Sam sat at table outside his favourite café. It was on the street, surrounded by the weekly market. Crowds of people were mingling, admiring the stalls and being social with other locals. It was a particularly hot day, Sam's shirt was sticking to his back and he was incredibly thirsty, hence the stopping at the café. Sam's pocket vibrated, he picked up the phone and held it to his hear.

'Hello?' Sam greeted.

'Waaaasssuuuuuuup!' a voice greeted on the other line.

'Okay, I'm hanging up now,' Sam informed the guy one the line.

'Come on dude, lighten up a bit,' Andy sighed on the phone.

'Well I have to admit, that was a little amusing, like a grandfather trying to talk smack to be cool for his grandkids. Far out, groovy man,' Sam teased.

'Bite me McQueen,' Andy replied wittily 'So, Tristan tells me you've run away again.'

'I'm sure I don't know what you mean,' Sam drawled and looked out among the crowd.

'I called him to confirm his and Greg's attendance next week and I mentioned you,' Andy went on 'Next thing I know I'm still on the phone with him two hours later, and he's done nothing but complain about certain heart surgeons in his practise which leave work for a few weeks every two months to escape down to their home in Mexico, with no contact numbers and no notice.'

'That doesn't sound like me,' Sam scoffed at the same moment a mariachi band walked past, music loud and unsmotherable.

'Yeah, you're right, it sounds like you're hard at work,' Andy spoke sarcastically 'You owe me $300 in phone bills bitch. Christ that guy complains a lot, I don't know why he doesn't just fire your ass.'

'He needs me,' Sam replied honestly 'I'm one of the best. Plus I'm the best friend he has outside of his bedroom.'

'Sure,whatever man,' Andy snorted 'So did you hear about Scott and Tommy's recent drama?'

'Yeah man, I was there remember? They fly me down with them for basketball with you losers every Sunday,' Sam sighed.

'No, I mean their recent, recent drama?' Andy asked.

'…I have no idea,' Sam rolled his eyes.

'Dude it was freaking hilarious, this news reporter was interviewing Scott about this new homeless shelter he opened up, and Tommy was standing next to him being the good supportive board member. When out of nowhere she turns to Tommy and asks so, you must be very proud of your husband's charitable work.' Andy recounted.

'No fucking way!' Sam gaped.

'They both just froze, I swear they were dead pale. I've never laughed so hard in my life!' Andy giggled 'I put it on youtube, I'll email the link to you, I've already sent it to everybody else.'

'You're evil,' Sam remarked.

'Well Anson helped, I can't take all the credit,' Andy acknowledged 'He was over having a few beers with me when it came on the tv.'

'He's already working on putting the follow up interview on youtube. Where Scott tumbles over himself trying to make it clear that they're not married, although there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, if people want to get married, and not to say that he might not in the future, since he's been with his boyfriend for Fifteen years,' Andy laughed 'Those guys are gonna kill me, I swear, I'm gonna suffocate from laughing too hard.'

'Fifteen years huh? Shit we're getting old, come a few years we're gonna be needing canes and wheelchairs,' Sam shuddered.

'This coming from the guy in Mexico kicking back on the beach and having lots and lots of sex,' Andy sighed.

'Yeah, you have a point. I'm quite loving being 33 actually,' Sam sighed.

'Even when the guy you're boning is going on 37?' Andy asked.

'Mmm but he's a hot 37 year old. He's got the Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp thing going on. The reverse aging process, I swear he keeps getting hotter and hotter,' Sam's thoughts drifted to the night before….and then this morning 'With age comes wisdom, experience, and innovation…lots of innovation, and skill. Yeah, he's got a gift.'

'Ew dude,' Andy winced on the line.

Said lover exited the café at the moment, cool long drinks in hand and looking amongst the tables searching for Sam. Sam's heart warmed at the sight, there's no other way of describing it, Adoration and affection welled up in him as well as that ever present pesky annoying feeling that refused to go away, even after twelve years of putting up with each other, one and a half years of trying to distance himself and pushing his lover away, one year of support and recuperation through illness and another two years of unfailing devotion whilst setting up a new life in Miami.

Sam raised his hand and felt a huge smile spread across his face. Dean spotted him, and was unable to stop returning the honest and sincere grin. Dean walked over and sat down beside him, sliding Sam's drink across the table for him.

'Thank you,' Sam mouthed. Dean winked at him in return before sitting back and sipping on his own drink whilst Sam finished up with the phone call.

'So was there any other reason you're calling other than to bitch about Tristan or spread gossip about Scott and Tommy?' Sam asked.

'Yeah, I was just wondering if this little vacation of yours is going to end before mid next week. I don't know if you remember but there's a certain special event-,' Andy started.

'Relax Andy, we promised remember. No way Dean would miss his godsons third birthday,' Sam comforted.

Across the table Dean grinned and sat forward, snatching the phone from Sam's hand.

'Hey Gallagher,' Dean greeted 'Tell my little godsons, not to worry, I wouldn't leave them alone with a bunch of boring adults and kids who still wear diapers. I already got their birthday present. Do you think 3 boxes of illegal fireworks is enough or should I go for an even four?'

Sam chuckled and took a sip of his drink.

'Now listen here Winchester-,' Andy started.

'Hu-wa—stu break-ing up- ba ma-later dude.' Dean faked, hung up and turned off Sam's phone before passing it back to his lover 'I thought you turned your phone off?'

'I did, but I turned it back on to use the camera, must have forgotten to turn it back off again,' Sam shrugged.

'Huh, when were you taking photos?' Dean asked.

'To take a photo of that con artists face when you sunk all five balls through his basketball hoop,' Sam grinned, no need to tell Dean about the dozen other photos or so he had taken of Dean when he was unaware. Wouldn't want his lover to think he was getting soft.

'Really?' Dean asked suspiciously and then quickly snagged Sam's phone back.

'No! Wait Dean!' Sam reached back but Dean back up out of reach.

Dean scrolled through the photos with a mischievous grin on his face. Then the smile fell away and Sam hung his head in defeat.

'I'm getting soft in my old age,' Sam grumbled 'A few years ago and you would never have gotten that off of me.'

Dean slid the phone back across to Sam. Before taking his lovers hand in his and said

'Wow you must be really embarrassed right now,'

'Shut up!' Sam scowled and pulled away from Dean as his boyfriend laughed at him 'You realise now I'm going to have to induce another round of amnesia. Only this time I'll make it permanent so-.'

Dean pulled him from across the table and pressed their lips together cutting Sam off. Lips parted them softly and tongues swept across each other. Sam moaned and wrapped his arms around Dean, aggravation completely forgotten.

They pulled away and rested their foreheads together for a moment before sitting back down and returning to their drinks.

Sam loved Mexico, or more specifically their area of Mexico it was the only place where they could be together like this without receiving glares or judgement. It was their own little fantasy town. Their safe haven. However hot it was.

The drinks didn't last long, and with Dean's encouragement they were once more walking down the markets, browsing the stalls, checking out the exotic fruits Sam loved so much. Then they were walking back home. To spend the night lying out on the beach, or lounging at home, or making love as long and as hard or as soft and gentle as they wanted. Beside him Dean reached over and took Sam's hand in his. It was so perfect. It was almost bittersweet because they knew they would have to return next week. But they'll be back, two months from now, when Dean looks at him with that mischievous smile on his face and asks that same question he asked of Sam at the prom fifteen years ago.

'Come with me,'

And Sam would, and always will. Until death do they part, and maybe not even then.