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Ryan knew what he was doing, if the school wouldn't pay for a new piano, then he would find the money himself. He walked into the gym where basketball practice had just finished up.

"Yo, Evans what's up?" Asked a sweaty looking Chad Danforth. Ryan took his hat off and ran his hands through his blond hair.

"Um, can you just get everyone to meet me back here in twenty minutes? Girls included." He asked, his eyes pleading with Chad.

"Yeah sure what's wrong?" Chad asked, throwing Ryan the ball.

"Ah I'll explain everything, I just need everyone here" He said.

Chad nodded, "Alright, twenty minutes" He confirmed and left the room.

Ryan looked up as the rest of the Wildcats entered the gym.

"Everyone's here" Chad confirmed, "except for Kelsi…we couldn't find her, maybe she went home?" Chad explained.

"Oh no that's alright, actually this is about her" Ryan told them.

"What, is she ok?" Troy asked worriedly, Kelsi was like a little sister to most of the Wildcats, even though she was the same age as them, she was rather shorter than most of them.

"Don't worry, she's fine" he explained to the Wildcats.

"Well what's the problem then?" Jason asked.

"Well, the problem is the school's piano was destroyed" Ryan started, a few "What's" and "How's" were mumbled throughout the small group as Ryan continued, "Someone cut the strings and now it wont play, I think I have an idea of who might have done it, but there's no evidence but I do know that a certain blonde actress may have wanted revenge" He told the group and realization swept across their faces, only to be replaced with anger.

"Miss Darbus asked Mr. Matsui to get it replaced, but apparently that's not of high priority on the schools funding list, so I was thinking maybe we could do something to raise enough money to maybe buy a new one?" he asked hopefully, looking around the group of teenagers. The Wildcats erupted into chatter containing, "Of course!" "Sure!" and other confirmations.

"Of course we'll help Kelsi!" Martha exclaimed on account of the group, "But what should we do?" she asked.

"Well we could run a basketball clinic for kids?" Chad suggested and the boys on the basketball team nodded in agreement.

"What about a bake sale? Classic yet conventional!" Gabriella asked and some more confirmations echoed throughout the group.

"I can get my dad to put some money towards it too…" Ryan suggested, unlike his sister he wasn't one who liked to flaunt his wealth, but it was to help out Kelsi so it wasn't really flaunting.

"Good idea!" Troy said, "We can get her friend Billie to help out too!"

The Wildcats continued to plan out how they would raise the money for a new piano before the talent show.


Billie sat on Kelsi's bed flipping through an old photo album. "Aw! You're so cute Kelsi!" she exclaimed, pointing to a picture of a five year old Kelsi cuddling a ginger cat. Kelsi just laughed and lied down next to Billie on her bed.

"So do they know who broke the piano?" Billie asked.

"No, but I have my suspicions…" Kelsi told Billie.

"Sharpay." Billie said, and she was spot on.

"Yeah, I mean I know she doesn't like me but why do something like that? Especially if she could get caught, it doesn't seem worth it." Kelsi said, looking at the ceiling.

"Mm I know, argh that girl frustrates me!" Billie exclaimed, slamming the photo album shut. "You're going to do something about this" She told Kelsi.

"I am?" Kelsi asked, furrowing her eyebrows.

"You are." Billie confirmed.


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