Chapter CLXXXVII: The Winds Of Darkness, The Piercing Light And The Claws Of The Beast
Return To The Radiant Gardens Part XXIX


Seeing the terrible monster before their eyes as it unleashed it's unholy monstrous roars into the darkness, nobody could believe it!

Looking at the monster, Hana recognised it in moments as she cried, "it's Bebuzzu!?" Hearing this name in moment's Ruby shivered in terror and once again he hid himself in his lady's long golden locks for cover.

Lightning then finally recognising the beast herself, was utterly perplexed as she cried out, "how can this be!? How could he have grown to such an enormous size!?" For looking at the monster, he was at least five to ten times larger than he was when she'd last encountered him!

"It's because of the darkness!" Hearing this, everyone turned their attentions to the King who went on with his quick explanation, "The darkness of the heartless must be fuelling him, along with the magic and light originally in the crystal! The power inside of him has swelled, making him take on this form!"

As they all heard this explanation, everyone then turned to the beast again as it continued to roar aloud into the darkness. Then suddenly all around them, portals of darkness emerged and quickly hordes of heartless appeared everywhere! Quickly on guard as this happened everybody drew out their weapons in seconds! As they did this, the monster's terrifying massive swivelling eyes turned it's attentions to the threatened heroes as the heartless all manouvered ready to devour them all!

Getting his pistols ready, Sazh looked on with agitation as he said, "looks like things are gonna get rough!"

Then as he said that suddenly-


Hearing that voice, everyone recognised it to be Oralee's! Quiet they then heard her say,

"Nozomi's been swallowed! She's inside Bebuzzu!"

At once becoming alarmed as they all heard this, Hope looking up into the darkness cried out, "what do you mean!? How-!?"

However there was no more time for questions, as suddenly Bebuzzu started to move! All across the mutated alligator like monster's body, a bright pale light was beginning to shine! As it did, his giant insect like wings began to vibrate and move fast! Then in turn the heartless all flew up, ready and poised for attack!



Falling within the darkness of Bebuzzu's body, Cait sith was literally descending through a sea of nothing! He was panicking and raging madly as he cried out, "darn it all! I don't wanna be kitty chowder!? I ain't-"

Then suddenly before he could fuss on more, he felt a warm shape come up underneath him! Looking startled he cried, "hey! What's just!? What-"

"Neigh!" Hearing this cry, it was then that Cait sith saw that he was now upon the back of the young pegasus, Peter!

Seeing him, at first the crowned cat was so astounded he couldn't think of a word to say! However quickly that changed as he became over taken by gratitude as he cried out, "oh thanks a bunch there Peter lad!" With that he ruffled the pegasus's hair as he added, "ya literally saved me butt!"

Hearing this praise Peter simply neighed again, he was pleased that he was being of some help now!

However before more words could be exchanged, suddenly-


As this bright turquoise blue light shone out, Cait sith and Peter looked in the direction it was shining from! It was from on high!

Seeing where it was, the small cat acted immediately! "Alright! Peter lad full speed ahead! Let's ascend!"

Not knowing what the word 'ascend' meant, Peter though understood the rest of the instructions and so quickly with determination in his eyes. He flew up high where the blue light was continuing to shine!

Quickly as both cat and pegasus flew up within the darkness, there they quickly saw before them. Was the unconscious still form of Nozomi who was floating aloft in the darkness. Looking at her though, Cait sith could still see within the centre of the keyblader's chest was that ominous pulsating flower of darkness, but mixed in with that was a leaking source of bright blue light!

Seeing it the small black and white cat recognised it! Seeing it with widened eyes, he asked, "that is-!?"

Then suddenly he was unable to say another word! For from out of the darkness black swirling tendrils emerged and swarmed all around the defenceless keyblader!

Spooked, Peter quickly flew out of the way! However as he did, Cait sith looked back as they flew up and immediately he saw that the tendrils had all wrapped themselves around the unconscious keyblader's arms and legs! This stopped her moving and drifting around, angered though as he saw this. Cait sith yelled out loud, "oi! Get yer creepy mitts off of her! Ya-"
But there was no more time for him to make complaints! For suddenly more tendrils emerged and immediately hovering over their prey, they all charged in forcing themselves into the flower of darkness that was sprouting from within Nozomi's heart!

As this happened Cait sith and Peter looked on in utter horror and immediately, the small crowned cat shouted out alarmed, "NOZOMI!"

Quickly at the shout of his voice, there was a reaction as the female keyblader opened her eyes. However they were blank and lifeless but her expression looked like one of shock! As the tendrils continued to plunge inside of her, the keyblader's body shook and trembled against it's tights bonds!As it did, the light that was shining there began to leak out and shine more!

Seeing this happen! Cait sith knew they had to act fast! Feeling him tremble underneath him, the small cat though did his best to bolster the little pegasus as he told him, "c'mon Peter mate! That lass needs us! She needs us now! Ya gotta go!"

Shaking in terror, Peter though could see the awfulness the keyblader was going through. He couldn't let that continue! So he dived in with Cait sith leading him forwards, he was going to do it! They were both going to save her!

However the light that was leaking out, was becoming stronger and stronger! It was practically blinding! Cait sith once more tried again to cry out to her, "NOZOMI!" But it was no use, the light blazed out everywhere brightly!




As this bright light leaked out everywhere! Those still in the grove of trees couldn't tell what was going on! As the gusts of wind finally died away, they got their feet back down onto the ground, they'd all immediately started running to get back outside, as they did Alania cried out, "what's that light!? What's happening?! Is it-"
Riku though knew in moment's what was going on, "it's Nozomi!?"

Juan hearing this was dumbfounded as he asked him, "huh!? What do ya mean that's Nozomi señorita!? How can-"

But there was no more time for the 'ARCS' gunner to ask more, as suddenly-!


Outside Bebuzzu roared loudly once more! Then as he did, the wings on his back vibrated loudly and fast with a terrible buzz! As they did, quickly a powerful and enormous gust of wind began to bluster about everywhere!

Feeling it, Alania cried out alarmed, "what is this!? What's happening!? Agh-"

Then suddenly before she could say another word, she was dragged out of the grove's canopied entrance by the strong winds!

Seeing her being sucked out, immediately both Riku and Juan shouted out loudly, "Alania! Alania señorita!?" But it was quickly too late for them too, for suddenly they too were being sucked out by the strong gusts!


Meanwhile in the back of the grove as he heard their yells, as well as the yells from outside of his ruined hideaway. Uriax was gripping the trees tightly with his bare fingers and gazing at the ferocious storm that was now brewing, he uttered mad, "unforgivable!"

Then as he gripped harder, the wood began to splinter and snap under his touch. For around his body a great storm of darkness began to burn over him, transforming his body! As it did, he once more said with a chilling beast-like voice, "UNFORGIVEABLE!"


Outside in the haze of this terrible storm! Everybody caught in it were helpless as they were scattered here there and everywhere! The heartless in the meantime were taking advantage of this situation as they were diving in, as the helpless heroes were all being lifted up with the horrific monster as he flew up into the depths of darkness!


Even Vincent who would normally have no trouble in such a situation like this, couldn't fight back against these terrible gusts! However angered he wasn't gonna let the heartless feast on him! Shooting some that came flying he spoke annoyed as he tried, he whispered madly, "dammit!"

Struggling madly himself as he tried to regain his composure, striking away heartless after heartless. In the air King Mickey turned as he tried to see something in this windy chaos. Then there before him, just some distance away was his fellow white haired keyblader with Juan and Alania near to him! Seeing him, he quickly yelled out, "Riku!"

Then looking up, the shocked keyblader looked to the mouse king! But before he could do anything to call back, suddenly-


Turning to look back, it was then that everyone quickly saw that before them all was the massive sharp toothed jaws of Bebuzzu! Opened up widely and ready to swallow every single one of them into an obliterating chaos that was in the depths of his stomach! The heartless reacting once more flew back, knowing what was going to come! Everyone quickly was alarmed with widened terrified eyes! Then before any of them could react, they were all beginning to be sucked into the horrible vortex that was in his mouth!

Juan seeing this then shouted out loudly, "oh no muchcacho's!"



Back within the depths of darkness that was inside Bebuzzu, Cait sith was busy trying to reach Nozomi as he continued to ride upon Peter's back! However the turquoise light that was being forced to shine was continue to come out in a blinding blast!

Angered as he saw what the terrible beast was doing to his team mate then said mad, "darn ya! Ya stupid guzzling piece of literature!"

However at these words, a blast of wind came forth! This sent Cait sith and Peter flying and spinning backwards! Yelling out panicked as this happened, the small black and white cat told him, "c'mon Peter mate! Don't give up now! Try again!"

Hearing him, the small pegasus nodded and quickly he went to do just that! As they got closer and closer again, Cait sith was struggling against the light! Annoyed with gritted teeth he realised mad, "darn it all! We ain't gonna get anywhere at this rate with just me power!"

Realising this, it was then that Peter finally broke through and made it to the female keyblader! However quickly the horrible tendrils that was still there all quickly re-aimed! They now had new targets!

Terrified with widened eyes, Peter was horrified! However quickly Cait sith acted immediately with fierce determination, putting his gloved hands to his chest he focused his power. A bright yellow light then began to shine, as it did feeling this radiance the little pegasus turned his attention to him and was quickly astounded as he saw what was happening!

As the light continued to glow and the tendrils came, they were all quickly blasted away! As they were it was then that Cait sith uttered aloud, "now... it's about time you come onto the scene!" Then as he said that he added, "now wake up! Ya lazy good for nothing!"

With that something came forth from Cait sith's chest and grew until it took on a tall humanoid form! Looking on Peter was shocked, however the small cat simply had his arms folded. As he did, the figure turned to him as the tendrils behind continued to writhe and slither in the darkness. With a smile on his face as he told him, "you really should learn to be more respectable, Cait sith..."


Meanwhile on the outside everyone was being drawn in closer and closer towards the terrible jaws! There was no way for any of them to escape! They couldn't fight against the strong winds! They couldn't-!

"Bebuzzu! Don't chow on us!" Peekaboo cried out loudly!

Flapping his wings in terror as he was desperate to get away, Greeble cried out mad, "oh! We never should have listened to that Uriax creep!"

Gritting her teeth mad, Irma was infuriated at how her beloved tome was being misused as she cried out, "I'll destroy that bug for this I swear! I'll-" Quickly though she was interrupted and was being drawn closer and closer in! "Agggh!"

Hearing his lady cry out, Volg cried out in distress, "Lady Irma!"

Gandrake though could see that things were not going to end well as he cried out, "this is the end!"

With that they were drawn closer and closer, to the mouth to the point where they could even see the terrible slimy rivers of saliva dripping off his teeth!


Immediately a shining light came forth! Creating a protective transparent shield, that came across the terrible jaws everyone was quickly caught by it! The group of heroes were absolutely astounded to see this! But before any of them could make any questions-

"Please hurry! We can't maintain this shield for long!"

Hearing this voice, Alania quickly recognised it as she cried out, "Alania!?"

"If you don't stop Bebuzzu now, he'll come for everyone here on the outside!"

Recognising this voice, Lightning looking up cried out, "Serah what do you mean!?"

"The seal of this world is beginning to materialise! Merlin's told us that if it does, Bebuzzu will smash straight through it and devour the Radiant Gardens!"

Becoming alarmed as he heard this, Mickey spoke up as he said with determination, "we won't let that happen!"

Nodding his head becoming strongly determined as he gripped his pistols, Juan added, "yeah! Nobody's gonna be wreckin' our fiesta!"

Then thinking of his son, Sazh also added, "and no-one's layin' hands on my little boy!"

Alania hearing this agreed as she cried out, taking out her staff she cried out, "yeah or any of our friends!"

Riku though thinking was agitated and he had to ask, "yeah but how're we going to stop him and get Nozomi and the others out! How are we-"


Suddenly from behind in the darkness, something was beginning to shine with light! Everyone turning then saw this glowing object.

As it pulsated and glowed, Irma perplexed looked on and asked, "what the heck is that?"

However looking on himself, Vincent knew what it was! He said aloud his realisation, "the sealing point!"

The moment that he said this though and they realised. It was quickly that Bebuzzu noticed the glowing point too! Immediately turning it's head, it spat away the shield and it's pesky minuscule snacks! As they all fell in the air, the monster then rushed straight towards the shining point, for it had a better meal waiting for it!

Seeing it where it was aiming as they all continued to be held within the protective shield, Hope was the one to call out, "guys! We can't let him get to that sealing point!"

Hearing him Mickey quickly nodded as he said, "I know! C'mon fella's we gotta hurry!"

Then in moments quickly from on high, the heartless that all stepped back all began to descend down as they went to attack once more! The others seeing them and Riku too knowing the urgency of the situation, knew they had to act! But still he couldn't help but think of Nozomi! How could they help her! How could they-!

Agreeing quickly, Hana then said, "I'll help you everyone!" With that taking her string bag she put her hand in and taking it out she immediately sprinkled out a cloud of Pixie dust upon everyone!

As they all glittered from it's wondrous effects, quickly turning to their helpful comrade Mickey told her,"thanks Hana!"

Then knowing there was no time to waste, Lightning then announced, "alright! C'mon everyone!" With that jumping over the edge of the protective shield, she turned and told them, "let's go!" With that she started to dive straight down to catch up the hideous beast!

Seeing her go, Hope immediately rushed after her as he cried out, "Light wait up!" With that he dived down too after her! Then one by one the others all the others followed after them!

Leaving the group of disgruntled villains behind in the protective shell, they watched as the heartless all chased after them as they fell, ready to devour the falling heroes hearts when they would be torn apart by their claws. Or the razor sharp teeth and winds produced by Bebuzzu!

Looking at them as they fell, Peekaboo couldn't help but ask as he looked over the edge, "do you guys think they have a chance?"

However unconcerned, Irma simply retorted back, "I don't care! They can all just get torn apart!"

Hearing these words himself, Gandrake couldn't help but think to himself, 'if those guys fail, we just better be careful we don't suffer that fate!'

In the meantime as they all fell forwards glowing brightly from the pixie dust, Juan announced loudly, "c'mon amigo's we're gonna save the day, again!"

However Vincent couldn't help but say under his breath, "loud announcements won't present victory!"

Following after them all though, Riku turned to Mickey and had to ask him, "your majesty! What about Nozomi, Cait sith and Peter! If we don't get them out of Bebuzzu, then-!"

"We'll get them out, Riku!" Looking to him with determination, the mouse king then told him trying to assure him, "I promise ya! We can help 'em and stop Bebuzzu!"

Riku though feeling worry within him still had to ask, "but how though Mickey! How can we-"

The king then told him, "we'll think of something fast!" Then looking down to Bebuzzu who was continuing to descend down and the heartless that were all chasing them from behind, he added, "we just gotta hope it'll be effective!"


Deep within the dark depths of Bebuzzu's body. The figure Cait sith called forth, had removed the attacking tendrils that had come for the helpless cat and pegasus! Then the lot of them were protected from the other aggressive and hideous dark limbs by a glowing yellow shield that now surrounded them. Then after removing these threats, he had his hands over Nozomi's chest and was focusing his energy upon the flower of darkness that was blooming from within her heart. He was busy trying to remove it as well as the tendrils that were still festering inside of her!

Outside of it the terrible long dark implements were desperate to grasp their glowing prey again! They smashed and smashed against the shield, desperate to reclaim the delicious quandary that was being denied to them!

As he continued to concentrate upon his patient, trying to stop the flow of power that was flowing forcibly out. Both Peter and the small cat were quiet, as he had his arms folded looking on Cait sith simply uttered, "I just hope he hurries up and finishes the job soon!"

Then suddenly as he said that, from up above there were flashes of what looked to be like fire from high above them! Seeing these flickering lights, Peter's eyes widened in wonder. For what was that?

The individual though working on Nozomi, then couldn't help but smile gently as he said, "looks like your friends have come for you!"

Hearing him, Cait sith announced, "of course they would!" But annoyed, he added, "though they've certainly taken their time!"

Laughing a little as he heard this, the man then told him, "but they care though... you've really done well Cait sith, you've helped her highness so well," then turning to his friend he also added, "and you've found some wonderful friends for us."

"Obviously!" Then looking to him, Cait sith added a little annoyed still at having been made to wait,"though it's not like you haven't been watching all this from the start!"

Simply smiling on once more, the man then replied, "indeed..." then a thought occurred to him, "but since they've come knocking, we should give them an answer!" Hearing this, Cait sith was quiet as he listened on and learned how they were going to do this!


On the outside of Bebuzzu, the desperate warriors were unleashing their powers upon the hideous beast as the heartless too all came showering down! As it growled loudly from these irritating blows, Juan and Sazh continued to dive straight down after him!

Annoyed Sazh shooting away a pathetic heartless that came after him then the monster itself, he said mad, "whoa! This thing's got a really tough hide!"

Nodding fiercely as he heard this, Juan replied kicking another attacking heartless away, "yeah! It's tougher than an armadillo!" With that said, the two gunners nodded to each other for they knew there was only one thing for it! With no hesitations, they unleashed all the fire power they had!


Firing himself with his gun, Vincent too was trying hard! However even his blows weren't nailing that much damage either! "I must hurry!" He spoke and with that using his elusive powers he flew down with his red cape flying behind him as he went to catch more ground against the beast!

However this didn't stop the monster from going down! As she flew down herself, flying upon her grand summon dragon Bahamut. Alania aimed with her staff and shouted out loudly, "let it flow, Megafire!"

With that the blue flames stormed forth from the dragon's mouth and incinerated the monster's back! However even this didn't stop Bebuzzu! Annoyed Alania spoke mad, "darn! Nothing works!"

Riding on behind her as she held onto her middle, looking out for attacking heartless that might come. Hana told her, "don't give up Alania! Keep trying!"

Hearing this boost of confidence, immediately the blue haired summoner replied, "don't you worry I will!" With that looking back at their enormous target again, she told her summon, "keep firing Bahamut!"At the command of his summoner, immediately the dark ferocious dragon went to do just that!

Then in turn flying in from above, both Hope and Lightning were falling down together! As they did, the two of them were beginning to gain some distance on him as they cut through the annoying swarms of heartless! As they did, the experienced and powerful soldier turned to her apprentice and asked him, "you ready to show me what you can do!"

Immediately there was a response from the white haired young man, "totally!" With that taking his boomerang back he aimed, then quickly he unleashed his attack, "Blizzaga!"

In seconds his weapon flew down and quickly it struck Bebuzzu, however this time unlike the others he was struck in the back of his head! This made the creature stop for a moment and turn up looking at his attackers mad! Immediately it roared out loudly!


Smiling as she saw this, Lightning told Hope, "well done! You got his attention!" Then taking her sword into her hands she declared, "now let's put on a show!"

With that said, she moved her right hand forwards and shouted out loudly, "Thundaga!" With that the powerful electrical spell stormed out furiously and struck Bebuzzu straight in his eyes!

Doing this the monster roared out loudly! As it did this, it moved it's long neck and went to bite into the warriors! However quickly both of them evaded, making the sharp jaws miss them as they snapped!

Then seeing their ploy had worked, Hope turned to his teacher and told her, "let's do it, Light!"

Nodding as she heard this, Lightning went to do just that! Together both apprentice and instructor launched an all out offensive against the beast, as their weapons slashed and cut into him!

Bebuzzu becoming enraged at this barrage of power, then roared loudly as he went to snap at them both again! However quickly seeing their difficult situation, suddenly from on high! "Ataque!"


Showering down, shots were being rained forth and quickly they struck Bebuzzu square in face! This immediately stopped the creature from snapping at their comrades. Seeing they were dead on in their aim, Sazh shouted out, "ha! Good shot!"

In reply, Sazh simply grinned as he replied brightly, "Naturalmente amigo!"

However there was no time for the two to converse, for instantly Bebuzzu turned back and was angered again! He quickly once more went to attack, but quickly again they evaded!

Then as they did, another attack came straight down! It was a storm of blue fire which struck the monster instantly making it even more enraged! Though Alania was quickly delighted as she cried out,"ha! Take that!"


Instantly Bebuzzu enraged went to strike these pests as they came at him over and over again! Lightning though in the midst of her attacks with Hope, then saw that it was time! Turning in the air she announced, "there! You've got your distraction! Now get going!"

With that instantly, it was then that Riku and Mickey flew straight past the monster's head! As they did, the white haired keyblader shouted out, "thanks!"

Nodding Mickey then called straight back, "we'll take it from here fella's!"

Instantly with that the two keybladers rushed straight down to get straight to the glowing object! To increase their speed, it was then Mickey lifted his keyblade and cried out, "haste!"

With that instantly their speed was increased, as it was the two of them rushed straight down at unbelievable speed! It didn't seem like anything more than moment before the two of them made it! Standing straight before the glowing seal point, the two of them looked in wonder.

Then as they all stood before the mystical object silently, suddenly both of them heard the sound of ringing in the air! As they did, quickly both of the keybladers realised in moments what was before them!

Turning to him Riku asked him, "your majesty! It's-!"

Nodding the king confirmed his question!

Immediately as he did, quickly the sealing point glowed brightly as the ringing increased dramatically. Then in seconds, the glowing object revealed it's true form! A keyhole!

As this occurred quickly in both the keybladers hands came their weapons in flashes of light! Seeing them both come to them, it was then they knew what to do! Quickly turning to his fellow keyblader Riku told them, "right let's do this your majesty!"

Quickly the king's response came, "okay!"

Then with that the two of them aimed their keyblades straight at the sealing point! But then-!


Turning quickly the two keyblader's stopping the unlocking act in their tracks, the two of them saw with amazement there before them. "Cait sith!" Mickey cried out!

Seeing him, Riku couldn't believe it! There he was! Their feline comrade! He was talking to them through a glowing yellow viewing orb, that just appeared out of nowhere! Looking to him, quickly the white keyblader had to ask, "how are you talking to us right now!? How's Nozomi! Peter! Are you all okay! Are you-!"

"There's no time to answer all that lad!" Then quickly the small cat got straight down to business, "now look! Ya both can't unlock that point yet!" With that pointing his gloved hand to them he added, "cause this is what's goin' down!" With that the two keyblader's listened intently to what the small black and white cat had to say...


As she cried out from the pain the attacker, then kicking her hand away told her mad, "now you can just lay there and shut up!"Then as he turned to face the other annoyance, suddenly-!


Suddenly running in, Wairu had rushed in angered beyond all measure as he struck the attacker in the face with a fierce punch! Immediately he then shouted out, "you!"

Shocked as she saw this happen, Nozomi trembling from both her illness and pain, whispered breathless, "Wairu... you-?"

However there was no more time to continue as the attacker first shocked by this impact, then became enraged himself! Running straight at Wairu he then struck him square on too!

Immediately the lilac coloured young man fell to his knees! Cringing in pain, he looked to him hatefully as he heard him say, "how dare you touch me! You disgusting outsider!"

Then seeing what the leader had gotten into, they decided to join in too as they started to walk towards the helpless young man! One of them asked, "looks like fun!" The other agreed as they said, "yeah! I think we should have a go too!"

With that as they went to join their leader, Nozomi looked on with terror! For with Wairu down on the ground, she knew he was helpless! He couldn't defend himself against three attackers! If only she wasn't so weak! If she could just get up, then-!

"What's going on here!?"

Turning it was then all of them saw, that standing within the doorway to the roof. Was a teacher! With relief this terrible situation was soon dispersed...!


Attacking on fiercely against the monster Bebuzzu! The group of heroes were beginning to struggle! For they weren't going to be able to keep this fight up forever! His skin was too tough and their attacks were barely making any impact upon the beast!

Plus with the heartless attacking on and on from above, their strength was used to fight not Bebuzzu but them too! Because of all this stretching of strength, they were all beginning to tire. Hope turned to his instructor as he told her, "I don't know how much longer we can keep this up! We gotta end this soon, Light!"

Firing away another fierce thunder spell, the tiring soldier turned and told him, "I know that but-"

Suddenly turning she noticed that facing upwards remaining still as statues were the two keybladers. Their weapons aloft aiming straight at the shining keyhole, straight below them!

Seeing them do this, Lightning couldn't understand what they were doing! Why were they just standing there!? Why weren't they-!

Immediately though as that thought came to her, Bebuzzu then swung himself and batted away the pesky attacking warriors! As he swung his huge tail they all flew back and scattered with the heartless following! But quickly in turn, the monster turned in the air and started to dive straight down again!

As it did this everyone was horrified as the monster headed straight for the sealing point and the defenceless keyblader's were there right in it's sights! Immediately shouts from their friends filled the air! They were desperate for their allies to get out of the way!

However it seemed these shouts were no use, for he opened his huge sharp toothed jaws, he was ready to swallow them all whole! As the beast came, it was clear looking on that neither of them had anywhere to go!

Despite the incoming terror though, Riku and Mickey held strong, with their weapons held high. For it was not time to act... yet!


"Goodness sake! He's so useless as usual!"


"Oi! Lass!"

Bleary eyed, Nozomi could hear a voice calling out to her... who was it though? Who was-

"Get ya darn act together! C'mon!"

Hearing that voice, Nozomi recognised it's angry tone... though still drowsy. She could at least move her head enough to see who it was who was calling her. Then seeing him, she asked, "Cait...sith?"

Seeing that she could at least recognise him, the small cat could see gladly that the flower of darkness hadn't activated properly yet! For there he could see behind him mad that it still hadn't been dismissed as it continued to emit those terrible lilac coloured spores, plus there were still a few dark tendrils that were ploughing into her.

However turning his attentions back to Nozomi as Peter continued to fly overhead with concern in his eyes, Cait sith told the female keyblader, "lass! Can ya hear me properly!?"

Hearing this question, Nozomi was quiet for a moment... but then she answered, "yeah...?"

Relieved to hear this, Cait sith then told her, "now look lass! I need ya to do this for me! I need ya to listen closely and do what I ask ya to!" Then looking into her drowsy eyes he asked her, "ya understand?"

At this question, Nozomi quiet for a moment replied, "...sure?"

Thinking that was good enough, Cait sith then began to instruct her, "alright lass! Now this is it!" With that he started to explain his idea away...


As the monster started to come quickly towards the keyblader's, they looked on fiercely with determination! Then before the beast's terrible jaws started to come down-


Suddenly appearing from nowhere was Vincent! Shooting his gun forth, the bullets struck the beast straight in the throat! This immediately made it swing it's head back and looking on at the red clothed gunner, it was outraged as it roared loudly!
However Vincent himself was unaffected by this act of primal aggression and simply held his gun up high! Then at that moment, as the monster went again to try and devour his prey. Suddenly-


From within the monster's chest was that bright turquoise blue shining light again! As it came, it was then that Riku, Vincent and Mickey recognised it! That was Nozomi's power!

However quickly none of them had more time to think, for as the monster noticed the light too-


The monster shrieked in agony, for immediately the power that the monster had been using to fuel it's powers of flight were quickly removed as the light around it's body died away! It's wings faltered and it was beginning to lose it's ability to stay air-bound as it fell in the air.

Then seeing this with widened eyes, Vincent perplexed asked, "what is-"

Riku though knew in moment's what to do! One word came from his lips, "now!"
With that Mickey acted and instantly both keyblader's re-aimed, as the keyhole now shone over Bebuzzu's chest. They released their power as two beams of white light came forth from their keyblades!

Suddenly as they did this, from within Bebuzzu came another beam of white light! Then as it came, quickly this light along with the other two struck and entered the glowing keyhole! But this wasn't the end!

For as the beams entered the keyhole, something else started to shine from Bebuzzu's chest! Looking on as this happened, Vincent quickly saw what it. It was revealed to be another keyhole!

Seeing it with widened eyes, he asked, "that is-"

However amazingly, the beam of light from within Bebuzzu was shining through this keyhole and in turn Riku and Mickey's beams too were entering it!

Mickey seeing that the plan had worked cried out, "it worked! Cait sith was right! The final point was there!"

Nodding, Riku then said, "good!" Then focusing fiercely he cried out, "now let's finish this!"

With that, all the keyblader's reacted simultaneously and quickly the beams of light activated the seal points! As a huge surge of trembling yellow power flooded forth, instantly there was a deafening huge sound of unlocking!

Bebuzzu feeling this light and power erupt from within him, roared loudly in agony as it was done! In turn all the heartless above that had been swarming were all quickly extinguished and turned to dust, leaving the heroes who'd been combating them to look down at the miraculous shining sight with widened eyes. The final sealing points had been activated!




From within the depths of darkness, Nozomi aiming her keyblade had acted on target as Cait sith told her to! In moments in turn, the unlocking power had erupted from out of keyblade and struck the two keyhole's with her comrades!
This in turn now made the darkness she was trapped within vanish as everything was bathed in blinding yellow light! Quickly this divine radiance extinguished and destroyed the tendrils that had forced themselves into her heart!

Seeing it worked, both Cait sith and Peter who were ecstatic had smiles covering their faces! As he neighed happily, the little black and white pegasus flew up and nuzzled himself into the female keyblader's cheek. In turn the celebrating feline then cried out, "yes! Booya! We did it lass! Victory's ours! We're-"

However quickly the female keyblader though had a small smile too. Quickly became breathless and the brief consciousness she had, quickly fled as her hand fell with her keyblade. As it vanished away in a twinkle of light, she was absorbed back into the recesses of the darkness!

Neighing in worry, Peter tried to awaken her. But it was no use!

Worried, Cait sith looking over then saw with agitated eyes that the flower of darkness, pulsating fast forcing her into that sleep as it continued to bloom from within her heart, hadn't gone! Seeing this, he couldn't believe it! "Darn! Ya sayin' that light's not strong enough to get rid of it!"

However there was no more time to ask questions, for-!



Suddenly looking on, Riku Mickey and Vincent saw with widened eyes that Bebuzzu's chest was quickly smashed apart by the light as his dark transformation was quickly being undone!

Covering his eyes, Vincent couldn't see in this sea of light and cried out, "what's happening?!"

Hearing him, Mickey replied as he tried to shied his eyes too, "I dunno! It's-"

Then he stopped for he saw quickly along with the others a massive hole in Bebuzzu's chest! Then there before them was-

"Guys!" Riku cried out in shock!

For there below them, there was indeed Nozomi unconscious with the flower of darkness still blooming and Cait sith, along with Peter fluttering overhead. Seeing them, Riku couldn't believe it!

Cait sith too was just as surprised to see his pals as he looked out, however quickly he cried out, "Riku, lads! Help this lass! She needs assistance real bad!"

Nodding instantly, he reacted, "okay!" With that quickly he flew straight down to retrieve her and everybody else!

Vincent looking on, was glad to see their comrades safe. But before he and the king could act, he turned sensing something! It was-!
As he got to them all, closer and closer a relieved smile came to Riku's face. He was so glad to see Nozomi again! Then reaching his hand out, he moved to touch her!


Suddenly at this cry, just as he was inches within reaching her, Riku turned as he recognised that cry with alarm! It was-

Then immediately he was struck and thrown out of the way! "AAAGGGHHH!"

The shape then descended and stood over his quarry with angered eyes! As it's shadow came over them, Cait sith shouted outraged, "Oi you-!" Quickly though, he was thrown back and he was sent flying! "AAAGGGHHH!"

As he was cut into, Riku turned as he cringed in the pain and quickly in moments he cried out, "Cait sith!" Then in moments he caught the small black and white cat in his arms!
Doing this, he looked back quickly and with Mickey along with Vincent. They saw that Nozomi had been caught! She was now within the arms of the terrifying long earred dark blue rabbit like monster they'd seen within Atlantis!

Peter in Nozomi's lap shivered in fright as he nestled in Nozomi's lap, trying to hide from the beast! The girl herself shivered in pain as the flower of darkness continued to swell in her heart!

Seeing this Riku became agitated, becoming angered himself Cait sith recovered and making it to the white haired keyblader's shoulder he cried out, "get ya creepy claws off her!"
Then at this shout, Riku rushed forwards as he brought his keyblade forth and cried out, "give her back!"

However before he could make any distance, the blinding yellow light that had been released from Bebuzzu, grew brighter and absorbed all those in it's radiance as the dark world around them faded and those trapped within were being returned, back to the outside world...