavement of vampires? Or was it forcing them to kill their kin? Or was it their mistreatment? With all that Luthor alone did, the choices were overwhelming.

gathering the courage, Integral put down her cup and picked up the next journal, the journal of Luthor's son and her great grandfather, Henry.

Henry's Journal

18 November 1918

It is a sad occasion that I start this journal. Yes, it is what you think. I am now the head of Hellsing.

Yesterday, my father was murdered. When Father didn't come down for breakfast, I went to search for him. I eventually found him in his office on the couch with tea for two and the Hellsing Dagger in his heart. At least we know that he wasn't murdered for control of the family.

Uncle John is missing. So is little Ana. I suspect that the rumors about Ana really being his daughter are true and that he left with her. John is now dead to me but little Ana, how I wish her back. I will miss her smiling face and without her here, I am now alone. No mother, no father, no sister, no family. The mansion feels much colder.

Despite my grief, I was able to conduct business superbly, if I may say so myself. So well, in fact, the all the servants look at me in fear. I suspect that half believe that my seeming apathy is a sign of impending insanity while the other half believes that I murdered Father myself. Perhaps I am insane.

I somewhat undermined Father's wishes. When Selene went into battle with Rosiel, she had only taken her sons, leaving the rest of her small coven at the mansion for their protection. Little did she know that Father would seal and torture them in her absence. He told them lies about how Selene had abandoned them and managed to break most of their spirits. I told him that it was wrong but Father would not listen.

I unchained the vampires and told them, "I'm sorry that my father has mistreated you and I am sorry that he has bound you to the family but there is nothing I can do about either."

It's not really true. I could free them. It's just that I am sure freedom would return their spirits in a heartbeat and then they would not hesitate to kill me.

Instead of forcing them all to hunt their own kind under pain of torture like Father had planned to do, I gave the vampires a choice. I said, "I will give you all a choice. You can all be sealed into a deep sleep because I will not kill you or have you suffer, or you can choose to stay awake with the agreement that you shall aid in the Hellsing Organization's holy mission of protecting mankind from the dangers of immortal beings. If you choose the latter, I will have certain expectations. First is that you will not kill when you drink. Anybody who does will be slain. Second, is that you bring me at least one vampire head per month. Anybody who fails this will be sealed to sleep. Although killing may seem distasteful to you, I remind you that you are Selene's descendants and assure you that my father lied when he said that she had abandoned you. She fought bravely for you all but Rosiel and his followers murdered her and her sons. By hunting vampires outside of this organization, you are gaining vengeance."

Of the seventeen vampires there, ten agreed to the terms while seven wished to be sealed. After the sealings were done, I dismissed the group, allowing them out into the night for the first time in months but Alucard remained.

"You have grown to be just as deceitful as your father," Alucard said. "After I bring kill Rosiel, your clan will be the next to fall. It doesn't matter that I can't directly harm the family. I will find a way. Mark my words. This mansion will be a glorious inferno and you will all burn."

I was so afraid that I could not speak. I did the only thing that I could think of, and that was to nod.

30 November 1918

I find it interesting that although Alucard threatened my entire family, he is protective of me. He says it's because he will not allow the Hellsing line to end unless he planned for it but I hope the truth is that it's because he is fond of me. I dread the day when he no longer stands by my side.

Tonight, I accepted a rogue vampire into my office while Alucard was by my side to protect me, of course. Her name was Marigold and I was quite surprised to see that she had the appearance of a child. I really don't see how any vampire could turn a child. But that is another matter. The little vampire had come because she knew of Hellsing's objectives and said that she whole-heartedly supported it. She wanted to join but I told her that I would think about it and that she could come back in a week.

I asked Alucard what he thought of Marigold but he could not give me an answer. It seems like he doesn't know very many vampires. Although he was close to Selene, the only clan member that he knew was Analie.

When I asked the other vampires about Marigold, they all gave me strong negative reactions. They tell me that she is a horrible vampire. They say that she values human lives more than vampiric lives, believing that nobody has the right to a second life so vampires should not complain when it is taken from them. They say that she will do anything to get what she wants, including murdering her kin, which she had done before. That was the reason that she was banished from the coven. I will have to confirm these facts but the other vampires' words make me think that she would be a loyal servant amenable to Hellsing's more underhanded operations.

10 July 1940

German planes flew over London today. They didn't drop bombs. It was worse, they dropped werewolves. They landed after being dropped from the sky without a parachute and were unharmed. Immediately, they started running amuck through London during the day and were the cause of untold damage and death before night fell and our vampires were able to eliminate them. Unfortunately, they wiped out a good chunk of our vampiric forces. We were ill-prepared to fight them. The last time that we were forced to fight against a werewolf was in 1776 and that one was insane.

I wonder how the Germans were able to control true werewolves and turn them into such monsters. They always hated to be involved in human affairs and hid their presence wonderfully. And they were always surprisingly gentle creatures despite their appearance. How did the Nazis control them? Through magic like we control the vampires?

I don't know why Father kept Uriel alive but I am glad that he did. If ever I need help with the human troops, I can always seek advice from him. His military expertise is commendable. I've put the sealed vampires in his care. Their presence leads the new vampires to ask uncomfortable questions. I know that Uriel will protect them well. He's quite powerful despite his disability. He uses his vampiric powers to see in a way. It's quite fascinating.

Of the original sealed vampires, only three are left; Alucard, Uriel, and Analie. They are the only ones who witnessed firsthand the evils of my father. I'm relatively sure that they won't tell the new vampires though. I've been insisting that the seals are just safeguards in the event that bloodlust should cause them to rampage. Two believed me and were willingly sealed. Alucard takes amusement in how I manipulate them, none of the other vampires know of Uriel's existence, and Analie only speaks when I command her to.

How I hate Analie. She is always a constant reminder of my father's evil. It's as if she does not have a soul anymore. She finds no joy in anything. If she's so unhappy, she should just die. I wish she would. Then I wouldn't feel such guilt. I used to think that my pure soul alone could pay for my father's sins and that the rest of the family should be spared. However, I wonder if I have become just as corrupt as he was. Alucard looks at me as if I am.

Henry's journal visibly shook as Integral put it down on the table. She had not been this afraid since her father's death and could not help but hate herself for it. Fear was a weakness, a worthless and crippling emotion that Integral thought she had rid herself of long ago. Obviously not because she was now sitting there, shaking like a leaf. It was ridiculous that a threat remembered and written down in a journal could evoke such fear. However, Integral could actually see and hear Alucard making it, his voice cold and malicious and with a slight smirk painted on his lips.

Integral's father had always said that the vampire Rosiel should never be hunted and that his whereabouts should always be kept hidden. She had assumed that it was so that the vampires would always be driven by vengeance to cooperate with the organization. However, she now suspected that it was because he didn't want Alucard to complete his first quest for vengeance and turn his eyes to the family.

It seems like Alucard was finally making good on the threat. The apocalypse was coming at the end of the year and if she had never read this journal, she never would have known why. Rosiel was still alive, true, but for how long Integral would not know although perhaps Alucard had decided to skip that step.

In the past, whenever Alucard had free time, he would spend it in Integral's office. That was until he brought home his little fledgling, Seras Victoria. He then spent his nights training her. He had seemed strangely attached to the little thing so when Agent Victoria disappeared and he did not return to her side, she had thought that he was just grieving. She had Marigold spy on him just to make sure and she had reported that he did not engage in any suspicious activity. He just spent his nights observing the city.

Alucard must have a plan set up for her demise. Surely he would not let her be killed by anybody else's machinations or actions but his own. It must be that Alucard wasn't at her side to force her to protect herself. Then, when the time of her fall came, he would laugh at how weak and helpless she was. He would say that all of her seeming strength actually came from him, that without him, she was worthless. And he would be right.

The image that Walter saw when he entered Integral's personal study made his heart ache. Integral was curled up asleep in her favorite chair, legs brought up to her chest in the fetal position. Since a young child, Integral had been trained to maintain an icy cold mask of strength. It was now so easy for her, it was unconscious. However, whatever has been bothering her lately must be something great to shake her and make her forget herself so.

Walter reached into Integral's coat pocket and gently pulled out what was known to be the Hellsing Dagger. The dagger hummed sweetly when it was pulled out of its sheath and Walter brought the stiletto up to his eyes. The blade was simple unadorned silver but anybody who knew anything about weaponry could tell its value. It was balanced perfectly although Walter doubted that it was ever meant to see battle.

The dagger was resheathed and slipped into one of Walter's pockets. In a surprising show of strength considering his age, Walter easily picked Integral up bridal style, letting her rest against his chest. Integral gave a low groan upon being moved but didn't wake. She would wake undressed in her bed the next morning, the dagger on her nightstand.

Joyous humming echoed throughout the wide and illustrious halls of decadent maisonette but half of its occupants frowned at the sound. The servants knew that it was the song of the siren that their master had brought home, skipping down the halls for some reason or another.

Rena knew what all the servants thought of her but could not bring herself to care. They called her a vamp, amusingly enough, and thought she was out for Eshel's fortune. It was not true though. Before she moved in, she didn't know that he was the heir to a successful company that his maternal grandfather founded or that he lived in such a luxurious place on Westminster's exclusive Hyde Park Gardens.

Eshel made Rena feel like a new woman and it was reflected in her new wardrobe. When he finally convinced her to allow him to take her shopping, Rena shied away from her usual choice of restricting dresses and high heels in favor of the modern woman's jeans, sweaters, and flats. No longer did she need to sacrifice her comfort to serve a man. She was now loved and thought of as an equal so when Eshel bought her her first pair of pants, she was so touched, she almost cried.

Rena frowned and cursed the maids for tidying up Eshel's desk as she ran her hand down the spines of the towering book stack they had left there, trying to find the little poetry book she was reading earlier. She finally found it, second to the bottom of the stack and tried to slide it out. However, when she touched the book on the bottom of the stack, a burning pain shot from her fingertips and traveled up her arm. With a yelp, Rena reflexively withdrew her hand, causing the whole stack to fall onto the floor.

"What's wrong?" Eshel asked out of breath, having run up down the hallway after hearing Rena's yelp and the crash.

"That book. I don't know. There's something strange about that book," Rena replied hesitantly, pointing to the heavy leather-bound book lying on the otherwise cleared desktop.

Eshel walked over to scoop the book up into his arms. "Sorry about that. I should put this away. It burns anybody who's not a Hellsing."

"Hellsing? Your're a Hellsing?" Rena asked, horrified. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Eshel stiffened, realizing his mistake and slid the book into a drawer of the desk. Hesitantly, he raised his head to regard Rena's panicked expression.

"Yeah, my real name's Hermes Hellsing. And please don't look so betrayed. After all, you never told me that you're a vampire."

In her first show of vampiric ability in Eshel's presence, Rena grabbed him by the neck and slammed him down onto the desktop.

"What were you playing at, Hellsing?" Rena growled, her eyes swimming with an assortment of emotions. "Did you think you could play with me like a toy? Were you trying to make me drop my guard so that you could enslave me, pig?"

Eshel coughed and tried futilely to pry the hand from his throat. "I wasn't playing at anything. If I wanted to do something, I would have by now," he choked.

Rena relaxed her grip on Eshel's throat but kept her hand there, holding him in place. Although she wished it, even faced with his treachery, Rena could never bring herself to harm him.

"I'm not the only one who hid who they are," Eshel continued. "I know who you really are. You ran away from an abusive man to find love. You didn't want a man who would use you to gain immortality so tried to pass as a human. If I can see past what you are, why can't you see past my name? I know you are a vampire but isn't it enough that I don't want your immortality but love you anyways?"

Althoguh her brain told her that Eshel's declaration of love was false, meant to confuse and ensnare her in his trap, her heart told her that he was true. Caught between the battle of brain and heart, Rena's eyes teared.

"I should go," Rena whispered, hesitatingly releasing Eshel and stepping backwards. Just as she was about to escape from the room using her vampiric speed, Eshel grabbed her outstretched hand.

"No, please stay," he said. "I want you to understand. I want to read to you from my Uncle Arthur's journal. I want you to know the true evils of the Hellsing family and why I don't want to be a part of it. And then, I would like to read to you from my father's journal. I want to share with you the wisdom that that my father has instilled in me."

Time ticked by and Eshel let out a sigh of relief when Rena nodded.

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