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Title: Aerith

Rating: K+

Genre: Friendship

Characters: Yuffie and Aerith

Warning: The characters might end up getting OoC

"Hey, Cloud! When will I get those materias you promised me?" Aerith watched Yuffie in amusement "Cloud!...ooh sometimes he just makes me so mad" Aerith looked up at Yuffie from where she was seated "He just can never answer properly" that made Aerith giggle "What's so funny?" Yuffie said sounding more respectful than how she sounded earlier.

"Oh, it's nothing. I was just amused about what you were saying about Cloud" that sentence made Yuffie wonder 'what! what was so amusing about what I told Cloud?' as if Aerith could read Yuffie's mind she suddenly said "I haven't seen anyone talk to Cloud that way" Aerith had a faint smile on her face "Most of the people I see that talk to Cloud aren't as stubborn as you" Aerith looked down her eyes focused on one of her bracelets "Do you want me to tell you some things I know that happened to Cloud on one of our first meetings?"

Yuffie suddenly stared at Aerith who was still looking at her bracelets, waiting for a response "Sure, I'd like to blackmail Spiky someday" Aerith looked at Yuffie making a clear eye contact with her which made Yuffie think to herself about what she could see in the cetra's eyes 'I don't want to tell any story if you're going to blackmail someone because of it' "Just kidding, even if I blackmail him, I don't think he'll be that threatened" Yuffie said reassuring Aerith that she wanted to hear the story.

Aerith nodded and started the story "Cloud and I first met when AVALANCHE blew up one of the reactors" Yuffie nodded "after that we met each other again in the church" hearing that Yuffie asked Aerith "How? And why 'again'? Didn't you join him the first time you met him?" "He fell into the church because they blew up another reactor. 'Again' because after he bought that flower from me he and I parted. And no, I didn't join him the first time I met him because when I usually go out I tell my mom where I go" Yuffie looked away for a while and glanced at Cloud who's expression remained the same

"Oh, so what happened after you met in the church?" Yuffie returned to looking at Aerith

"Well, Reno arrived and I asked Cloud to be my bodyguard for the price of one date. After escaping from Reno via a hole in the roof and jumping across different roofs Cloud asked me why was Reno looking for me and I jokingly told him that 'maybe I have what it takes to be in SOLDIER' but then Cloud teased me that in my condition after jumping around the roofs I wouldn't be fit enough to join SOLDIER"

"Do you know the real reason as to why they were after you?" Yuffie asked Aerith who replied "They need me because I'm a cetra" Yuffie nodded again to show that she really was paying attention "Do you want me to continue the story?" Yuffie nodded again "Well okay, after jumping around the roofs we went to my house and well I forced Cloud to sleep there for a while. After a few hours I went out to the entrance to Sector 6 because I promised Cloud I'd show him where to go to reach Sector 7 then" Aerith giggled "I remember his face when he saw me standing out there stating I'd go with him. Then we reached the park outside of Sector 5, I asked him if it was okay to stay there for while because it holds so much memories" Yuffie couldn't help but ask "what kind of memories?" Aerith replied "Memories of Zack, my first boyfriend" Yuffie's eyes widened at that "You know Zack? So you were the girl he always mentions" Aerith smiled "He talks about me?" Yuffie answered "Always! Hardly a minute of a conversation doesn't include you. So what else did you do in the park?" Aerith continued "well after sitting a while on the slide Tifa suddenly passed by so I forced myself to go with him and get Tifa. When we reached Sector 6 we found out that Tifa was in Don Corneo's mansion and that he was looking for a bride and that the mansion doesn't allow men to enter it unless the men are Don Corneo's guards or Don Corneo himself. So we went to a tailor shop to find a dress for Cloud" Yuffie suddenly smirked and butted in "Wait, wait Spiky wore a dress? Hilarious!" Aerith continued on "Yes he did and yes it was hilarious. So after entering that tailor shop we found out that the main tailor had stopped making dresses and we would only be able to get a dress if we were able to talk and motivate him. So we found him I think in a bar and well I had to tell him 'He always said that just once, he'd like to dress up like a girl' Cloud didn't actually hear that and so we got going and we got him a dress but before we went to the Don's place we needed a wig and the tailor told us he has a friend in the gym who could give us a wig because he liked to wear drag. After that we went straight to the Mansion and when we went to the basement we saw Tifa there and she told Cloud that she was there because it had something to do with AVALANCHE and after that we went up to the Don and he chose Tifa and that made Cloud and I part and when we saw each other again we charged into the Don's room and well we told him our reason for being there and he dropped us in some kind of sewer and well when we got to Sector 7 we found out Reno and the others were planning on destroying it and then I ended up staying to help the injured"

Cid suddenly butted in shouting that they were in their destination and that they should get ready to get out of the ship.

Aerith then told Yuffie "I'll continue the story some other time, okay?" Yuffie nodded

In the forgotten city a year after Aerith's death

"Humph, you said you were gonna continue the story, now I'll never know what else happened after the turks blew up the plate holding Sector 7" Yuffie then sighed "You were the only one who wouldn't get the least bit irritated answering my questions. You were a really good friend. I went here to tell you what I just said and to tell you that when I go to the life stream I want you to finish that story, okay? And also I went here with the group because you've been gone for over a year and I really miss you" suddenly it started to drizzle "Aerith?" and Yuffie smiled.

The End

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