Summary: When three Exorcists, Lavi, Lenalee and Kanda, are stranded on an unchartered cluster of Islands, they must head for the main Island where the villagers believe a ship resides. But instead, they discover a young boy trapped in a long forgotten sleeping spell… - Allen Centred -

Warnings: This is an AU (Alternate Universe) Fic, meaning it does not follow the script or story of the TV show or Manga books…

Also, child hardships MAY be ahead. If you don't like reading child angst then I suggest you look away and find another story to read. But if you don't mind then join the group of evil sadists here and read on! Please note though, no child was ever involved in the writing of this story.

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Chapter One: Reminiscence

He was aimlessly drifting…

It was so serene, so surreal;

So dark.

The stars were out; gently peeking at him from their velvety blanket above him and glistening all across the sky. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

He was floating… He was in the middle of the ocean; that much he knew. It was strange that he couldn't remember how he'd gotten there. And that he wasn't panicking. He just laid there, watching the stars as they kept watch over him. It was peaceful…

And quiet.

His row boat rocked slightly as the waters gently moved beneath him. Small waves in the otherwise calm sea roused him enough to hear a strange sound in the distance.

"Ahoooooy!" It was quiet, and sounded as though it were far away… "Wreckage on the starboard bow!" He didn't understand what they were saying. Perhaps they were speaking another language? Yeah. That had to be it.

He turned his attention back to the stars above. They were easy to understand, they didn't speak with a strange tongue. But then they were mysterious too, they were something to ponder at while he waited. What he was waiting for, he didn't know either. He couldn't remember. Just like everything else…

"Pull up gen'ly now…" The sudden voice caught him unaware but he didn't move. He hadn't realised they'd gotten so close. "Ah c'n see a lad. Hush now, we don' wanna scare him none." Whoever they were, they were rowing over to his boat, probably investigating.

And yet he still felt no urge to move from where he was laid. It was as if his mind was somehow disconnected with the seriousness of the situation. Any other lone boy lost at sea with no recollection getting there would have been panicking and throwing himself overboard at the first sight of another boat. But not him. No Kanda Yuu did not panic.

He didn't know how he knew that when he couldn't remember anything else. The only reason he knew his name was because it was inscribed on the fancy pendant around his neck. Everything else was just gone… a mystery… like the stars above; empty… mysterious. Silent.

He felt himself falling tired. His eyes closing, he was fading…

"Ahoy there lad…" A soft but grizzled voice greeted when he next woke; the people who'd been rowing were next to his boat now, peering down on him. "What're ya doin' out'ere all alone like ya'are eh?" Again, the man seemed to be speaking a different language to what he knew, and yet it was vaguely familiar. But whatever the man had asked, it seemed to be rhetorical for the next thing he knew, the man had disappeared from the stern of his boat and had returned seconds later with a large blanket in his arms.

The man must have seen him watching because he knelt down in his own boat and spoke again. "Permission ter come aboard young cap'n." He then gave a small chuckle of amusement before stepping over the small gap that separated the two boats.

Both boats rocked nauseatingly but the man seemed not to have noticed. Instead the man was kneeling down next to him, checking his pulse, his temperature… was he sick? He didn't feel sick. But then, he didn't feel anything…

"E's freezing! 'Ardly go' an'thin' on. Pulse's slow an' all. Any longer out'ere an'he'd be a pretty ice scul'ture for th' fishies ter nibble on." He wrapped the blanket around the young boy and carefully lifted him up and over the gap that separated the two boats. He had no energy to fight back or even respond to the actions as he was placed in the other men's boat and made comfortable at the helm. He watched for a while as the man who'd rescued him, tied his boat to theirs and sat back down in his original seat. They started rowing again, and it wasn't long before the gentle rocking motion and the blanket's warmth sent him into a dreamless sleep.


Yuu Kanda woke from his silent reverie with the grace of one awakening from a peaceful night's sleep. No one would know how much the young girl beside had surprised him. Ever.

"Mm." He replied, never taking his eyes off the horizon. It was sunset. And it was a beautiful one at that. Bright washed oranges mixed with deep passionate reds that stood stark against the deep blues and green hues of the ocean that lay out far beyond the horizon he was watching. It was no wonder he'd been reminded of the day he'd been rescued all those years ago.

"There's talk of a storm tonight." The girl said, holding her hands together as she stood beside him and looked out at the sunset he'd just been watching. "Some of the sailors were talking about it…" She didn't need to finish. He knew what she was asking.

"Be brave Lenalee. No storm is going to stop me from keeping my promise to you. I'll keep thee safe. I swear it." He replied, reassuring her that no matter what the sea threw at them, he'd be there for her. It wasn't that they were particularly close, she was as close a friend as the next exorcist he'd been introduced to. Lenalee just had a certain fear of sailing. And it was her brother who'd taken him in at the Black Order after he'd been found at sea. He owed it to the man to keep his little sister safe from her fears… and the sea.

"Geez Yuu, you're doing it again. Using the whole old English talk thing." A new voice piped up from behind the two. Swifter than a cheetah on skates, the young Bookman in training, was suddenly face to face with a very sharp, very deadly end of a well cared for Katana.

"Don't use my first name, or thou shalt never speak again." Kanda used his best glare on the kid before sheathing Mugen, his Innocence weapon, and stalking off to his cabin.

Lavi relaxed a bit when the tall, long haired young man had disappeared below deck. He just didn't get that guy sometimes. He was an enigma unto himself according to the Black Order archives. Found at sea with no memories of how he got there with only a pendant and a strange looking golden golem that didn't seem to work no matter how many times Komui had tried to fix it. Kanda seemed very protective of it too for some reason… Maybe it was because it was the only link he had left with the past he can't remember?

"Why can't you leave him be, Lavi? You know he can't help how he speaks when he gets passionate about something. Why do you always pick on him like that?" Lenalee asked with a small scowl on her brow. Lavi snickered.

"I wouldn't use the word 'passionate' Lenalee – the guy can't even fathom the thought of simply smiling, let alone enjoying something enough to care about it." He took Kanda's place at the railing and looked upon the dying embers of what had been a fantastic sunset, now only dimly glowing on the sea's serene surface. "I can't help it;" He continued, "He's just such a stick in the mud. He practically asks to made fun of. Besides, he can't mind it that much anyway." He reasoned as he turned to face the young girl next to him with a soft but suspicious smile. Lenalee blinked at him.

"How can you tell?" She asked, a little perplexed. Lavi's smile widened

"He hasn't killed me yet…"

Lenalee woke to the loud resounding crack of thunder all around her. It was dark, noisy and the boat seemed to be very unsteady beneath her. Instantly she was out of bed, eyes wide with unhidden fear and a need to see what was happening. Was it an attack? Was it a bad storm like the one the sailors had foretold?

Even though it scared her beyond belief…

She had to know.

She slipped on her dress, fumbling with the buttons and clasps as the boat dipped and rocked about, before heading over to her cabin door. She pulled open the door and looked up and down the hall way but no one was around.

That scared her even more. It reminded her of all the old myths and ghost stories that Lavi had described in terrifying detail to her on their way to the harbour.

She began to move up to the deck, slipping a few times when the boat suddenly lurched this way and that. She was fighting all instincts to run and hide, to find a nice little cupboard to wait in until it all just went away…

But what if it was an attack? What if Kanda and Lavi were both outside risking their lives in a death defying battle while she hid away because of a silly storm and a silly fear?

The ship dropped suddenly to the left, as if reminding her of the power it had over their little vessel.

She suddenly looked up. There, in front of her, was the door to the deck…

She swallowed nervously, finding the cartoon-like gulping sound little distraction to her nerves.

Hesitantly, she lifted her hand to the door – The sudden noise was overwhelming. The thunder seemed to intensify in its constant, ferocious snarling. The rain clattered loudly as it attacked the deck with its heavy claws. The wind howled deafeningly all around her, herding her away to an unknown destination and pushing her in all directions. And the hollow boom of the horrendously huge waves vibrated through her small skeleton as the pummelled into the sides of the seemingly small ship.

"Close the Sails!" Someone called but she couldn't tell who it was. She didn't even know which direction she was facing now. The door?! Where had the door gone? She'd been moving without even knowing it.

She looked around frantically for a shelter of any type but she could see nothing through the sheets of water that splashed at her from everywhere at once. Torrents of cold salty rain pounded on the deck, down her back, soaked her through and through until she was so wet she may have been part of the sea.

"Hard to starboard!" Another voice from an unknown face, unknown place. She didn't recognise anyone who was running around her, trying so desperately to do too many jobs at once, all of which their lives depended upon.

The boat gave a sudden shudder and flew to the right, dipping down in stomach leaping way. The mountainous waves crashed and sprayed at the sides of the ship, throwing all on board into a tangled slimy heap. An attempt, it seemed, to stop them from fulfilling their duties.

"Secure the rigging!!!" Voices were heard in snippets as the wind and rain plucked the words from the air. She didn't want to be here. She wanted to be back in her bunk, hiding under her covers or better still, in her brother's arms.

"Move it you scallywags! This ain't no time to dillydally! That water ain't gonna pump itself off board!" They were taking on water?! Her panic rose. She closed her eyes and held onto the railing she found beside her, wishing it would just all stop. Why had she come out here? Why?!

"Lenalee!" She heard Lavi call her name but was too afraid to look up. Her grip tightened on the railing as the ship gave another dip. She held back a sob of fear.

"Lenalee!!!" He sounded close. She finally glanced at him… only to discover the railing she was holding on to was cracking further up. Her eyes widened and she knew she had to let go but she couldn't bring herself to do it. She just stared horrified at the splintering wood as the crack grew bigger and raced toward her shaking hands. Her heart beat rose, her breathing felt so fast… it was going to splinter right beneath her fingers any second now!

"Don't worry," A strong, deep voice rumbled from behind. And suddenly all other sounds seemed to die away; the roaring waves, the howling winds, the thunder, the screams of the crew members… all seemed to vanish. "I've got you." And she felt a strong, warm arm wrap itself tightly around her torso as another warm, tense body pushed against her back.

She recognised that voice.

"Kanda, thank heavens…" She looked up to see Lavi nearby holding on to the rigging block beside them. He looked just as bad as she felt, his long red hair plastered to his face and as wet as a goldfish, his leather eye-patch gleaming with the amount of water running off it. He was slipping but holding on tight. "Get her inside," He yelled, "We need t-" But he was suddenly cut off as a large mast, broken by the battering earlier, swung down and knocked both it and Lavi over board.

She felt her heart stop.

"LAVI!" She tried to follow him, her fears be damned. She reached helplessly for his flailing hand as it slid over the edge of the deck and off into the dark raging sea but a strong arm held her back, determined to keep her alive. She needn't have worried though for a few seconds later the railing that Kanda had hold of came loose and knocked them both into the livid waves that had swallowed their friend only seconds before.

No one seemed to even know they'd disappeared.