Feline Fallaciousness

By: CrystallicSky

Disclaimer: I don't own Xiaolin Showdown, or any of the characters in it, so don't go whining to someone that I told you I did.

Warning(s): Cursing, relationships between two men, AKA SHOUNEN AI, YAOI, SLASH, HOMOSEXUAL, GAY ROMANCE. This bothers you? Dont' read it. Very simple concept, people.

Notes:Pshhh...I don't know. Read it, and I'll get back to you in my Author's Notes; maybe I'll have more to say by then. -.-

Having finally managed to find and remove his umbrella from his messenger bag, Jack opened it and covered himself with the object despite that fact that it was pretty useless as he was already soaked to the bone.

If he had known it was monsoon season, he'd have waited to pick up dinner until tomorrow and eaten ramen or something instead!

Stopping at the crosswalk and waiting for the little man to light up and remove the chances of him being struck by a vehicle, the young goth deeply wondered why the fuck he couldn't pass his driving test and get his license already. Maybe it was a karmic revenge for having laughed at Spongebob's troubles one too many times? Well, it was New York, after all, so odds were that having a car wouldn't help much, but shit, at least a car'd be dryer!

A hiss pierced through his disgruntled musings and the sound of the rain, and Jack looked to his left and saw something he didn't recall seeing before: a tiny, cardboard box, doused through and through and dilapidated beyond all belief, a dark-furred cat staring up at him from inside of it.

Different from what he'd expected, the feline wasn't a pathetic, big-eyed kitten, drenched and mewling helplessly; no, this was an adult cat, posture stiff and dignified as its golden, narrowed eyes glared at the goth, not begging, 'pwease take me home wif you' by any means. If saying anything at all, it was 'what are you looking at, scum?'

Somewhat unnerved by such a stare, Jack turned his eyes instead to the card in front of the box written in dripping, black Sharpie, that read, "SATANIC CAT; EXORCISE OR PUT DOWN."

The young man found himself scoffing at this; sure, its eyes were kinda creepy if you stared at 'em too long, but from all the other cats he'd ever seen or encountered through a friend, that was typical! The jackass who'd owned this cat had probably just convinced himself it was 'satanic' so he wouldn't have to feel any of the guilt of abandoning the poor thing on the street!

Making a decision, Jack walked the step or two to the box, laying down his grocery bag and hefting the feline up into his grip, hands under both of its front legs. Though he was a bit surprised when it didn't struggle or hiss and bite at him when he did so, he was glad, as he saw no collar or tags indicating the cat'd had his shots, and he'd rather not have to go to a hospital for rabies on a miserable fuck day like this.

"Satanic cat, huh?" he questioned to no one, eyebrow raised, to which the sopping animal merely stared at him. "Well, I guess cats are the typical gay guy's pet, and it'd be pretty sweet to have an evil feline roaming my apartment. Wanna come home with me?"

The cat nodded at him, and Jack's eyes went wide. "You understand me?" Another nod. "Well," the goth sighed, "that's weird...bitchin', but weird. So...do you want me to carry you, or would you rather ride in my bag?" The feline made his choice clear as he wormed himself out of Jack's hands and leapt to the top of the messenger bag at the goth's hip, making no move to go inside, but laying casually atop it, comfortably protected from the elements by the black trench coat Jack happened to be wearing over the bag. "Ah. Okay, that works, too, I guess."

The young man picked up the plastic bag he had put down and sauntered back over to the crosswalk, noting with a soft curse that it had just gone back to the 'don't walk' light. The warmth against his side, however, calmed his hurry to get home; he could wait.

After all, it wasn't as if the first company he'd had in a month and a half (not human company, obviously, but company nonetheless) was going anywhere, and when he did get home, he'd get the chance to make dinner for two instead of the usual depressing meal for one, and the thought made the rest of the six-mile walk to his apartment in the rain infinitely more bearable with the cat at his side.

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