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Luna Lovegood sat at the bank of the Hogwarts lake, watching her surroundings with hazy, unreadable eyes. It was a crisp October night and the sky was admiring its beauty in the lake. "A very vain thing," Luna thought to herself. "It has the immense oceans to look in, but it still finds itself beholding it's fickle magnificence in every surface of water it happens to come across."

The dirty-blond rested her hand into the water, allowing it to caress her fingertips with refreshing coldness. She felt bad for the lake; it was constantly being used as a mirror for the sky and a home to grindylows but never acknowledged for its own subtle beauty. Luna personally thought that the orange-hued leaves that floated at the lake's surface added an aesthetic contrast to the dark waters. Its charms were far superior to the sky. Her gaze raised to the other side of the mere and fixated on the delicate, eerie mist that clouded it. Taking this natural occurrence as a personal symbol, She interpreted the mist as the representative of her uncertainty and the other side as her future. Her normally nonchalant façade was gradually fading away with suspense of what may be waiting for her.

Everyone was moving on with their lives except for her. Hermione and Neville, the last two of her friends that decided to complete their seventh year at Hogwarts, already have their minds set on their future livelihoods. Harry became an Auror shortly after the events of the past year and Ron, with the intention of joining him, works with his brother George for the time being. Ginny is having a particularly good life, being Harry's fiancée and a member of some notorious Quidditch team.

"Maybe I should plan a future as well…" Luna said to herself while absentmindedly combing her straggly long hair with her wand, which she normally tucked behind her ear. Unlike the others, she couldn't decide on what she wanted to do with herself. All she had premeditated was the completion of her final year.

Sometimes she would find herself imagining about how different things would be if she were planning her future with Harry in Ginny's place. Luna couldn't deny the intense but short-lived infatuation she harbored for Potter. There was a profound benevolence in his green peridot eyes that drew her in and unintentionally cradled her affection. It eventually withered away, like a plant. Only it didn't shrivel away due to lack of water, but of returned feelings. After a heavy sigh and a moment of thought, Luna decided it was late enough and she meandered into the school.

She made it a habit to go on the eastward stairways when wishing to go to the Ravenclaw tower, which was on the west. She ignored the staircases that moved in any other direction. She remembered being lost during her first year while trying to get to the commonroom. All the staircases that appeared to lead there didn't, at least for her. She understood that most of the Ravenclaws found their way by setting themselves westward. It was as if the school itself wanted to alienate her from the rest of the students. It really wasn't necessary; the students made sure she wasn't part of their cliques and circles perfectly well on their own. She found the tower and scaled the spiral staircase until she encountered the door with the bronze eagle. The only thing that made the dreadful walk up the stairs was the riddles.

" What is never seen but always present?" the eagle asked.

Taking a moment to think, Luna decided Nargles would be the best answer. As soon as she answered, the eagle instantly opened the door without hesitation. It was as if the eagle wasn't willing to endure her.

Lovegood strolled inside the Ravenclaw common room. She couldn't help but be charmed by the midnight decorations of the circular space. It disappointed her to see them slenderly tarnished by the sloppiness of the first years, who were particularly loud as compared to the ones from last year. She wasn't very familiar with any of the underclassman. The only people she knew, aside from the presences that all of the students must be aware of, were her classmates or her numerous teasers. Most of those who fit the latter criteria fit both, however.

She used a small cleansing charm on the room before slipping away into her dorm. As she changed her attire in the silent darkness, she could hear the girls in the next room cattily gossiping about a 'crazy seventh year who stays out late'. She wasn't stupid, it was quite simple to conclude she was the subject of their conversation. The mention of the harsh name 'Loony' confirmed her suspicion, but she shrugged it off and rambled to her bed, trying to engage herself in one of her fantastic daydreams while waiting for slumber to kiss her eyes with nighttime ones. Suddenly, unexplainable sadness twanged her heart. Luna rolled over and smothered the unforeseen tears that threatened to escape, causing her wheat-colored hair to flow around her pillow.

She quietly cried into her pillow until her sorrow dulled into numbness, not wanting to wake the light-sleeper Orla. She walked awkwardly to the mirror and muttered 'lumos'. She blotted her streaked cheeks with gentle dabs of her fingers, hoping that it would expunge any sort of intimation that she allowed mean blabbering to get to her. When she resumed to examine her reflection, however, she was disappointed to see a somber face instead of her usual moony, airy expression. It was extremely unsettling, though it should be expected of a girl who just wept. Normally, the mean things people say about her didn't phase her at all. They wouldn't even pull her head out of the clouds. Luna knew there was something wrong with her, but she had no idea what it was. It was as if there was a gaping hole within her, that sucked away at her feelings until she was left with shadows and sadness. She first noticed this void after the final battle with Voldemort.

While all of her tired and worn friends were overflowing with joy and delight, all she could muster was a slight smile of relief. She recalled Harry's questioning look, but it was obvious he had to attend to other things and was far too exhausted to look deeper into it. She played into the idea that she wasn't absolutely beaming because of her disposition. Luna's reaction was not a result of her personality, though. It was to be blamed on the great weight of all the casualties' untimely deaths. Among those casualties, Severus Snape was the one that, oddly enough, suppressed her smile the most.

After his past was completely enlightened to her, Lovegood couldn't help but feel remorse. As one of his students, she wasn't disrespectful or disobedient. Luna only did what she had to do in order to succeed in potions, which wasn't very difficult since she had a personal knack at the subject. No guilt she felt had to do with rudeness towards him, but her distance, apathy, and close-mindedness towards him bothered her.

Never once did she ever wonder why he was so cold. She never imagined how he might have felt about the way the students criticized him, even though 'Loony' was in the same predicament and could have related easily. In a way, she supposed, she was like everyone else and assumed he didn't have feelings to hurt. She dimmed the light of her wand to nothing and laid back onto her bed. Her regret wasn't just bothering her, it was haunting her.

After all that has happened, everything about her life seemed out of place and awkward. Was it all because of her regret? Deciding to save the thoughts for a more appropriate time, Luna rested her wide, strained eyes in attempt to capture the elusive miracle of sleep.

Despite the unexpected weeping from last night, the morning started out as it usually did. The bohemian student got up and entered the Great Hall. She sat beside an unfortunate Ravenclaw, who cordially attempted to ignore her closeness by chatting rapidly at a nearby friend. An owl gave Luna her favorite magazine, The Quibbler, which she intended on reading upside down, naturally. But when she opened the very first page, a letter fluttered free and landed on her lap. Luna eyed it curiously; it was from her Dad.

Dear Luna,

I hope you're seventh year in Hogwarts is going well. I decided to write you because I figured it would be too unusual to address to you in the magazine, though the idea did cross my mind. Wait-Would you prefer me to write letters to you within my articles? If you did, I'd be happy to oblige. I'm sure it would add a personal touch. Anyway, I should have sent this earlier, but you are being excused from school from this Friday to Monday. Your grand aunt died and we must pay Lynn her respects.



P.S. please remain wary of nargles.

Luna stared at the letter in slight confusion. She only encountered Grand Aunt Lynn once and her mother spoke ill of her. Her Father actually showed disdain for her as well. "Ah well, It doesn't really matter…does it?" She said to herself in her typical airy tone. "it gives me a rare opportunity to visit the muggle world."

She smiled at the sound of her own silvery voice; Perhaps she was already feeling better! The boy who was unfortunate enough to sit beside her stared at her with large, terrified eyes. Luna didn't bother to notice him, and happily skipped up to Professor Flitwick to inform him of her dismissal before she began her packing.

After battling with an overstuffed suitcase, the blond finally managed to pack up all of her belongings. The dreamy-eyed girl untangled her wiry hair from her radish earrings and fastened her bottle cap necklace above her uniform collar. Feeling satisfied with her impeccable use of time, Luna walked with an offbeat hop towards the entrance, but accidentally collided with a very distressed Hermione. The brunette quickly collected herself and immediately commenced a brief conversation.

"So Sorry Luna, I didn't mean to walk into you," Hermione blurted out in her usual articulate manner, obviously nervous about something, which was most likely a test that she was bound to pass.

"You see, I'm in a bit of a rush and-" The scholar suddenly halted her words as she noticed something worrisome. Even in a jittery mood, nothing could be hidden from her warm, but calculating eyes. Before she could ask about whatever it was that she noticed, Luna perked up at the sight of her Father.

"I'll see you later, Hermione," She said in a flighty tone as she ran towards the silver haired man. "Be sure to send Neville my love!".

Watching her fleeting figure fade, Hermione felt an uneasiness in the pit of her stomach, obviously worried about whatever it was she noticed...

"Dear, don't you think that uniform would look a bit odd in the muggle world?" Xenophilius asked his daughter while searching his pockets for the portkey he prepared. Luna looked down at herself and responded with a shrug.

"I suppose It wasn't a good idea to wear this," she replied with a nonchalant shrug. "But…how did you make a portkey? I heard from a classmate of mine that their creations are restricted."

The light-haired man chose to ignore her question by opening a small pocket watch. After a brief moment of naval jerking, the two found themselves behind an apparently closed mill with a remarkably tall chimney. Making sure to follow her father's footsteps, Luna did not take time to explore her surroundings…which was more difficult than she imagined it would be. When he stopped walking, Luna looked up from his feet to see a street of brick houses that appeared to be identical to each other. After a more expanded observation, Luna realized that the streets around it also had the same identical houses.

"muggles and their delightful wackiness.." she said to herself. Her truthful comment received a smile and nod from her father as they began searching for the right house number, which appeared to be the only way anyone could ever distinguish the houses from one another. They stopped in front of number '12' and Xenophilius made a sound of accomplishment upon the apparent discovery. They walked up the two steps and Luna took the liberty of ringing the doorbell. While listening to the slowly approaching footsteps behind the door, Luna felt as if she was being watched. She looked around her until her eyes fell upon a small red-haired girl, who smiled at the two with intense interest.

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