Author's Note: This is my first Super Sentai fic, and the idea wouldn't leave me alone. Enjoy!

"Chief, I finished those repairs needed."

"Chief, I prepared some food for you."

"Chief, it's late; shall we call it a night?"




"Sakura!" Akashi Satoru turned to look at his pink clad comrade, "We've been in space for over a month now," he smiled, "There's no need to call me Chief anymore. That's Masumi's title now."

"Ah." Sakura nodded, feeling her cheeks flush. She was well aware that Chief wasn't Chief anymore, but habits were hard to break. It was like trying to make Natsuki stop smiling. Or stopping Masumi from surpassing Ch—Akashi—or Kaze no Shizuka agreeing to go out with Souta or Eiji not eating his vegetables. She looked down, not entirely seeing the controls in front of her. "Right, Akashi-san."

There was a grunt at her side, and she looked up, startled by the noise. "Come now Sakura, I call you by your first name, shouldn't it be about time you call me Satoru?" He grinned, his smile touching his eyes, and Sakura couldn't help but return it.

She nodded once more, "Alright… Satoru-san."