Pro/Chapter One

I Don't Own POkemon

Pokemon Talking - 'Pokemon'

People Talking "Pokemon"

"Oh My God. You Can't be series!!" A small Eevee cried out as her ears lowered and her tail dipped to the ground. The Tiny Pokemon was sitting by a large lake side, looking at her reflection in the water. A Large cut was on her hind leg, dripping blood on the muddy ground.

'This is so not good' the Pokemon squeaked.

'Hello?' a male voice asked behind her. The Eevee whipped around with her fur on her back standing straight. A Male Pikachu was holding an apple in his hands, a confused look on his face, his yellow tail was swishing behind him. The brown fox Pokemon looked at him and cocked her head.

'Hi' She answered him. He smiled, showing her white sharp teeth. His red cheeks almost glowing.

'Awesome, you answered. My name is Pikachu. I'm out here with my trainer. Via best friend. Where is your trainer?' he asked as he looked up and down the bank side. The Eevee bristled and lowered her ears as he tail stood up.

'I Don't have one. And plus I'm not a Pokemon. Im a human Girl!!' The Pikachu cocked his head and put the Apple on the ground as he sat down.

'Well…. You look like a Pokemon. You talk like one and plus you smell like one' he said as he took a sniff. The Eevee backed away and growled. The Pikachu laughed and jumped to his feet and grabbed the Apple in both hands.

'Let's go meet my trainer. He or Misty will fix the cut for you… or maybe Brock would' he thought and walked away, still thinking. Eevee Shook her head and followed the Yellow Pokemon, limping on her back leg.

"Pikachu, where were you!?" A male trainer yelled out as they entered the clearing.

"Pika!" Pikachu yelled out and showed him his Apple. Ash nodded as she made an "o" with his mouth.

"Pikachu, Who's your friend?" A Orange haired girl asked as she kneeled down. Eevee made a face and swished her tail before turning to her yellow friend. Pikachu smiled at her and hopped onto his trainer's shoulder.

"Brock, She's hurt!" the female cried out and gathered the Pokemon in her arms. Eevee made a meowing sound and struggled out of her arms.

"Misty!, Eevee is probably scared!. You don't pick it up like that!" the Male yelled out. Misty carefully put the Eevee on the ground and the Pokemon skirted to the trees.

"No Wait!" the Male yelled out and ran after her. The Eevee jumped into the bushes and using Quick attack, Dashed off.