Title: Fixing Pigtails

Author: Tweekerz (also known as Sesshyfanchick)

Genre: Humor/Romance

Pairing: Kid/Maka

Summary: Death the Kid notices that one of Maka's pigtails is higher than the other, of course, Kid being the perfect Shinigami that he is, decides to fix it for her despite Maka's protests. Death the Kid and Maka. NO LONGER A ONE-SHOT.


A Soul Eater story. Starring Death the Kid and Maka.

Death the Kid woke up as he usually did in the morning. He sat up from his bed and took a moment to stare outside his bedroom window, marveling out how perfectly round and curved the early cackling sun looked. Kid smiled and got out from underneath the covers, neatly making the bed sheets and adjusting the set of pillows side by side. Alas, perfect symmetrical alignment—this was the work of a God.

Kid looked down at his handiwork, a bright smile consuming his face, marveling at how perfect the bed looked, what with the sheets trimly tucked in and the pillows lined flawlessly alongside each other. He looked over to the open window once more and watched as the sun began to laugh it's menacing laugh, it's enormous teeth gnashing against each other amidst the wake of the morning.

"A perfectly symmetrical day," Kid pronounced happily.

After using the bathroom (and folding the end of the toilet paper into a perfect triangle), Kid greeted Liz and Patti who were busy preparing breakfast in the kitchen. It was safe to say that Liz was doing all the cooking, while Patti was off elsewhere. The poor little fool was too busy building a giraffe with her French toast sticks to even notice when Kid walked into the kitchen- her face was set in an unwavering expression, her tongue lolling out of her mouth in a skilled attempt to create a masterpiece.

"It's not symmetrical."

"What?" Patti cried, turning her head. Kid was suddenly right next to her, eyeing her French toast giraffe with a critical eye. His golden eyes had already smoldered over in the way they always did whenever he had one of his "symmetrical" moments. He made to reach out to the giraffe, but Patti quickly slapped his hand away and glared at him.

"No, you're not touching him. I'm almost done!" she cried indignantly.

"Let me just adjust it, it's in need of a few adjustments," Kid tried to explain to her, his hand reaching ever so close towards the giraffe.

"No, no, Kid! Get away from Geoffrey!" Patti shouted, trying to fend off his intruding hand.

"Patti, let me just fix it. The head looks like a blob of crap, one leg is shorter than the other- I could fix it for you if you just let me!" Kid exclaimed, already growing irritated at the giraffe's asymmetrical sight. He was starting to feel sick just by looking at it.

"You don't need to fix it, it's fine just the way it is!" Patti shouted again, trying to gain her sister's attention. Liz sighed as she flipped another egg on the pan- she hated when Kid got into one of his "moments".

Liz felt a rumble wash across the kitchen floor, sending vibrations shooting up her legs. She sighed once more, taking the egg off the pan and placing it atop a blue plate placed conveniently on the counter next to her. She then turned around and looked down at the kitchen floor.

"I'm sorry I was born. Look at me, a person who can't even make a giraffe look perfect. That kind of person is low; a filthy, filthy mongrel who doesn't deserve to be on this planet. I'm ashamed to be called Shinigami-sama's son," Kid moaned all this with such a despairing conviction that Liz couldn't help but roll her eyes. He was on the floor on his hands and knees while his head was set in a miserable pose. His shoulders were trembling and his aura reeked of depression. "I am nothing, no good…depressed…depressed."

"Oh, come off it, Kid!" Liz shouted down at him, placing a well-manicured hand to her hip. "Just shut up and eat your damn breakfast!" Kid picked up his head, Sanzu Lines shadowing his eyes as he stared up at Liz- he cringed.

"And why are your boobs smaller than your sister's?"

"Maka Chop!"

Soul was sprawled out on the ground, a stream of blood dribbling from his nose down to his neck. Blair sat beside him in her human form, tepidly pawing her hand at his hair in hopes to wake him. She stared up at Maka, a pout to her lips.

"Awww, Maka, I wanted to play with him," Blair said in a candy-coated voice. Maka huffed indignantly and turned away from the two, all the while grumbling to herself about how stupid Death Scythes could be- seriously, who was Soul kidding? He claimed to be "Mr. Cool", but he was hardly even the remotest of cool. She couldn't believe that he would allow Blair to sway him so easily with just one of her many sexy poses.

"Hmph, stupid Soul," she muttered, heading out the door.

"Hey Tsubaki."

Tsubaki perked up at the mention of her name, smiling once her eyes landed on Maka. She turned to Black Star and gave him a nudge with her elbow.

"Hey, Maka!" Black Star shouted, pouncing up from his seated position on the floor. He put his hands to his hips and puffed his chest out in conceit. "Why are you here at Shibusen so early? Don't tell me that you couldn't resist my glowing presence? By all means, bask in it, go ahead!"

Tsubaki gave Maka a weary smile and hunched her shoulders, blushing at Black Star's wayward attitude. Maka laughed inwardly at his behavior. She should be used to his ever-growing ego; however, sometimes she couldn't help but laugh at his flashy antics. She giggled as she watched Black Star run his fingers through his spiky blue hair in a fashion similar to what a model would do.

"Maka, you look disgusting!"

Maka immediately spun around, dark blond pigtails swishing along with her. She parted her lips and furrowed her brow, preparing herself for a verbal attack. Much to her chagrin, she was surprised when she found none other than Death the Kid walking towards her, his face set with distress. His golden eyes were wide open and he was ruffling his hand through his black hair in agitation.

"Horrid, absolutely not!" He shouted as he neared her, waving a finger at her. When he was no more than a foot away from her, he leaned into her and sneered. "I will not stand for it, you must be fixed."

Maka stepped back, her mind reeling in bewilderment. Did Kid have a problem with her or something? What had she ever done to him to deserve this kind of treatment? Death the Kid never really seemed to bug her, unlike Soul or Black Star. He never called her rude names and he always seemed polite towards her, so why now all of sudden?

"Kid, I have no idea what you're talking about," Maka said slowly. Kid raised an eyebrow, his eyes widening even more.

"Your pigtails aren't symmetrical!" he shouted at her, his golden eyes smoldering over with madness. "One is higher than the other, you must allow me to fix it."

"Ohh, knock it off Kid, you don't need to fix it!" Liz shouted from a distance, Patti skipping along behind her. "Just leave Maka alone now will 'ya?" Kid didn't even seem to register that Liz was speaking to him for his eyes were transfixed on Maka's crooked pigtails. He couldn't stand seeing them in nonalignment, hadn't Maka always had them perfectly aligned before? Why would she let them go askew? It was an unthinkable idea to just let them be. If something weren't to his liking, then by all means, he would go through any lengths to correct it. He wasn't called the Son of Shinigami-sama for nothing.

"Maka, please allow me to help you," Kid breathed softly, reaching his hand towards Maka's hair. Maka jerked herself away from him, her face flushing with embarrassment.

"Uhh, it's okay Kid, I can fix it myself," Maka replied courteously, sticking her hands out in front of her.

"No, no, you won't do it perfect enough. Allow me to do it," Kid insisted, stepping ever so close to the flustered Meister. Maka took another step backwards, turning her head to Liz and Patti who were quietly watching in the foregrounds.

'Help!' she mouthed to them, but they didn't seem to notice, for Patti was now bouncing up and down in excitement while Liz was trying to calm her down. Unfortunately, while Maka was silently pleading with Tsubaki and Black Star to aid her, Kid took his opportunity to pounce on Maka.

They both fell down to the ground, Maka's back thumping harshly against the hard stone floor. Her blond hair sprayed out about her head, her trench coat lying in a heap around her. When she opened her eyes, she found Kid staring down at her with a deranged look in his golden eyes. Of course, he was straddling her.

"It must be perfect," he whispered down to her, brushing stray strands of hair away from her face. "Rest assured, with my help, your pigtails will be symmetrical again. I promise Make—I swear to God." And with that, Death the Kid slid off the hair tie from around Maka's left pigtail, letting her hair fall to the ground where it splayed out like water.

His fingers brushed and tickled her neck as he delicately wove his hands through her silken hair. She winced as she felt his hands rummage around, bunching, pulling, and twisting the strands until he managed to tie the hair band perfectly into place. Once completed with his task, he pulled away from her and stared down at her in inspection. He nodded his head and smiled.

"Perfect, as expected from the son of Shinigami-sama," he stated proudly. Maka closed her eyes, too mortified to look at him directly. She then turned her head away from him and wallowed in her humiliation. She couldn't help but notice that Soul was standing off to the side, an appalled expression on his face.

- Geoffrey the Giraffe, get it? :D