Luna believed, with much fervor, that breakfast the next morning was the most constrained experience she had ever experienced with her father. Everyone in the household toyed with their food and kept their mouths shut, as if each expected someone else to strike up the conversation that was bound to happen. Luna, not willing to further delay the inevitable, was the first to stop dawdling and speak.

"Father," She said. "I know you have a lot of questions about my behavior last night. It isn't wise to let the suspense fester any longer. What do you want me to explain?"

Her words hung in the air for an uncomfortably long period of time.

"well," her father replied, setting down the silverware he was using. " for starters, why don't you explain why you were snooping around that house. You know better. I want to know what compelling force made you put yourself at risk and lose your senses."'

" On the contrary, my senses were completely intact. As a matter of fact, they are to blame for my behavior!

I saw a shadow appear in one of the windows of that house. I couldn't tell if it was a person, but it definitely was not from the muggle world. My senses told me so. I was very cautious when I went to investigate, which is something a senseless person wouldn't do. I saw some being, which I assumed was a person, entering the house before you grabbed me."

Xenophilius' face was contemplative

"Joseph...You've lived here a long there really only a person living in that house?" he said.

"The house was fine until uh, late may last year." Joseph replied slowly, as if the answer was being painfully withdrawn from his mouth. "One night, everyone heard err, awful noises coming from that house. Mike, neighbor, went in to see what it was. When he came out, he forgot everything...he couldn't remember his own name! Ever since then we uh, try to avoid that place."

"I see, is too dangerous for you to explore." Xenophilius said, his eyes beclouded with an undying curiosity.

Luna found herself almost snorting at the statement, but retained her cool composer and faced Joseph as she asked: "Very well. Isn't it funny that exploring houses is riskier than battling death eaters?"

He squirmed nervously in his seat as she held her penetrating gaze. Joseph wasn't sure if the question was rhetorical or not, but was hoping it was since he could not muster an eloquent response. Finally, he decided to make Xenophilius the new target and he focused his eyes onto the white haired eccentric.

"Luna, It's not that-" Xenophilius started, but hesitated to continue. He attempted to defend his decision, but his daughter had an excellent point. The corners of her lips perked up into a familiar smile; The smile she gave Xenophilius when she got something he was completely averse giving to her. After a moment of contemplation, he finally resolved his inner conflict.

"Fine...If your really all that determined to. You know...your mother had the same perpetual need to discover. That was one of the things about her I love. I have learned from mistakes of the past, however, and you are going to be prepared if your findings go astray. You will bring your wand with you, understood?"

After a quick moment of letting the information seep into her mind, Luna signified that she comprehended by nodding lightly. "Thank you, Da. I knew you would eventually see. I'll bring my wand for good measure, don't worry."

Obviously uncomfortable with the conversation, Joseph pushed himself away from the table with his long, wiry arms and stood tall before he said;"Well...It's time we head down to the uhh, funeral home.

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