Chapter I: The awakening

Tears streamed down as a young girl cried running across the wooden floorboards "Master, please don't go!" With that she clasped her hands tightly around the warm red robes she knew so well.

Feeling her trembling touch as she held him, her master smiled at her as he bent himself down to try and calm the sobbing girl down, "now listen to me, I'll only be gone for a short while, but in that time I'm away you can prove how truly strong you are to me."

Hearing him the girl had her face down not wanting it to be true as she still held him tightly, but feeling his warm gaze she looked up at her master's face as he looked at her with a kind and loving smile.

Then lifting up his right hand he opened his closed fingers revealing a present inside for her, the girl struggling with her tears stopped for a moment as she looked at the glittering object. She looked at it curiously with widened eyes and finally after a few moments she returned her gaze back up to her master. Seeing the look on her face he smiled a little more as he nodded to her silent question. Still silent for a moment the girl hesitantly and quietly reached her small hand across as she gently took the object from him.

Looking down at it further for a few moments as it continued to glow in the warm Autumn light, she held it tightly with both her hands as she looked back up to him as she sniffed a little, but quickly taking her right hand she wiped her eyes in her sleeve as she tried to smile as best she could to show her master her strength. Still struggling a little she tried to speak as her small voice said, "okay… I will, I'll wait for you!" She smiled to him.

Then finally seeing that she was more at ease her master reached across as he took her in his strong arms and gave her one last gentle squeeze as she gave him one too before lifting himself up and away. With that he walked across the stone slab steps as he headed towards the entry gate, but then standing next to one of the pillars before leaving he turned back as he told her, " Until I return, be strong…"


The birds outside were tweeting their songs and flying all over the radiant colourful sky as the warm sun began to peak over the hills. Slowly the morning light made the sky turn a warm orange with the clouds rich and yellow. The light then peaked inside through a wooden window as it fell upon a sleeping bundle that stirred slightly.

"Mmm…" a voice moaned as their covers were removed revealing dark black hair in a mess as a hand moved to a pair of opening eyes that revealed a gentle lilac.

Looking around herself the girl saw her old bedroom with its old wooden floor as well as the few possessions she had that glittered in the morning light. Blinking slightly she let out another sigh as she looked to her right side at the small dresser. Upon it she saw her old candlewick it's flame burnt out but the thing that caught her gaze was the hair clip next to it.

A smile then appeared on her face, reaching out for it she grasped it in her hand as she stroked her thumb over the middle. Its shape was a beautiful pattern of a cherry blossom with gold and silver beads embedded in the centre.

Holding it in her hand she continued to smile as she snuggled into her pillow again wishing for sleep to come again feeling completely safe and warm.


It was then that she was startled out of bed as she heard that yell. Looking around herself she quickly scrambled forwards as she looked down and out of the window.

A young dark skinned coloured boy stared at her from the ground, he looked at her with an annoyed stare, " C'mon bed hair aren't you ready yet?!"

Nozomi stared down at the boy perplexed for a moment but then realization quickly came as she cringed red slightly, angrily she shouted back to him, "Wairu you jerk!" With that she scrambled back inside and got dressed as fast as she could.


The number of heartless that were appearing in "The World That Never Was", was totally out of control for both Maleficent and Pete to handle as they were struggling to fight back against them.

"Maleficent there ain't never gonna be an end ta this!" Pete said exasperated as he bashed another one away with his grand fists.

The witch of darkness though was undeterred, nothing was going to get in her way! "You fool don't you think I-!" Then suddenly she felt something, a strange power inside the walls of the castle. It was calling out to her... She stared around at the staircase confused at how and why she felt this power?

"Hey Maleficent what ya think yer-"

"Be quiet you fool!" Maleficent snapped as she closed her eyes trying to feel more where this power was in the castle; it resided deep down inside, somewhere far yet it was close. Feeling it's beckoning she then opened her eyes a smile on her face,"yes… I do believe we could use that…" she smiled to herself.

Pete stared at her absolutely confused, but before he could even have asked what she was talking about he saw her raise her staff. Suddenly a huge whirl of power appeared in the centre of the staircase as a strange dark blue light emanated from it. It seemed to throb as it beckoned them both to enter its depths.

Pete was wide–eyed in shock, "Hey! Hey! Hey! Where did that portal light thing there come from?"

"Be silent! There is something that is calling for us… I believe we should answer it…" She smiled as she then started to walk to the portal.

"Call? Someone's callin ya? How da ya know that it's-" before he could continue to ask though Maleficent had already disappeared through the portal.

Pete stared on and then heard a noise behind him, turning around he saw a huge black heartless with claws and a slithering tongue that suddenly came charging towards him hurriedly with hunger! He turned pale with fear as he charged into the portal himself crying out " hey don't leave me here ta deal with this!"

Then before the creature could get to him, he had jumped into the portal, it glowed brightly turning a light turquoise blue. As the heartless tried to chase after Pete it was thrown back as the light flashed angrily against it, the creature was killed in seconds by the powerful electricity and static as its dark embers faded quickly away.


It was about five minutes when Nozomi appeared again, huffing and puffing as she made it through the front door. She had managed to quickly dress into her usual purple blue striped long sleeved top and her blue trousers with the white veils around her knees that trailed gently behind her. She then quickly pulled her arm through her pink waistcoat as she held the banister. She looked to the gate and saw Wairu again lying against the stone gateway as he tapped his foot gently against it obviously impatient.

Seeing him and his cool disposition annoyed Nozomi as she quickly made her way over to him. It was then that he opened his light blue eyes coolly as he told her, "You're a minute later than usual…"

Nozomi now in front of him, was even more annoyed as she retorted back, "well sue me if I'm not perfect! Mister clown pants!"

For to her Wairu indeed did look like a clown to her, with his strange blue rabbit ear like hat on his lilac coloured hair, with one of its ears in front of his head and the other behind. Adding to that as well was his baggy blue pants showing his knees and more of his brown skin with some weird checker things. Then finally his strange odd gloves with tears and his odd coloured black and pink waistcoat.

Wairu though didn't take the comment seriously as he then detached himself from the stone pillar "sure whatever…." He spoke as he walked past Nozomi on his way down the road.

Still annoyed Nozomi then began to walk behind him, walking in silence for a few minutes she began to get bored as she looked at Wairu. It was always the same routine every morning that annoyed her bitterly with him, having him wake her up just because she couldn't afford an alarm clock.

She also couldn't understand why he wore the joker look, for she knew that everyone picked on him because of it. Especially one group in particular that annoyed her even more bitterly than Wairu and his dress sense. Then she thought it was getting a little boring being silent as they walked on down the road, so she decided to make things a little more fun.

Wairu his eyes closed in the midst of his calm thoughts listened to everything around him, he was hearing the birds in the trees, the rustling of the bamboo and the trickle of the gentle stream next to them. He was happy then feeling completely one with nature. When suddenly he felt something being lifted from his head.

Before he realized it he saw Nozomi running as she stood in front of him with his hat in her right hand as she dangled it, "how do you like that then hat hair!?"

Wairu was shocked but then he recovered quickly as he said annoyed, "give that back!" He rushed forwards as he tried to retrieve it from her.

Nozomi smiled as she dodged his attempts to get his hat back, then as he tried to lunge forwards at her she jumped over him as though playing leapfrog. Turning around as she landed she saw Wairu lying flat on the ground in defeat, she then laughed, "I always get you with that every time!"

Grumbling slightly Wairu began to try and get back on his feet, turning his face around he looked at her annoyed, "why do you have to pick on me!"

Nozomi smiled softly as she then walked over to him extending her hand down she replied happily, "because you pick on me."

Wairu looking at her extended hand blinked slightly as he paused... he then took it allowing him to get back on his feet again. He dusted himself off as Nozomi offered him back his hat as she said with a slight wonder, "but I still do ask though why you want to wear that…"

Wairu looking at her with cool eyes took and placed his hat back on his head as he said to her, "it's my secret…" He then walked on ahead slightly as he turned his head the other way.

Nozomi stared after him as she raised her eyebrow in question, but quickly she caught up to him as she then walked beside him smiling as they made their way to the school entrance.

"I really wish we didn't have to come in so early on a Sunday…" she moaned as she sighed softly.

"Well that's the way it is…" Wairu then started to walk on towards the front door but before he opened it he turned and said to her with a sly smile, "by the way you've got you're waistcoat inside out!"

Nozomi stared at him as he left and then looking down she noticed the inlays, angry she shouted out, "Wairu you absolute clowny jerk!"


Meanwhile in the deepest reaches of the castle Pete stared around at his surroundings, they were the deepest black he had ever seen, they seemed to be ancient and barren as he looked at the stone work. He looked nervously at Maleficent as he trailed behind, she only smiled in growing anticipation of the strange power that lurked further down the ominous corridor.

"Hey uh Maleficent I really don't like da feel of this…" Pete said as he stared around at the eerie purple torches that began to light as they made their way further and further down.

"If you find this place quite inadequate to your tastes, then you may as well try to survive out there with the heartless," she mused as she continued to walk on.

Pete blinked at this, what was better? Being down here in a dark corridor or surviving against a battalion of hungry heartless? The answer was too obvious; "well I ah course not! But… how do you know whatever it is that's down here is gonna even help us out?"

At this Maleficent turned around and looked at Pete with a look of dark knowledge as she smiled, this scared him slightly as he backed away unconsciously, "because this power is calling out… it wishes for a master."

Pete blinked as she turned around again as he asked after a moment, " a master huh?"

Maleficent stopped, as did Pete did as they suddenly were both standing before a grand stone door with a heart symbol in the centre with thorns all over it.

"I see, so this is it…" Maleficent spoke as she then placed her hand onto the heart crest. An immense green light began to shine as it sensed her touch.


It was now lunchtime and finally morning classes were over, walking outside Nozomi sighed depressed as she collapsed onto the log bench in the playground.

"Why on earth they have to have boring physics classes on a Sunday is totally beyond me!" She moaned.

It was then that Wairu came and sat himself next to her as he said, "how on earth can you complain about physics? You're the top in the maths class."

She then looked at him annoyed, "because at least in maths class it makes sense! In physics it's the opposite and besides who can understand a teacher who sounds as though they're talking backwards?"

Wairu looked at her again with disbelieving eyes then retorted to her; "well maybe it's because your brain's on backwards?"

At this Nozomi froze, as she looked at him with irritation brewing as she then retorted back angrily, "oh that's nice coming from Mr. I want to become a wizard but can't even mutter one spell without making a mess!"

Wairu cringed at this slightly as he turned his face angrily away, there was an uncomfortable silence as the revenging smile on Nozomi's face disappeared and turned into a look of worry.

She had known for a very long time that it had been Wairu's dream to be a master wizard. Ever since they were children, and it was true that he was very sensitive when talking about his abilities.

She then began to reach out a hand to him to begin some kind of an apology when suddenly once again another incident occurred.

"Hah got it!"

Before either of them could have reacted someone whom the two of them knew too well had taken Wairu's hat and had run back near the fort where the little group gathered.

"Reno!" Nozomi shouted clearly cross. Jumping over the wall she then followed him into the playground with Wairu following closely behind desperate for his trademark hat. In front of the fort she could see him and his little group as she stood in front of them.

In the group she could see the usual motley that stood before her. Reno in his red and white flamed vest and green pants as he dangled the hat around playfully. His red long spiky hair tied back with his trademark goggles on his head while he had his green eyes closed as he laughed out loud. Rude was smiling smugly trying to be cool and distant with his arms crossed in his black and white T-shirt waistcoat and long baggy dark grey trousers. Then finally there was Elena looking at him with annoyance in her yellow skirt and long sleeved white blouse as she seemed to be trying to do some kind of persuading.

"Give back Wairu's hat!" Nozomi cried out angrily to Reno.

It was then that the little group gave her their full attention as they looked at her. "Ah so it's you huh? Here to help your old buddy as usual are ya?" Reno taunted as he threw the hat around in his hands.

Nozomi was about to retort something back to him when suddenly Wairu intervened, "I don't need her to baby-sit me! I can take care of my own problems!"

Nozomi looked at him shocked, why was he saying stuff like that? He never tried to fight in the past before.

Reno raised an eyebrow at this as he then laughed saying, "Oh sure… as though you can really fight for yourself, you always just used to cry at stuff like this so why the sudden change?"

Wairu only looked angry as he said pointing at Reno threateningly, "who cares it's my business! Now I want it back!"

Reno just smiled eager throwing the hat to Rude as he said," sure you can have it back mister wizard…" then reaching out he bought out his hardened plastic rod sword as he continued, " if you can even cast one spell!"

Then Elena tried to intervene as she said, "Reno cut this out right now it's-"

But it was already too late to stop him as he then started to charge at Wairu who looked on at him with fierce determination in his eyes. Wairu just as fierce started to chant a spell as a blue light gathered in his hands.