December 20th, 2008

Edward and I walked into the Cullen mansion. "Wow." I said, my mouth hanging open. Edward just chuckled and leaded me over to the living room.

The entire mansion had been transformed into a Christmas paradise. Alice had really outdone herself. The banisters on the stairs had green holly stuck to it, and silver garland cascading in circles from the top to the bottom. The large glass windows on the south side of the house were covered in some weird fake snow spray on stuff, making the windows all white. There was letters traced into the while blanket though. they read: "Emmett was here! Hahaaaaaaa." Oh my. I turned from the window and saw the marvelous feat before me. In the corner of the living room was a giant evergreen. Good thing the Cullen's roof was high. This thing was at least 20 feet high. The odd thing though, was that it wasn't decorated with the usual round baubles that Christmas trees traditionally had. It was completly empty. That was unlike Alice. Wonder what she was planning... Couldn't be good. For me. Alice came out from outside with a shocking green santa hat on and a rudouph nose that was blinking.

"Someone has Christmas spirit!" I mumbled.

"Yes I do!" She shouted as she pulled me into a hug. Her arms released me, and in a second I felt something on my head. I yanked it off, and to my surprise, it was the same hat that Alice had on, but in light blue. It had "Santa's little helper!" on it in white curly letters.

"And now you do too!" She giggled as she went to the garage for another box of decorations. I put the hat back on my head. I loved Christmas. I didn't really like any other holiday, but for some reason, Christmas always made me happy. Alice came out of the garage.

"Wow. You actually put the hat on!" she proclaimed while she dropped the box and ran over to me. She grabbed me around the waist, and gave me an Emmett-like hug.

"I absolutely LOVE Christmas Alice!" I squeeled. It was true. I was crazy for Christmas. I loved everything. The candycanes, the stories, the cookies, the family time, the decorations, the cider, the hot chocolate, and of course, I did like the presents. They were my least favorite part though. Who knew what the Cullens would get me this year? Charlie had died, and Renee offered for me to move in with her, but I refused. I chose to stay in Forks with the Cullens. I was so sad when Charlie had died, but all of the Cullens were there for me. Even Rose. So, I got a room in the mansion, and I moved in. I was now a Cullen. Well, I would be in three weeks when Edward and I were getting married, but hey.

"Good morning Bella dear!" Esme said as she stepped down the stairs. She had on the same hat as Alice and I, but her's was a light purple colour. "Edward!" she scolded when she saw him. "Where is your hat? Come on, put it on!"

"Esme! No. It's embaressing." If he could blush I know he would.

Jasper and Emmett rounded the courner. They were running at vampire top speed. I could barely see their figures as they darted around the living room, dining room, and kitchen. That's when I realized what they were doing. Ugh. the only real reason to dislike Christmas. Snow. My mortal enemy.

I know it was really short, but it was really just an excersise to help with my writer's block. Please tell me if I should continue. BIG ideas for next chapters!!

Will probably update tomorrow if u guys like it ;)

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--may Edward be with you!