I didn't know what to do or say, and I told him that.

"Say yes." He smiled his large smile.

"Yes!" I giggled as Dicken grinned and gently slide the ring onto my ring finger. He kissed my hand and sighed.

We sat down together and talked about the past again. About when we were young children, and how I found the garden, and how Dicken and I kept the secret. How it was our secret.

"Dicken? What happened?" I finally asked him.

"What do you mean?"

I shook my head. "I'm forgetting something. I don't know what it was."

Dicken's expression turned grave, then he uttered a single word, a name. "Jasper."

"Jasper?" I repeated the name. I echoed through my mind, and the words, Mary . . . I loved you. . "This, Jasper loved me? Didn't he?"

Dicken shifted in the chair and nodded silently.

"Where is he? Why can't I remember him?" I asked. "Is he with Colin or Evangeline?"

Dicken didn't met my eyes. "He's dead, Mary. He died last night. You were there."

Tears automatically emerged from my eyes and glided down my cheeks. "How? If I was there, shouldn't I remember?"

Dicken knelt down in front of me and held my hands, kissing them repeatedly. "The doctor said you might have been traumatized. You've forgotten the event. You're suffering from slight amnesia."

"What?" I choked back a sob, Jasper's words continued to echo through my mind.

"You're mind doesn't want you to remember the event. You'll become depressed if you do, so please promise me, Mary: don't try to remember that night. Live on with your life now. With me. I love you, Mary."

I smiled, and wiped my tears. "Dicken, I never knew you could be so romantic."

He chuckled and grinned widely. "I can be more than romantic for you, Mary."

I laughed, we laughed. The next few days went by quickly, and soon weeks passed, and then a month had gone by and the day of our double-wedding arrived.


Evangeline stood grandly next to Colin, her lace veil fell like rain over her delicate face. My heart ached for such beauty. She truly was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

Colin stood, cane in one hand and Evangeline's arm around his other. He looked down on her and smiled with loving care. Then, I looked up at Dicken. His eyes bluer than the sky on a clear day, shone bright as they looked at me with the same look of love. I smiled unconsciously, and nearly cried; I was so happy.

Peering quickly over my shoulder, I saw everyone I loved. My friends and my new family: the Sowerby's. It was a small service, and was over shortly. I will remember everything. Even though, the doctor said my memory will never be the same, I promise I will never forget how much Dicken loves me. And even though I have forgotten him, I can't seem to forget what he said.

Mary . . . I loved you. .



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