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The last chapter

Title: Aerith

Rating: K+

Genre: Friendship

Characters: Sephiroth, Zack and Aerith

Warning: The characters might end up getting OoC (especially on this one, It wasn't that easy to make this. They might be super OoC...maybe this'll turn out different from the rest). And the story will change (total fan fiction).

From the time before Sephiroth got insane...

Sephiroth along with Zack went to Sector 5 of the Midgar Slums. Zack called out to a young brunette woman, Sephiroth saw her face and whispered to Zack who she was.

"That is Aerith, my girlfriend. She's real pretty, right?" said the spiky black-haired man

Sephiroth nodded in agreement. 'This Aerith, seems like a good person' Sephiroth thought to himself.

Aerith walked towards the silver-haired man and said "Good Afternoon, Mr. Sephiroth" she smiled after saying that.

"Good afternoon to you too, Ms. Aerith" Sephiroth kindly said

"You can call me, Aerith." Aerith said smiling at him

"Then you can call me, Sephiroth" said the silver-haired SOLDIER

After a while, Zack and Sephiroth left to go back to the Shin-Ra HQ

"So what do you think of Aerith as my girlfriend, Sephiroth?" Zack asked the man walking parallel to him

"She seems quite nice. You have good taste" answered Sephiroth

"Thanks!" said Zack looking very happy and pleased

The next day Sephiroth was stationed to watch Sector 1 from monsters who were planning to harm the people. While Spehiroth was guarding Sector 1 he saw Aerith walking around. He approached her. "Aerith?"

Aerith turned around and saw Sephiroth walking towards her "Sephiroth!" she said happily walking towards him "What are you doing here?"

"Well I was going to ask you the same thing. I'm here because I was stationed to watch this place" said Sephiroth

"Oh...well...I was here because my mother asked me to get something from someone she knows somewhere here in Sector 1" said Aerith looking a bit gloomy.

"Oh? Well I'm happy to hear you listen to your mother" he felt something was wrong in his sentence when he said the word mother

Aerith smiled and said "Well, I've got to go now. My mom's sort-of-friend must be waiting for me. Bye"

"Bye" said Sephiroth calmly and watched Aerith walk away...

A few days later Sephiroth and the others were told to go to Nibelheim. While in Nibelheim Sephiroth found out more about himself and started going insane...

That was the last time he had seen Aerith as a friend...

And that's the end of my story, Aerith.

Sorry it was short

I tried making it longer but I couldn't think up of a good story

Well, what do you think?

I hope you like it, especially you, TheMagicalTapeworm

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