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Kelsi sat at her piano, the music flowing freely from her fingertips. When she played her music she was completely oblivious to anything else that was going on around her, sometimes a little too oblivious. Today was one of those days.

"Kelsi!" shouted the tall blonde that Kelsi was far too familiar with, the clip clop of her high heels striding towards the small girl at the piano. Oh god, what have I done now? Thought Kelsi her mind flicking through anything that she may be going to get yelled at for but before she could find something Sharpay was standing over her looking incredibly pissed off.

"Yes…S-Sharpay?" a frightened Kelsi asked her eyes not daring to meet the tall blonde's eyes.

"Did I not tell you to change the tempo in the bridge of this song?" she asked slamming the sheet music on the top of the piano, making Kelsi jump.

"Oh…uh…um…" Kelsi tried to force the words out, she new what she needed to say: "That part needs to be kept slow to keep the integrity of the song" but would the words come out? Of course not. So Sharpay was left standing there, hands on hips tapping her toes impatiently waiting for the mouse to squeak.

"But Sharpay, I just wanted to keep the integrity of the song…It means a lot to me..." Her voice trailing off her mind obviously in thought about the meaning of the song.

"Change it" Replied Sharpay bluntly, taking no notice of what the small girl had said.

"Bu-" Sharpay took a step towards the girl and grabbed her by the collar of her shirt lifting her up, her glare meeting Kelsi's wide eyed gaze.

"Change it" Repeated Sharpay, feeling the girl tremble under her grip she felt so much power. Not many people would know it but Sharpay was pretty strong, even if it was just when overpowering small pianists.

Sharpay let go of Kelsi's collar but her glare stayed fixed on her eyes until Kelsi dropped her head and nodded in defeat. I tried she tried to reassure herself I really tried.

Sharpay gave Kelsi a fake smile and turned to walk out the door.

"Oh drop it by my house later tonight" Sharpay stated walking away.

"Oh I c-can't tonight I'm bus-" Sharpay spun around and shot Kelsi a daring look.

"Ok…see you then" said Kelsi defeated once again. Sharpay just smirked and left the room. She knew Kelsi wouldn't stand up to her, and that was just the way she liked it.