She said the didn't want me anymore

I was just a forgotten figure on their minds

I really hadn't meant to open the door.

Leaving my destiny behind.

The keyblade's chosen wielder chose

a wayward life

Broken apart from all I knew

But yet I chose to fight.

I only felt hatred back then

To turn my back on my friend

And now I'm on a desperate search

To put him back together again

Surrounded by darkness

And protected by light

My feelings of betrayal

Hide my true sight.

I'm constantly thrust in a battle

that I can't win

Trying to hide the darkness that lives within.

Facing my friends is last on my list

I chose to help them like this and

Moving slowly behind the scenes.

Showing that my friendship is true and pure

Even as I stand at darkness' door

Still doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons.

I wonder if they'll ever forgive me

For all the wrong I've done;

The chaos I've caused The lives we lost

Even now as I walk toward the setting sun

I know I won't get the answers I seek

Until this war is won.