Chapter One

Chapter One

It was still dark and freezing when Sam arrived at the hospital. Another half hour and the sun would be up. Sam got out of his car and wrapped his coat tight around himself as he hurried over to the front doors of the hospital. He smiled at the desk clerk as he passed admissions.

'Hi Doctor McQueen,' she greeted.

'Hey Susan, you just get in or about to leave?' Sam asked.

'Just got in, sent Jerry home five minutes ago,' she explained.

'I guess I'll be seeing you then,' Sam waved.

'I didn't expect you to be here today though,' she spoke quickly before Sam could leave.

'…what do you mean?' Sam asked.

'You're not registered on today' she spoke as she clenched the sheet 'It's suppose to be your day off.'

Sam frowned.

'Well I was registered yesterday morning,' he held out his hand and Susan handed him the sheet.

'Oh well, not to worry, give it a couple more minutes and ring Dr Zeddmore. Tell him he can have the day off,' Sam directed and handed her back the sheet 'He's always complaining about not getting enough time off.'

'Yes Doctor,' she nodded and began to make the changes to the book.

Sam signed in and headed up to the surgical wing. He entered the attending's lounge and found Dr Alan Corbet already there.

'Hey man,' Sam greeted and opened his locker 'On call last night?'

'Ah yeah, hey,' Alan greeted 'I thought you were off today?'

'Nah, turns out someone messed with the register,' Sam clarified

'Oh, tough break. So who's off today then?'


'Oh,' Corbet's face fell a little.

'I'm sorry man but I don't know what it is you see in the guy, he's a complete douche.' Sam expressed and undressed.

'Yeah I know…he's just…but there's more to him than that.' Corbet tried.

'More to being a douche?' Sam asked with a smirk and shook his head 'Whatever.'

'So what's on your agenda today?' Sam asked as he got into his scrubs.

'Removing a tumour in an hour, then maybe I'll have to go in on a guy that came in yesterday. Fell off his own fire escape.'

'Smart,' Sam remarked and ran a hand through his hair before wrapping the stethoscope around his neck.

'He was on the third floor,' Corbet added.

'Ouch,' Sam sympathized.

'So he's got more pressing matters at the moment, but they're gonna run a few more tests once general's done saving his life. I think he might have a lesion in the left temporal lobe,' Corbet described 'If the Broca's area is damaged he's gonna have a hard life in front of him.'

'Yeah well I know very few people, who don't like talking,' Sam headed for the door and held it open as he and Corbet passed through.

'Just have to wait and see,' Corbet shrugged 'hey you wanna grab a quick cup of coffee?'

'You buying?' Sam grinned.

Maggie Oh stood by the nurse's station arms crossed and waiting for her bumbling interns. They were already ten minutes late. Maggie checked her watch again. They'd pay for their lateness, no matter the excuse. Maggie had a reputation of putting her interns through their paces. Which usually wasn't like her, those that really knew her knew she was a kind, sensitive and very empathetic person. But those characteristics don't carry you very far in medicine, ironically, and especially not in surgery. So she adopted a second hard ass, take no shit personality for her work and it worked well for her. She was chief resident and had a very good reputation involving her skills with a knife. The fact that all her close friends at the hospital were kick ass attending surgeons only supported the fearful reputation.

Finally the interns appeared at a run toward her, out of breath and dishevelled.

'Where the hell have you been? Rounds were meant to start fifteen minutes ago!' she exclaimed.

'Sorry Doctor Oh, some kid in paediatrics puked all over my scrubs and my others were in the laundry so I had to borrow-,' one of the interns spoke.

'And that required help from all four of you?' Maggie asked the rest of the group.

They all looked panicked trying to grasp at something to say.

'Pathetic really,' Maggie glared 'Don't ever let it happen again. If it were possible I'd make you all handle scut for the rest of the day. Now grab a damn chart and follow me.'

She headed of down the hallway with her interns chasing after her. They entered the first room and walked over to the man lying in the hospital bed, there's a woman by his side, most likely the wife.

'Hey Doc,' the man greeted.

'Hello Mr Weiss,' Maggie greeted warmly then turned to the interns and her gaze turned to steel 'Now which of you can tell me about Mr Weiss?'

'Ah I can!' the stringy intern with glasses stepped in.

'Great then why don't you-,'

'Good Morning everyone,' the group turned as Dr McQueen entered the room. Maggie's jaw dropped in surprise.

'Doctor McQueen! What are you doing here?' Maggie gaped 'I thought you were off today?'

'Not today,' Sam smiled and turned to the patient 'Hello Mr and Mrs Weiss, my name is doctor McQueen and I'll be taking charge of your case until you're released.'

'What happened to Doctor Benton?' Mrs Weiss asked.

'Dr McQueen is one of our attending cardio surgeons, as well as formally being Dr Benton's top student. He's more than qualified to handle your case.' Dr Oh clarified.

'Dr Benton is our chief of surgery so he is a very busy man. He told me to take good care of you, don't worry,

'Hi,' Mr Weiss greeted and frowned in thought 'McQueen huh? I gotta say you look mighty familiar doc.'

'Do I? Perhaps I just have one of those faces,' Sam humoured 'now who has Mr Weiss's chart?'

'I do,' the four eyed string bean spoke up and handed Sam the chart.

'Mr Weiss, forty-seven years old suffered an acute myocardial infarction last night at around eight pm. Dr Benton treated with TB and ordered constant monitoring for twelve to thirteen hours,' she recited.

'Ahuh, and why did he use TB?' Sam quizzed.

'Thrombolytic therapy is indicated for the treatment if the drug can be administered within 12 hours of the onset of symptoms of an acute myocardial infarction, it's far less expensive and risky procedure.' She answered.

'And if the patient presented more than 12 hours after symptoms commenced?' Sam tested.

'Then the risk of intracranial bleed is considered higher than the benefits of the thrombolytic agent and the patient is then either treated conservatively with anticoagulants and allowed to complete the infarction or PCI would be the next step.' She spoke quickly.

'Very good,' Sam commended 'Mr Weiss this is doctor…'

'Stale.' String bean provided.

'Dr Stale, she'll be assisting you today,' Sam introduced 'But since you're obviously not in any pain and your symptoms have stopped, this strongly suggests that you're going to be just fine.'

'Oh thank you doctor!' Mrs Weiss sighed.

'Not a problem,' Sam smiled.

'The Knicks!' Mr Weiss exclaimed suddenly making all of the doctors jump.

'Excuse me?' Maggie asked.

'I'm a huge Knicks fan! I tape every game they play, watch one maybe two every day.' He admitted.

'He does, it's pathetic,' Mrs Weiss confirmed.

'The 2006 games, you had court side seats for almost every game. You rake in that kind of money doc?' Weiss asked.

Sam laughed and scratched his head awkwardly.

'Are you kidding? In 2006 Dr McQueen was a resident. Nothing but lousy pay, long hours and debt,' Maggie explained.

'Then how'd you get the court side seats?' Weiss asked.

'I-ah know someone on the team,' Sam explained and tried to look busy examining Mr Weiss's chart.

'No kidding?! Who?' Weiss asked.

'The Coach,' Maggie intervened.

'Coach Winchester? Holy shit! The man's come up with some of the greatest plays I've ever seen. He's a total genius!' Weiss went on.

'Yeah, just ask him,' Sam grinned.

'So how come I haven't seen you at any of the recent games?' Weiss asked.

'I've been very busy. Afraid I just haven't had the time,' Sam handed the chart back to Stale.

'Keep an eye on his monitor and page me if his condition changes,' Sam directed 'I'll see you later Mr Weiss.'

'Thanks doc! Tell the coach to keep up the great average!'

'Sure,' Sam smiled and left room with Maggie and the interns following him.

'Just so you know my confidence in you has been severely depleted' Sam spoke to Maggie.

'I don't know what you're talking about,' Maggie feigned.

'You took my name off the schedule yesterday,' Sam stated.

'I most certainly did n-,' Maggie cut herself off at Sam's knowing stare 'Okay, yes I did. I thought you'd appreciate the day off, especially today.'

'What's so important about today?' Sam asked.

'Dean comes back from LA? Ring any bells?' Maggie reminded.

'Yeah, I know…so?' Sam asked as they continued down the hallway.

'So? He's been gone for over a month Sam, and he's coming back today with the entire day off. Stupid me I thought you'd want to spend some time with your boyfriend of twelve years,' she huffed.

'He's a grown man Maggie. He's got drivers to pick him up from the airport and drop him home, and I've got work to do, he knows how busy I am.' Sam shrugged.

'A huh,' she agreed sceptically.

'Maybe you could leave him some flowers at your home instead?' one of the interns offered.

Sam and Maggie turned and looked at them, they had both completely forgotten that they had an audience.

'I really don't think that's any of your business,' Maggie glared.

'S-sorry,' the intern stammered 'Only it's not like it's a secret. The whole hospital knows that Dr McQueen is dating the captain of the Knicks.'

'You're annoying me,' Maggie stated and the interns shut their mouths 'Go to the next room I'll be there shortly.'

The interns scurried away and Maggie turned to Sam.

'And you're annoying me too!' she stated as she turned to Sam 'A month is a long time Sam. Go home! And god help you if I see you in the hospital after this. I'm good friends with some of the nurses after all, I can make your life a living hell. How do rectal exams and enema's sound to you?'

Sam left the hospital because he always had plans on a Sunday. That's right, he had plans and was definitely not afraid of Maggie or the wrath of Maggie that would incur if she should catch him at the hospital, god forbid, doing his job. Sam entered the gym and felt his hip vibrate. He stopped and examined his very expensive and very handy phone. He had 1 voice message. He dialled the number and held it up to his ear, a familiar voice of sex spoke in his ear.

'Hey, I'm back at the apartment with the entire day to kill, a very rare occurrence, and you're not here. I guess you're at work, big shock there. Anyway, hurry back as soon as you can, I got a surprise for your giant ass. That's right a surprise, very girly of me I know, and it doesn't happen often so it's all the more reason to get the hell down here. Alright I'll give you the maximum deadline of nine o'clock, the maximum dude, what I got planned won't keep after that. Alright see you later man.' Dean finished.

Sam hung up, shoved his phone in his gym bag and headed straight for the basketball courts. The sight there made him smile.

'No, no way it's me and Anson versus Tommy and Jake,' Scott argued with crossed arms. Tommy bounced the ball rhythmically beside him and Jake stood opposite whilst Anson took off his shirt.

'Dude no, every time you two play against each other you get way too friendly on the court. You know when they say stay on your man they don't mean in a completely literal sense,' Jake debated.

'Oh come on, we're not a pair of horndogs we can play basketball without insinuating something sexual,' Scott defended.

'Dude! I've seen you guys grope each other nearly a dozen times in the past two Sundays alone,' Jake pointed out.

'Beside's who said you get to choose the teams? You're not in charge here Mr CEO. Truthfully I've had enough of ball this month to last me for good.' Anson added now shirtless.

'Then why the hell did you come then?' Tommy asked.

'Meh, nothing better to do,' Anson shrugged.

'Hey guys,' Sam stepped on the court.

'Hey Sam,' Scott greeted.

'What the hell are you doing here?' Tommy asked.

'Ah it's Sunday? We always play ball on a Sunday?' Sam reminded.

'Well yeah but we figured you wouldn't be coming today,' Jake clarified.

'Why not?' Sam asked.

'Ah because the Knicks just got back from a month of mid season training?' Anson clarified 'Why the hell aren't you home with Dean getting screwed on any flat surface available?'

'Dude! Too much!' Jake exclaimed.

'How the hell do you know if Sam's a top or a bottom? Sam could be the one screwing Dean against the flat surface?' Scott questioned.

Tommy and Anson both looked at Scott like he was an idiot.

'I hate you guys, seriously.' Jake grumbled.

'Can you seriously see Dean as a bottom?' Tommy asked him 'Sure maybe once in a while but that guy screams I'm gonna pin you down and fuck you till you scream.'

'Really?' Scott asked Tommy with a half glare.

'Dude nothing like what you're thinking. It's just tops know other tops and Dean is definitely the screwer,' Tommy clarified.

'Which makes our Sam here the screwee, aka: the bitch,' Anson slapped Sam on the back.

'I am no one's bitch,' Sam defended himself.

'Except Dean's you mean?' Tommy smirked.

'Hey here's an idea, how about we play some basketball?' Sam offered.

'Ahah! Trying to change the subject, very clear and incriminating evidence that Sam is the bottom!' Anson pointed upward in a eureka pose.

'It's okay Sam, there's no shame in being a bottom,' Tommy comforted.

'Hell yes there is!' Scott argued 'Only the same kind of seems insignificant when you're being pounded into at multiple angles, loosing your mind and cumming all over your chest.'

'So…you're speaking from experience then?' Anson clarified.

'Whatever,' Sam shrugged 'So where's Andy?'

'At home with the Mrs,' Anson answered.

'Alright then, so we've got two on two, me and Jake versus Tommy and Scott. Anson's ref,' Sam spoke up.

'Sounds good to me,' Anson slumped back on the bench.

'Yeah us too,' Scott nodded 'You good Jake?'

'I'm sorry, I blacked out after the screwing and flat surface talk, what are we doing?' Jake asked.

After the game the guys hit the showers and then came the usual endless teasing of Jake in the showers (who still wasn't very comfortable being around his very gay, yet taken, friends naked). Sam had left as Tommy hugged Jake from behind wearing only his towel whilst Jake was very much naked. Anson and Scott were pissing themselves at the remarkably high pitch of the homicide detectives squeal. Sam then drove back to the hospital and for the past five hours managed to do his job whilst evading Maggie, although he did have a couple of close calls. One of which involved twenty minutes of hiding in a private room with a patient who Sam was sure was there to dose up on inhibitors of neural pathways connecting the woman's brain to her mouth. Sam had almost lost all track of time finishing up on paperwork when an intern popped out of nowhere nearly shocking him to death.

'Hi Doctor McQueen,' she grinned.

'Ah hi…Dr Stale right?' Sam guessed.

'Yeah,' she beamed 'Ah Dr Benton sent me to tell you that Mr Weiss began presenting again this afternoon so he was taken into surgery an hour ago,'

'Why didn't you page me? Mr Weiss is my case now?' Sam asked.

'Ah well Dr Oh told me you went home so I paged Dr Benton, he only knew you were here cause one of the nurses saw you enter the attending's locker room,' she reasoned.

'Fine then, what else did Dr Benton say?' Sam asked.

'He said that if you wanted in on the surgery you're welcome in the OR, but he's already begun and it's a very lengthy and textbook procedure that you've already done over a couple dozen times so feel free to leave whenever you're able,' she finished.

Sam looked up at the clock on the wall that read 8:35 pm. He hesitated for 5 seconds.

'Tell Dr Benton I'll be scrubbing in,' Sam directed.

Sam turns the key in the lock and opens the door to this apartment. It's dark and quiet inside, almost as if Dean had never come home. Sam entered cautiously and put his keys on the rack, right underneath the clock that read 1:47. Sam shrugged off his coat and walked further into his home. A musky but pleasant fragrance wafted about the apartment and grew stronger as he neared the kitchen. He entered the dining room and found very cold and uneaten food on the table by a set of candles, no doubt the source of the fruity scent. Sam went into the kitchen and washed his hands before splashing his face running a hand through his hair. He turned around to find Dean standing in the hallway arms crossed with a frosty look on his face.

'You're too late,' Dean stated.

'Yeah sorry I had to work,' Sam excused.

'Surprising,' Dean spoke as though it were anything but 'how many fucking times is this scenario going to play out Sam?'

'Can we not do this?' Sam asked.

'Sure, whatever's fucking convenient for you!' Dean snapped.

'I'm tired Dean,' Sam sighed.

'So am I Sam. I'm tired of all this bullshit. Of your bullshit!' Dean snapped 'I don't deserve this Sam!'

'Listen to yourself, you sound like a whiney little wife,' Sam stated.

The punch hit Sam hard and he fell back against the sink.

'Fine, have it your way. No more talking,' Dean snarled and punched Sam in the stomach.

Sam doubled over for a second before running at Dean from that height and hitting him in the chest, sending them both flying into the living room and landing heavily near the couch, dangerously close to the coffee table. Sam landed a couple hits to Dean's stomach before Dean flipped them and straddled Sam's waist. He managed to land one punch before all he could do was try to stop Sam from bucking him off or avoid the wild punches Sam was throwing at him. Eventually Dean managed to pin Sam's hands by his head and keep Sam tight against the ground to avoid being thrown off.

'You're such a fucking asshole,' Dean spat 'and that asshole belongs to me.'

'Fuck you Dean! I don't belong to anybody!'

'We both know that's bullshit,' Dean spoke and then bent down and pressed his lips against Sam's neck. He placed surprisingly gentle kisses to Sam's neck and Sam had to shut his eyes. Even when they were fighting, Dean was always gentle when things turned this way; he never hurt Sam when he was making love to him. And despite everything when Dean's hot tongue tasted the skin of Sam's neck it made Sam shiver and gasp as his cock hardened. Dean nibbled at Sam's collarbone and rocked his hips once but hard against Sam's erection. Sam groaned and tossed his head back, offering more of himself to Dean.

'See Sammy? You're already giving in. You're mine, and I'm gonna remind you of that, right the fuck now,' Dean whispered and began to grind his hip against Sam's cock.

'S bullshit,' Sam denied despite the pre-come staining his pants.

Dean manoeuvred Sam's wrists so could pin them with one hand and open Sam's jeans with the other. Sam couldn't help but cry out when the head of his cock passed through the slit of his boxers and Dean delicately ran a finger over the slit. Dean began to stroke, caress and tease in all the places that made Sam buck and gasp and groan. Sam was shaking from his attempts of control whilst Dean was sending his body to sweet nirvana. Dean extended his touch further and caressed the skin behind Sam's balls. The younger keened and arched up to his lover.

'There's no arguing or getting away from this Sam,' Dean whispered and made Sam gasp.

Dean continued his assault on Sam's sensitive and pleasure starved body. He stroked Sam's cock, caressed Sam's balls and barely brushed his touch over Sam's entrance. Sam was writhing and begging, fists white knuckled in Dean's grip. Ten minutes later and Sam was beyond any control whatsoever.

'If I let you go will you try to throw me off?' Dean asked.

'God…fuck no. Dean please! Let me touch you. I need to touch you baby please,' Sam begged.

Dean let go of Sam's wrists and Sam's arms immediately began to claw at Dean. Ripping off his older lover's shirt and throwing it god knows where as he shoved his hands down the back of Dean's jeans. There wasn't any talking after that, just cursing and groans and load shouts and whimpers as they both lost themselves in getting their fill of each other. It wasn't long until Dean had Sam spread wide and eased himself inside his lover. Dean began to move in an out, slowly at first before Sam urged him on, then Dean was pounding Sam into the rug. Sweat dripping off both of them, panting and falling a part; their bodies shaking with the too much pleasure building between them. Sam was a babbling mess as Dean thrust against his prostate and Sam's cock rubbed against the skin of Dean's belly. Sam came first clutching at Dean's shoulders and yelling. Dean came soon after as he bit into Sam's neck and filled his lover with come as he fucked Sam through his orgasm.

Sam passed out right there on the rug. Dean panting in his lover's neck as he tried to calm down. Dean sat up and pulled out of Sam with that familiar wet pop, the sound that never failed to give him a delightful shiver. Dean looked down at Sam and felt that tug in his belly. He ran his hand through Sam's hair and rested his head against Sam's for a few moments before he stood and lifted Sam into his arms. He carried Sam down the hall and into their room before gently placing Sam on their bed. Dean had no idea how he could love someone so much, even when that person hurt him nearly everyday. Worst of it all was Dean had no idea why. Why Sam was treating him like this, what he had done, all he wanted was Sam back the way he was. Innocent and so fucking full of love that he radiated it. Dean snuggled in close to Sam and breathed in his lover's scent. Even though Sam was right there in his arms, it felt like Sam…his Sam was gone and never coming back.

'I miss you,' Dean whispered into Sam's ear before closing his eyes and letting sleep blissfully take him somewhere else, knowing he would wake up in reality alone.

Sam took a very long sip of coffee and rubbed his eyes. He had been working since six o'clock and it was nearing lunch time. God he felt tired. Sam drank more coffee and through sheer force of will resumed his concentration on the chest films he was examining. I was in that moment when Andy burst through the door out of breath, a little sweaty and with a huge grin on his face.

'Hey Andy, what you doing here man?' Sam asked and placed the films back on the desk.

'It's Sarah, she's in labour man!' Andy exclaimed.

'What? Now?' Sam asked surprised.

'Yeah, it's a whole week early but the doctor said not to worry, that things are looking good. So I just wanted to come see you and let you know that we're here in the hospital and about to become some seriously kick ass parents,' Andy exclaimed.

'Dude, that's…really really amazing,' Sam emphasised 'But if Sarah's in labour than shouldn't you be with her?'

'Nah the doc said it was going to be a long labour so I had plenty of time to come find you, she's cool she understands.' Andy disregarded.

'Dude, you should go to her now, trust me, once the pain really starts she definitely will care and she will hold it over your head for your entire life if you abandon her while she's giving birth to your child,' Sam promised.

'…really?' Andy paled.

'Oh yeah I've seen it happen,' Sam confirmed 'So go be with her, I'll come and check up with you guys when I can.'

Sam's pager goes off interrupting their conversation. Sam's pulls it out of his white coat and checks the display.

'Oh shit, I got to go Andy, I'll see you later,' Sam speaks quickly as he runs down the hallway toward the emergency room. Sam enters the ER and it's in a complete panic. Nurses, doctors and people injured and screaming everywhere. Sam sees Maggie and hurries over to her.

'What's wrong, what happened?' Sam asked.

'An ambulance on the way to the hospital turned into the one way street heading in the wrong direction. A lot of people were injured, a lot of carnage which means lots of awesome surgeries,' Maggie beamed.

'Most of the damn people on that street were probably on their way to the god damn hospital anyway, I guess this just gets them here faster and as a bonus now they don't have to wait for a minimum of an hour,' Zeddmore suddenly appeared beside them.

'Way to look on the positive side of a disaster asshole,' Spruce pushed past him to one of the bloodied patients.

'I do try,' Zeddmore sighed as Sam hurried over to paramedics who just wheeled a young girl through the door.

Half an hour later and they were still in a panic. With way too many patients and not enough doctors.

'Doctor McQueen!' Sam turned to find a very vulnerable looking intern looking up at him scared out of her mind.

'Yeah what is it?' Sam asked.

'Another one is coming in, they just had to cut him out of the car, I'm suppose to contact my resident but I can't find him,' she stressed.

'That's alright, tell me what's the injuries?' Sam asked.

'Severe head trauma, and a crushed leg with other minor injuries. Paramedics say a red tag, they don't even know if he'll arrive here alive,' she recounted.

'Okay now listen to me, page Dr Corbet and the orthopaedic surgeon on call, tell them what's going on,' Sam instructed.

'So it's for neuro and ortho?' she asked.

'Yeah sounds like the head injury and the leg are our primary focus. So contact them, I'll take care of him until they get here,' Sam promised and hurried to the ambulance bay.

Sam shoved on a new pair of gloves as the ambulance pulled up and the paramedics wheeled out the guy on a gurney. They shouted further complications at him as they pushed in through the doors of the hospital. Sam nodded the okay and the paramedics hurried back to the ambulance and the scene. Maggie hurried over to him all out of breath and high on adrenaline.

'What have we got?' she asked.

'Red tag, crushed leg and major cranial bleed,' Sam recounted and pulled back the bandage on the guy's head to ask him his name.

Sam froze and forgot to breath.

'Oh my god,' Maggie gasped.

Sam's arms were shaking as he cradled the guy's face and whipped the blood from his freckled cheeks.

'Dean?' Sam whispered.