8.21 A Room for a Pony

Episode 8.21 follows a week after 8.20…

Previously on the Gilmore girls…

EMILY: Who called?!

RICHARD: Rory, of course.

EMILY: (Astounded at Richard's aloofness) And?!

RICHARD: (As he ties the robe around his waist) Well, she told me that Lorelai just had a baby.

EMILY: (Impatiently) And?!

RICHARD: And that it's very healthy.

EMILY: (Aggravated she stomps her feet and shouts) Richard!

RICHARD: (Shocked by Emily's reaction) What?

EMILY: "What" did she have?! I've waited this long to find out, and I swear to God, if I find out you knew… and…

RICHARD: (With a calm expression, he smiles at his wife) We have a brand new grandson, Emily.

EMILY: (Expression goes from aggravation to wonderment. She repeats softly) A grandson?


EMILY: (Stands by Richard and observes) Does he have a name?

LORELAI: (Takes a deep breath and smiles) Nicholas Abbott Danes.

Richard and Emily, in unison, look up at the new parents.


APRIL: (Suppresses a screech) Oh my god… oh my god… he's…. he's here.

LORELAI: He sure is, and so are you.


APRIL: I think I have a solution to our townie problem.


TAYLOR: What on earth are you doing?

APRIL: Putting fliers up. And I would really appreciate your help, Taylor. You are after all the town's keeper… I'm sure you'll come up with a solution.


Camera on April as she smirks and walks away. In the back we see a blurring image of Taylor.

TAYLOR: (Speaks up) Oh and don't forget to join the Stars Hollow's Youth Summer Program! We'll be looking forward to seeing you there, April!

APRIL: (Smirk turns into a frown, and she mutters to herself) Great.



EMILY: (With caution, she asks) Is there anything going on between you and Nate?

Rory takes a second to process the question, and to Emily's surprise, her granddaughter starts to chuckle besides herself.

RORY: Sorry grandma, I know it's silly for me to laugh about it… but no, there's nothing going on between us.



NATE: This thing… (gestures at the two of them) this whole thing is new to me. I had to think about it for a bit…

RORY: (Now a bit angered, she chuckles in disbelief) Oh great… I said something very similar to someone last year when he proposed. You want to know how things ended? (Brushes it off) I don't need this, Nate. It's nothing against you… and I realized that I may have had a part in putting you on the spot the other day. But it's time to close this… and move on. So, don't worry about it… okay?

Rory walks around him and towards the tree.

NATE: (Sternly, as he frowns) Gilmore!

Nate takes a few steps forward. A few feet away, the two look at each other. Rory's adamant they should end things there, and Nate's tentative.

NATE: No matter how much I analyzed the situation, all I kept thinking about was how much I wanted to be with you… to spend time with you.

RORY: (Trembling a bit more, she shies away from his eyes and suddenly places her hand on his upper arm and holds it tightly to hold on) Nate? (Nate's eyes move to the rest of her face… he observes closely as he continues to breathe heavier… prompting Rory to do the same)

The 'Lalas' gradually return.

RORY: (Softly, with a shaky voice) What if it's 'temporary'?

NATE: (Subtly shakes his head) I'm not a betting man, but I'm unequivocally sure that it's not.

Slowly lifts her head and looks up at him. Trying to calm her rapidly beating heart, she places her other hand on his chest.

As the infamous sounds of Sam Phillips continue in the background, Nate leans in further and kisses Rory as intensely as their hearts start to beat.

Camera zooms out slowly and pans around the garage to reveal a now longer line at the Gilmore-Danes household… reaching the border of the front yard.

Scene fades.




Scene opens on Rory Gilmore's face. The expression is that of someone observing something or someone in a very flattering but curious manner. As the camera zooms out slowly, we see her face resting on the base of her palm. And as the shot widens, we see that she's dressed in casual clothing (a t-shirt with an obscure reference and a pair of jeans) sitting in an ottoman-type piece of furniture. From the objects around her, we can gather that it's a bedroom. A fairly large bedroom.

Camera cuts to the object of interest.

Nate, lying on his stomach, sound asleep.

Camera cuts back to Rory, a hint of a smile appears on her face. But to her dismay the cell phone in her back pocket starts to (ironically) vibrate a little louder than expected. Rory jumps a bit in her seat and takes the phone from her pocket, all the while keeping an eye on the man sleeping in the bed next to her. Rory silences the phone and takes a look at the caller ID – which prompts her to quickly stand up and make her way out of the room.


RORY: (Looking behind her to make sure nothing or no one was disturbed) Hey.

LORELAI: (Sitting at the table with a small towel over her shoulder) Hey… did I wake you?


RORY: (Walks over to the kitchen island) No, I'm up and ready to go.

LORELAI: So, I haven't talked to you since Tuesday… what have you been up to?

RORY: Not much… (with a slight smile) but the past ten minutes was spent observing Nate sleeping… (adds) in his bed.

LORELAI: (Makes a face and holds up her hand) Yeah, let's not reveal anything mommy's going to regret hearing later.

RORY: (Rolls her eyes) It's nothing like that. (Pours herself another mug of coffee) I tried calling yesterday, but Luke mentioned you and Nicholas were both asleep. I know how important that is, especially now, so didn't want Luke to wake you. (Leans against the island)

LORELAI: (With a sigh) I thank you.

RORY: You're welcome.

LORELAI: Hey, you're coming home today, right? No more New York Times business until you leave?

RORY: That's right.

LORELAI: (As she folds some of the white cloth on the table) Good, because Emily dearest wants us at Friday night dinner.

RORY: (Surprised and annoyed at the same time) Tonight? I thought we weren't going to have those for a while. At least until the weekend I leave.

LORELAI: Yeah, apparently having a baby just two weeks ago doesn't count as an excuse to get out of it. (Nods reluctantly) Besides…

RORY: (Curiously) Besides, what?

LORELAI: (Drags her words, in a mumble-y sort of way) I'm not completely opposed to going…

RORY: Whoa. (Raises an eye) Do share.

LORELAI: (Shakes her head) It's nothing… just that, the past week, she's really been trying… you know?

RORY: (Smiles) Aw, that's nice. Well, I'm glad.

LORELAI: (Remembers) Oh hey!

RORY: What?

LORELAI: I haven't really told your grandmother about you and Nate… all she knows is that you're in New York for work…

RORY: (Takes a deep breath) Great… guess I'll have the pleasure of doing that tonight.

LORELAI: Yeah, good luck with that.

Nate walks into the kitchen in the middle of Lorelai and Rory's conversation prompting Rory to quickly look around and see him wide awake in his white t-shirt and gray/black plaid pajama bottoms. Nate acknowledges Rory and mouths a "hey" as he walks directly to the coffeemaker and pours himself a mug. Rory wears a smile on her face as her eyes follow him…

LORELAI: (Wonders why Rory's silent) So…?

RORY: (Shakes her head to concentrates on the phone) Yeah… yeah (smoothes her hair behind her ear) I'll probably need the luck.

Nate takes a quick look behind him and raises an eye – then turns and opens the refrigerator.

LORELAI: (Grins) He's right there, isn't he?

RORY: (Trying not to blush) Maybe.

Nate stands next to her and places a couple of English muffins in the toaster.

LORELAI: Okay, okay… I know when it's time to bolt.

Almost instinctively, Nate wears a subtle smirk on his face as he stands to Rory's side, preparing a small breakfast…

RORY: (Turns head to her side and smiles up at him) Ok.

LORELAI: (Shakes her head with a smile) Say hi to him for me.

RORY: Will do.

LORELAI: (Amused at the lack of response from Rory) Okay, byeee.

RORY: (Realizing the conversation is near its end, she shakes her head and focuses) Oh, I'll see you this afternoon!

Rory closes the cell phone and places it on the counter.

NATE: (With a hint of sarcasm) That sounded like a stimulating conversation.

RORY: (Defensive and playful at the same time) As a matter of fact, it was.

NATE: (Looks to his side and smiles) I'm sure. (Turns his body towards her, lowers his head, and kisses her) Good morning.

RORY: (As they part) Good morning.

Stands there for a moment longer and stares down at Rory's face as he places a hand on the curve of her back and greets her again with another kiss which lasts a bit longer than the first one – making Rory grab his t-shirt sleeve.

As they part, we see Rory's eyes shut for a second longer. And then as she opens them, she smoothes her hair behind the ears. Nate goes back to the English muffins.

RORY: So, I'm going to have to catch the next train out of here.

NATE: Is everything okay?

RORY: (Nods) Yeah, yeah… everything's fine. It's just that grandma wants to resume the Friday night dinners… and… (pauses)…

NATE: (Faces Rory curiously) And?

RORY: (Shrugs) I feel like I'm neglecting everyone back home…

NATE: (Nods in agreement) I understand…

RORY: You do?

NATE: You and me… we're going to spend all that time in Africa this summer. It's understandable that you'd want to spend more time with the family. Besides, we don't need to stay in the city any longer. (Rory nods. Nate looks up at the clock on the wall) Hey, maybe we can catch the 10:30 train if we hurry and get ready.

RORY: (Takes a step back and gestures) Hey, I'm ready… (adds) I've been ready for almost an hour.

NATE: (Turns to her and wears an oblivious expression) What are you trying to say?

RORY: (With a blush) Nothing… go get ready.

Amused, Nate leans in and kisses her once more before he walks around the island and exits the kitchen. Rory turns around, and with a look of admiration she leans over the counter and watches him exit.

Scene fades as she sighs.


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