Figure it Out

Figure it Out

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As Sharpay and Kelsi walked through the doors of East High towards their lockers, they were engaged in a heated argument.

"It's simple!" Sharpay exclaimed, clearly exasperated. "All we have to do is play a simple game of Truth or Dare. If they pick truth, we ask them if they like each other. If they pick dare, we dare them to kiss each other. It's been done many times!"

"I don't know..." Kelsi said quietly. Though Sharpay and Kelsi were friends, they were opposites in terms of personality. Sharpay was an extrovert, where as Kelsi was quiet and reserved, although she was learning to speak out. "I just don't think that we should interfere. I mean...surely, if they're meant to be together –"

"Wait," Sharpay interrupted. "If they're meant to be together? You have got to be kidding me. Those two are the most obvious and oblivious people in the world! They're so completely infatuated with each other...and yet they refuse to admit their feelings!" She paused. "Well, they told us, but that doesn't count. They have to tell each other! I keep telling Gabriella that she should just go for it and that Troy loves her, but does she ever listen to me? NO!!"

The last word was so loud that everyone in the hall stopped what they were doing and stared at Sharpay. Kelsi, who was standing right beside her, blushed and looked at the floor, but Sharpay calmly looked around at everyone. "Nothing to see here...go back to your's just me being me." As the last few curious people turned their backs on her, Sharpay gave a frustrated sigh. "You'd think they'd know better by's not like me yelling in public is anything new."

Somebody laughed behind her, and Sharpay turned around. Gabriella stood there, trying her best to keep a straight face. "Well, Sharpay, I don't think that they were just looking because you yelled. I think you're a regular source of entertainment. I mean, think of the last time you yelled in the hall. When was that?"

Glaring at her, Sharpay managed to mutter a response through her growing embarrassment. "Yesterday."

"Right. And remind me...what was the reason, again?"

Now Sharpay was turning an interesting shade of red. "My alarm clock was set on the wrong tune. I like to be woken up to Wake Up Call by Maroon 5...not You Are My Sunshine! You have to admit, that song gets annoying after a while."

Gabriella raised her eyebrows. "Whatever you say..."

Sharpay gave her a haughty look and stalked off, followed by Kelsi.

Gabriella followed her. "Come on, Shar, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you that much. Anyways, what was the reason this time?"

Sharpay and Kelsi exchanged looks.

"Ummm...Darbus assigned too much homework"

Gabriella gave her a sympathetic glance. "I just seems to get worse every day, doesn't it?"

"Is this Gabriella talking?"

Gabriella smiled softly before turning to face one of her best friends...and the love of her life. "What does it look like to you?" She put her hands on her hips. "And what did you want me to say, Troy? 'No, I think there's next to no homework and it's easy'? Well, maybe it is, but..." She trailed off.

Troy grinned. "Now, that's more like it! That's the Gabriella I know." He stepped towards her and engulfed her in a hug. It lasted a little longer than a regular hug between friends, but Gabriella wasn't complaining. Sharpay looked pointedly at Kelsi, as if to say 'See what I mean?'

"Now, I don't know about you...but I'm going to class. I don't want another detention...despite how enjoyable they can be sometimes." Troy winked at Gabriella, and she blushed. She remembered all too well some of their detentions. During one of them, they had spent twenty minutes in a tree that they were supposed to be attaching leaves to, just talking, until Gabriella fell asleep on Troy's shoulder. She had spent all of the night before studying for a Chemistry test. She grimaced, remembering Mrs. Darbus's expression when she found them.

When the four of them got into class, they saw that Chad, Zeke, Jason, Taylor and Ryan were already seated. Mrs. Darbus immediately turned around.

"Ah, so nice of you to join us, Bolton and crew! Please take a seat, as today, we will be exploring the differences in drama teaching across the country..."

She continued talking in this manner, and Troy soon zoned out. His eyes wandered to where they normally did at times like these: Gabriella. She was one of the few people who actually seemed to be listening to Mrs. Darbus. Her hands were clasped together on her desk, and she fixed the teacher with a focused gaze. Troy's eyes grew soft as he continued to watch her, thinking of all the good times they had shared and fantasizing about the day he would eventually get the courage to admit his feelings...


What sounded like five or six different cell phones started ringing all at once, and Troy groaned. He knew that one of his friends had decided to call everyone in their "gang," and that more than half of them would likely end up in detention. He surreptitiously slipped his cell phone out of his backpack and checked it. No, whoever it was hadn't called him. Feeling a mix between relief and confusion, Troy casually leant down and put his phone back. Just as he finished, Mrs. Darbus turned and looked at him.

"Bolton, was that your phone?"

Troy shook his head, and Darbus moved on with her investigations. It turned out to be Sharpay who had called everyone, and Mrs. Darbus caught everyone except for Gabriella checking their cell phones. Before she could launch into her all too familiar reprimanding speech, the bell rang. Everyone was out of their seats in an instant, barely hearing her last call:

"Danforth, McKessie, Baylor, Sharpay, Ryan, Jason and Kelsi: I will see you all in detention!" No one knew when Mrs. Darbus would call you by your first name or by your last name. Either seemed to happen according to the phases of the moon.

Troy waited for Gabriella outside the classroom, and when she came out and saw him, he grinned. "That was so close! Darbus nearly caught me checking my phone. But Sharpay didn't call me." A puzzled expression came over his face. "I wonder why. She called everyone else..."

"She didn't call me, either." Gabriella frowned. Then she shrugged. "Oh well. I guess it's just one of the many things about Sharpay that we will never understand. Like her reasons for yelling in the hallways." She started laughing. "Did you hear the excuse she had for yesterday?"

"I don't even want to know." Troy groaned and shook his head. "That Sharpay..." He trailed off, as a wonderful thought had just come into his head. Gabriella seemed to be thinking along the same lines, because she seemed to suddenly find her hands fascinating.

" seems we're the only two people who don't have detention."

Troy smiled: she was so cute sometimes. " do you want to come over to my place after school? We could do all the usual things."

Gabriella grinned. Usually, when they spent time together at their houses, they would do their homework, watch a movie and just talk to each other: something they never got tired of doing. They would also always have at least one "fight," where they would run around the house chasing each other. This sometimes involved water balloons and snow, depending on the weather.

"Of course. And you'd better not joke that my handwriting is messy again!"

Troy chuckled as they walked to their next class. They were standing very close together, almost touching. Seven people hidden around a corner noticed and shook their heads.

"We have to do something!" Sharpay hissed. "They've known each other for long enough to figure out their feelings and admit them to each other. They've done the first part by themselves, but the second part isn't going to come unless we step in."

Again, Kelsi showed her cautious side. "I don't know...don't you think we should just let it happen? Maybe they're not ready if they can't admit it by themselves. If we step in, it might just make it worse."

"I'm all for it!" Chad exclaimed. "It's for their own good. Besides, I don't think I'm going to be able to listen to Troy talk about how amazing Gabriella is and how much he wishes he could just ask her out one more time without screaming." He paused. "Or I could cut my hair as a protest."

Taylor snorted. "Would you actually cut your hair, Chad? Think about what you're saying."

"Yeah," Jason agreed. "Think about how hard you worked to get it to that length. It might take ages to grow back"

"Okay, okay!" Chad defended, unconsciously putting his hands on his head. "Not touching the hair. We all know that that would be the end of the world." He looked around at them all with a completely serious expression.

Sharpay rolled her eyes. "Right...okay...back to the point. So I suggest I host a sleepover and we play Truth or Dare. Of course, Ryan would suggest the game to make it less obvious." She gave Ryan a threateningly sweet smile. "Right, Ryan?"

"Sure," Ryan muttered. "Not like I could refuse, anyway. The last time I tried that, half my hats went missing."

"How about tomorrow after school?" Sharpay suggested. "Since all of us have detention today."

Zeke groaned. "Yeah, thanks to you! You suggested that in your text!"

Sharpay gave him puppy dog eyes. "Yeah, but you know you love me..."

Zeke looked away and muttered "Can't argue with that one."

"Okay, break it up!" Chad ordered. "You can have your romantic moment some other time. We need to get to class before we get detention tomorrow, too."

Taylor gave him a withering look. "I would hit you, except for the fact that you actually made a good point. Careful next time."

Chad rolled his eyes and started walking to his next class. "The things I put up with..."