Sirène: HCW

By: Sokai

Disclaimer: I, Sokai, do not claim ownership to the workings of W.I.T.C.H. -- I leave that honor up to Elisabetta Gnone. Nor do I own the Australian television program, "H2O: Just Add Water," created by Jonathan M. Shiff Productions (even though this story's only inspired by said show, not an official crossover). However, I can and DO claim to own this story and its inspired ideas FROM said series.

Note: Woo! My Muse is SO in love with me right now, I swear! Which kinda sux, since nope, still don't have a new computer. But right now, I'm taking advantage and posting my latest story that had come to me, thanks to my Muse. For further updates on each story I already have up, please check out my profile (as I expect I SHOULD, don't quote me on this, be updating quite a few of your favorites, since, again, my Muse loves me again. LoL). I'm sure some of you have caught it on TV on and off, but if you haven't it won't matter to understand/get into this story. I got inspired by that Australian show, "H2O" (which I watch/like automatically, mainly cuz it deals with mermaids, which I love to death LoL). For more info on/about the show, definitely Wikipedia it (so I won't take up space here explaining it). Just know, for now, it deals with three chickies "somehow" turning into mermaids, and will do so "forever" any time they get wet, within seconds, etc. Same basic premise here in this story of mine, save I've changed quite a bit of things the show's already established for itself, and am going more "historically" (as it were, since mermaids technically don't exist) based.

Oh, and know that the three lucky Guardians I've chosen to be mermaids are Hay Lin, Cornelia, and Will (hence the fic being called "HCW," as sort of a "dumb," LoL, play on "H2O."). If you wanna know why I chose them, ask me in review and I'll gladly tell ya!

Till then, read on!

This story/chapter was created in July 2008.

Gone are the days of old, when it had been the Sun to primarily govern over all with its blessed light . . . when the land, having been bestowed with its glorious illumination, was no longer barren and began to breed forth new life onto all accumulated creatures.

Yes. Gone are the days of old, all those ages ago, when the impossible had become possible.

When, having felt great pity as well as kindness towards the grand sea that had continued to remain vacant in contrast to the now thriving land, the Blessed Sun had ushered forth into the brilliant new world, the world's very first mermaid. . . .

-- End of Prologue Teaser

(A.N. OMG. VERY short, I know. LoL For some reason, even though I've got the rest of this new fic's plot entirety all sorted out from now until the end, just about, the very-very opener stumped me. LoL The first chapter's no sweat, but the prologue, I couldn't think of anything – Hence it being a "teaser." LoL So, I figured I'd just get inspiration from "The Legend of Echra" for it. So, yeah. Don't own that, either. LoL Still don't have a new computer yet, and am using my sister's laptop right now – which I don't/wouldn't expect to be able to use on a readily basis, out of respect – so I don't know when next I'll update this or any other story. But obviously, if I'm on your alerts, you'll know, and will hopefully be pleasantly pleased. LoL So, please, do review this, EVEN though it's deathly short, I know. Next update'll be longer, as always from me.)