The scene opens on Luke, Lorelai, and April at the dining table having dinner.

LORELAI: (Looks at April) So? You haven't told us how the first day went.

APRIL: (As she swallows her food, she brushes it off) Oh, you know... it was better than expected.

LUKE: (Surprised, looks at Lorelai and then at his daughter) Really? What did you guys do?

APRIL: (Shrugs) Some stupid projects. Made a few banners and stuff... We were asked to be creative, but then we were handed a list of do's and don'ts...

LUKE: Figures. (Thinks) I thought you said the first day was better than you expected?

APRIL: (Being vague) It was just fine... that's all.

LORELAI: (Taps Luke's arm) It must be like the first day of school... you know? The first day is never that bad... it's actually pretty cool because you don't really do much and the day ironically goes by fast. It's the days following that start to suck.

LUKE: (Ponders) Hmm.

LORELAI: (Smiles and looks at her step-daughter) Right April?

APRIL: Umm, yeah... yeah. That's it. (She quickly looks down at her plate not wanting them to see a bit of a blush).

Lorelai catches something in April's manner that amuses her - as Luke obliviously eats his dinner.


Scene opens on Rory's face as she props her head up on her hand, in Nate's bed. As the camera zooms out we see her looking at Nate and smiling. Nate's just waking up from his sleep. As he blinks a few times and looks to the side, he sees Rory.

NATE: (Groggily, as he stretches his neck to move to his side) Why are you looking at me like that?

RORY: (Dismisses it with a small chuckle) Who me? I wasn't looking at you... you shouldn't flatter yourself.

NATE: (Props his head similarly and faces Rory) Yeah, you were.

RORY: (With a hint of sarcasm) Just because I wake up and happen to look in your direction for a nano second, it doesn't mean I was 'looking at you'.

NATE: (With a half smile, he leans in and kisses her) You're right.

RORY: (Admits) I 'was' looking at you.

NATE: I knew it. (The two look at each other for a moment before Nate continues) I'm glad we're back to our old selves again.

RORY: (Curiously) What do you mean?

NATE: For a moment there, you had me thinking you were trying to avoid me... (adds) the past couple of days, especially.

RORY: (Defensive) I wasn't trying to avoid you...

NATE: No? (Takes a loose strand of her hair and brushes it to the back of her head) Come on... the past seven or so months weren't just spent on arguments and rival rhetoric back at the Courant. I've noticed things about you...

RORY: (Realizes Nate knows more than she'd hoped) I'm sorry.

NATE: (With genuine concern) What happened?

RORY: I was afraid that I was rushing it with you...

NATE: (Curiously) Rushing it?

RORY: I mean, I didn't want to rush it... and scare you off.

NATE: (Eyes widen at the sudden revelation) Scare me off? (With a sarcastic chuckle) Rory, we're going to be spending the whole summer together in Africa. Where were you going to scare me off to? To a herd of elephants at Kruger?

RORY: (Realizes how ridiculous it all sounds now) I know... it was a moment of weakness where I couldn't find a comfortable pace.

NATE: (Concerned) I see.

RORY: (To assure him) I will get the hang of it soon... I know I will. It's just that...

NATE: What?

RORY: (Nervously continues) I'm afraid of the unknown.

NATE: "Unknown"?

RORY: (In a rare act, she spills it all) I'm falling fast, Nate... I've been falling... for you...

Nate's expression is subtle, but it's clear the revelation isn't a complete surprise.

RORY: (Earnestly) ...I know I may be ahead in that regard, and don't want to overwhelm you. But the unknown, in this case being you... you're feelings... it scares me a bit.

Nate looks at the woman in front of him for a few moments, prompting Rory to be a bit uncomfortable. His eyes seem to pierce hers, which makes Rory look down at the sheets.

NATE: (Follows her gaze and takes her hand and pulls her closer to him) I think the "unknown" is worth waiting for... don't you?

RORY: (Looks up and sees Nate's reassuring expression) Yes. (Regaining her confidence, Rory leans in and kisses Nate)

A couple of seconds later, Rory pulls away...

RORY: Hold on... (with a smirk) You've noticed me? (Nate raises his brows and nods, but Rory randomly asks another question) So, when did you say your parents would be back?

NATE: Not until Friday. Why?

RORY: Are you sure? Because I don't want them to accidentally see me like this. It would be embarrassing for everyone involved.

NATE: (Sighs, and then pulls her closer to him) Stop being paranoid.

Nate and Rory continue on with their very new relationship as the scene fades.


Scene opens on April as she sits at a table by the window. She seems to be looking out the window for someone specific. Luke approaches the table with a glass of orange juice... he's curious as to what April's looking for...

LUKE: (Sets the glass on the table) Here you go.

APRIL: (Jumps a bit in her chair) Oh! Uh, thanks.

LUKE: (Looking out the window) What is it?

APRIL: (Shakes her head and brushes it off) Oh nothing... I thought I saw Kirk out there... (lies) wearing a dress.

LUKE: (Nonchalantly, as he looks at his daughter) I wouldn't be surprised. (Shakes his head) Poor Lulu. (Smiles at April) So, looks like Taylor let the kids out for lunch, huh?

APRIL: Yeah, Miss Patty convinced him that we didn't 'have' to stay in the studio during our lunch break.

LUKE: Grilled cheese?

APRIL: You read my mind.

LUKE: (Gestures to the back) I'll go tell Caesar.

Just as Luke leaves for a brief moment, April spots the person she was looking for earlier out on the sidewalk. A smile appears on her face. A shy smile. The reddish blond, Giles, stands outside and smiles back at her in a dorky manner.

Camera cuts to Luke returning to April's table with a pot of coffee in his hand. Seeing his daughter looking out the window yet again, he looks out as well trying to see if it was in fact Kirk wearing a dress. But instead he sees a teenage boy standing by the window with a smug grin slapped on his face. Luke's eyes widen as he realizes that it's his daughter that's getting the boy's attention. Another wink later, Luke decides to make his presence known...

LUKE: (Clears his throat) Umm...

APRIL: (Jumps in her seat again and turns around) Oh! Dad!

LUKE: What on earth...

Giles decides to walk along the window, and into the diner - prompting Luke to set the coffee pot on April's table and greet him at the door. With arms crossed, he stands directly in front of the new customer.

GILES: (Speaking for the first time, he looks up at the human wall) Umm, hey...

LUKE: (In a mocking tone) Hey.

April stays frozen at her table not wanting any attention.

Giles takes a step around Luke and tries to make his way to April's table when Luke objects silently by standing yet again in Giles' way.

LUKE: (Gestures at a random table) That one's open.

April's eyes widen as she realizes what her father's doing... but she continues to stay silent at her table.

GILES: (Looks at the table behind him and nods) Right, but I wanted the one by the window.

LUKE: Can't have it... it's taken.

GILES: (Unaware who this man is, he continues in a mocking tone) I know, it's taken by the girl I want to sit with.

LUKE: (Shakes his head) No... (points to two tables down) That one's by the window as well... take that one.

GILES: (Frowns at the diner owner, but adheres) Fine.

LUKE: (Briefly looks at April as he picks up the pot of coffee - and she continues to stay in her seat - and then Luke speaks to the boy) What would you like to have?

GILES: (Still unaware of who Luke is, he smirks at April as she squeezes her eyes shut) Coffee please.

LUKE: (Annoyed) Coffee!? How old are you? (Irrationally) Let me see your ID.

GILES: (Looks up aggravated) What? For coffee? Who the hell cards for coffee?

LUKE: (With a stern voice) I do... rules of this diner. (The boy dismisses it - and Luke becomes curious) Who are you anyway? I haven't seen you around... who are your parents?

GILES: Name's Giles... (Dismisses him again and looks at the girl at the other end of the window) and the rest is none of your business.

April slowly opens her eyes knowing well it wasn't going to end on a good note.

LUKE: (Clearly angered) It is my business if you're going to sit two tables away from my daughter!

GILES: (Now enlightened, he looks up) Oh.

APRIL: (Abruptly stands up in a huff) Gee, thanks dad!!

April storms out of the diner leaving Luke feeling guilty.

LUKE: (Calls out) April!

But she's long gone.

Scene CUTS to the next as Luke looks on.


Scene opens on Luke pacing in the living room as Lorelai sits on the couch.

LUKE: (With hand gestures) I mean you should've seen her! She was angry... not the "I can't believe you don't know what the Manhattanhenge is" type of angry... but ... (sighs and looks at his concerned wife) She hates me.

LORELAI: (Shakes her head) She doesn't hate you. Calm down... it's just a teenage crush, I'm sure.

LUKE: (Starts pacing again) And I don't like him!

LORELAI: You don't even know him!

LUKE: (Stop and points) Oh, I know enough not to like him. There's a smugness about him that I hate...

LORELAI: (Sighs) Babe, you have to calm down... you can't go scaring off every boy that winks at your daughter.

LUKE: (Suddenly looks at his wife again) Who else has been winking at her?!

LORELAI: (Amused) No one... I'm just saying. (Holds up her hands and gestures upstairs) And quiet down, Nicholas might hear us.

LUKE: (With a soft but urgent voice) And what sort of a name is "Giles" anyway? (Mocks) Who the hell names their kid "Giles"?

LORELAI: It's a perfectly fine name... (adds with a shrug) I mean, it seemed to work for the British dude on Buffy.

LUKE: (Stops and gestures with an idea) I got it... I'm going to pull her out of that stupid program. (Determined, he starts to walk away)...

LORELAI: (Shakes her head) Oh no... I don't think that's...

Before she could finish, Luke had walked out of the house. Unable to go after him with a baby in the house, she sits back on the couch and sighs.

Scene CUTS to the next.


Luke is seen again pacing. He's outside the studio deep in thought as he walks back and forth. With a sigh he reaches into his shirt pocket and takes out a cell phone... He speed dials his wife, and holds the phone up to his ear.


LORELAI: (Still on the couch, she sighs and picks up) Hello.

LUKE: (In urgency) Why did you shake your head as I was walking out?

LORELAI: (Rolls her eyes) Because... I don't think it's a good idea to pull her out of the summer program. It will only make it worse... Let it play out, Luke. She's going to be sixteen before you know it, and this Giles may be her first boyfriend. We just have to let it play out.

LUKE: (Calms down and realizes that his wife's right) Let it play out huh?

LORELAI: (Smiles into the phone) It's the only way.

LUKE: (Sighs and gives in) I'm heading home now...

LORELAI: (Proud of her husband, she smiles again) Ok. (Remembers) Oh hey, can you get some ice cream on the way... chocolate?

LUKE: Sure. (Takes a moment and smiles into the phone) Hey.


LUKE: Thanks.

LORELAI: Anytime... See ya in a bit.

Luke hangs up the phone and descends the sidwalk... but before he could make it further, Taylor slides the studio door open and spots Luke.

TAYLOR: (Sliding the door shut behind him) Oh, Luke!

LUKE: (Closes his eyes for a bit as he realizes who it is... then he turns to face Taylor) Yes, Taylor.

TAYLOR: (as he descends the stairs) Oh good! I was hoping to run into you.

LUKE: (Gestures at the studio) Aren't you in the middle of the summer camp thing?

TAYLOR: (Shakes his head flamboyantly) Oh no no no... it's not a summer camp. It's a summer program for teenagers - we're doing a lot of production work right now. At the end of it, you will see the fruits of their labor.

LUKE: (Not impressed) Right.

TAYLOR: Well, anyway... the reason I wanted to talk to you... (looks around to make sure they are alone). It's a private matter.

LUKE: (Frowns) What is it?

TAYLOR: (Reluctantly, he continues) Well... I haven't shared this with a lot of people. In fact, only a couple of the townsfolk know.

LUKE: (Rolls his eyes) What is it, Taylor?

TAYLOR: My nephew's here with me for the summer... and at first, I thought it would be a good chance for him to see a real town. You know, a good influence... but it's been a week now, and I have to say... I'm just not cut out for the job.

LUKE: What does this have to do with me?

TAYLOR: (Ignoring Luke's question, Taylor goes on with hand gestures) It would've been fine if he was obedient... he has absolutely no respect... Now, Giles (Luke immediately looks up at him) is not beyond help. But I have to say Luke, I have more respect for you. The patience you must've had with your nephew, Jess...

LUKE: (Cuts him off) Giles? Your nephew's name is Giles?

TAYLOR: Yes... he isn't a bad boy. He just needs a bit of discipline. (Ponders) I mean...

Before Taylor's able to finish the sentence, Luke flashes past him and walks up the stairs to the studio.

TAYLOR: (Turns in surprise) What on earth...?


LUKE: (Slides the door open and looks around) April?

APRIL: (Standing next to a couple of other kids, turns around and her eyes widen) Oh no. Dad?

LUKE: (Steps in and holds out his arm) Come on, April... I'm pulling you out of this stupid program.

APRIL: (Not really a fan of the program, but not really wanting to be pulled out) What?!

Miss Patty and some of the other kids look on.

APRIL: (A bit embarrassed, she doesn't argue but walks past Luke and storms out of the studio) You are so not cool right now!

Luke closes the door behind him and follows his daughter down the stairs.

APRIL: (Turns around to her father as Taylor looks on from the door) What are you doing?! You're acting irrational!

LUKE: I have a perfectly rational reason to take you out of that program!

APRIL: Because of Giles?! Come on, dad. This is so not cool!

LUKE: (Sternly, he points) Now listen to me... I know you're growing up fast... and pretty soon, I can't control what you do and who you want to be with. But I can now, and I'm not going to let your first boyfriend be related to Taylor Doose.

Taylor steps back a bit at the veiled insult. April seems enlightened as well.

LUKE: (Looks over and gestures) No offense, Taylor. (Looks back at his daughter) Now you can go on hating me for this... but I'm going to stand firm...

APRIL: (Holds up her hand) Hold on a minute! Giles is related to Taylor Doose? (Looks over at Taylor)

TAYLOR: (Clearly offended) He's my nephew.

APRIL: (With a disgusted face, she looks at her father, steps in closer and whispers) Why didn't you tell me that before?

LUKE: (Surprised at her reaction) I just found out.

The father and daughter take a few seconds to process the whole thing.

APRIL: (Shakes herself off of the new revelation. Then looks up at her dad) Wanna make me a smoothie?

LUKE: (With a look of pride, he nods) Sure.

APRIL: (Turns around and starts to cross the street) See ya in the diner.

Luke looks on as his daughter crosses the street.

TAYLOR: (Takes a few steps down) Now Luke... If you are in fact pulling your daughter out of the program, may I remind you that she already took part in at least three days... so you will only be getting a partial refund.

LUKE: (Looks back at Taylor, and then with a finger pointed at him) Keep it. Keep it all.

Luke turns around and follows April.

Scene fades.


Scene opens on Rory wearing a pair of shorts and a big black t-shirt with an obscure reference on it. She ties her hair back in a ponytail as she walks barefoot into the kitchen. Nate's a few feet away putting on a t-shirt as he follows his girl.

RORY: (Tying her hair up) Hey, don't forget the paper.

NATE: Let's get some coffee first.

Rory walks a few steps into the kitchen and suddenly freezes as she sees Rose and Tony DiLuca standing behind the kitchen island making some coffee... Rose and Tony themselves look like they have frozen at the sight of Rory walking into their kitchen... in shorts and a t-shirt (which they presume is their son's).

RORY: Umm.

NATE: (Catches up to her and sees why his girlfriend suddenly froze) Oh. (A little surprised) Hey...

TONY: (Amused and not as shocked as his wife) Hey.

A few moments of awkwardness pass between the four.

NATE: (Tries to break the ice) So... when did you guys get in?

ROSE: (Forces herself to tear her eyes away from Rory and look at her son) This morning, dear. We got in this morning.

NATE: I see. (With more awkwardness, he places his hands on the sides) Well. (Looks to the side at Rory) You're right, this is embarrassing.

Scene ends.


VOICE OVER: Next week on the Gilmore girls' finale...

A shot of townies walking around Stars Hollow.

VOICE OVER: Embarrassing moments aside...

Scene of Rose and Tony DiLuca catching Rory walking into the kitchen in shorts and a t-shirt.

RORY: Umm...


Rory and Nate at the Muse.

RORY: (To Nate) We need to talk to your mother.

NATE: I don't need to talk to her. I've talked to her the past 29 years.

RORY: Fine, I should see her and explain everything. (Sighs) I still can't believe she saw me like that...

NATE: (Looks up nonchalantly) And my dad too...

RORY: What?

NATE: (Reminds her) My dad saw us too.

RORY: (Not finding it funny) Gee, thanks.

VOICE OVER: Everyone's preparing to say goodbye to their favorite Gilmore girl as she gets ready to go off to Africa...

LORELAI: (With a pout) I can't believe I have to do this again... say goodbye to you.

RORY: It's only for the summer.

VOICE OVER: Luke and Lorelai make plans to send her off with a small family gathering that turns into a big affair

EMILY: Now, I realize it's only for the summer... but as you spend all that time in Africa making memories of your own, we will be here in Hartford missing you terribly.

RORY: Grandma, you will too busy with Nicholas to notice it... the time will go by fast, I promise.


LORELAI: I can't believe she's going to miss the first few months of her brother's life.

LUKE: (With his arm around Lorelai) You can always ask her not to go.

VOICE OVER: Tune in next week to see the final episode of Gilmore girls.

Scene fades as Richard and Emily look at Rory with pride.


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