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The water splattered against my bare skin as steam filled the washroom. My eyes were tired in a sense, being too absorbed in everything that it didn't get the sufficient blinks a normal person would give it. I was both excited and nervous about school. Today would be my first experience interacting with people - people that would see me as an equal, not a disabled girl. My mind was contemplating on several things. Would I be happy to leave behind those walls I've built around my life for new people to enter into my life? I was content with my parents, Phil, and the tutors...but was it time?

I shut off the shower, along with all anxious thoughts and dried off. Pulling a sweater and jeans ensemble together, I clambered down the stairs, still unadjusted with my visual perception. Clanking of plates and utensils were echoed into my ears when I arrived downstairs. I peered into the kitchen to find Charlie lifting a rather burnt toast out of the toaster. He was finished frying an egg - also more brown than white.

"Good morning!" He said with a cheerful voice, gesturing for me to sit. I sat down and watched Charlie fumble with the hot "breakfast" and waited.

"Do you need help?" I suggested, standing up.

"No no! Let me prepare this meal. It's your first day at school!" Charlie placed down two platters of...well, I wouldn't say it was edible food really. The bacon was shriveled and burnt, looking like jerky than anything. The egg, as I'd seen it, was supposedly sunny side up, but all I saw was the yolk spill out everywhere. The toast was okay, if cutting off more than a half of it counted. I gulped, staring at the plate and hoping Charlie didn't expect me to eat that.

"Umm, dad, do you want me to cook our meals?" I looked up and watched him poke his own food. He seemed rather disgusted with his cooking too.

"I'm so sorry kiddo. I usually go to the local diner for food...I just thought I'd cook something for you on the first day...like a surprise?" He was so unsure of how to explain himself, it turned into a question.

"Dad, really, it's fine. I can whip us something up right now if you want?" He stood up and shook his head, taking our plates and emptying it into the trash can.

"No, let's go to the diner. I can drive you to school after it anyways. Come on."

In such a small town, the businesses were scarce. There were only two "eat-out" restaurants in Forks. One of them was a fancy restaurant with overpriced food and the other was a retro-styled drive-in diner. It had all the red-hot coloured booths and stools that lined the counters. The authenticity was amazing, including a working jukebox too. The only problem was I had been hoping for the ladies in shocking pink outfits to serve us with bubble gum in their mouths and messy, piled up hair. It was just an average place with the caterers wearing black pants and a white dress shirt. Oh well, I had read enough books about the world to have a vision of it anyways. I always had a picture in my mind when I was blind, something to keep myself preoccupied.

My brain seemed so protective of everything else in the world, it blocked out the sadness and depressing factors in life and only happiness was shown for myself. If I didn't know better, I'd think my brain worked differently...but I had too little social contacts with anyone, and that gave me little to no evidence of what my brain did and how someone that's disabled would use it. They say when one of your senses fail, the others would pick up the slack and work even harder. I always had better smell and hearing than my mother. I wonder what it'd feel like now that I'm completely able and normal?

My breakfast came in the form of a good old American styled platter. With eggs, sausages, toast and bacon. Charlie had already scarfed his down while I was slowly piecing mine together in an artistic manner I thought would look more appetizing. I never really got to know the true way food looked. I always had to substitute it with my imagination, with how it felt, how it tasted, how it would look with the description my mother gave me. The egg was usually round, the sausages a cylinder, the bacon a shrivelled up piece of fat...everything was described to me.

Seeing it, I couldn't even bare to eat it. It felt like I would swallow up a piece of the imagination I used to visualize everything.

"Not hungry, Bells?" Charlie asked, looking at me as he picked up his glass of orange juice. He downed that in seconds too.

"Just nerves I think." I replied, taking a bite out of the toast. I didn't quite feel like eating and I guess the nerves really had something to do with it.

"Well, let's get started, are you going to finish that?"

I smiled and slid my plate towards Charlie with what I hadn't ate, which happened to be a lot. I only ate the toast a small selections of the other breakfast items. He consumed them in a matter of seconds, gulping down a new glass of orange juice and ordering for the bill. We were out of the diner and driving slowly to Forks High when I noted a blur of white in my peripheral vision. It was like a streak of white light that disappeared as quickly as it passed, not even giving me a chance to blink and wonder at what it was.

It must have been my eyes, I comforted myself, relaxing my body into the leather seats while trying to hide my face. I could see people's stares when the police cruiser pulled into the parking lot.

Little numbers on people's heads were floating around still, as it should have been. I guess it was normal for me to see them...shouldn't it? My worries weren't really about silly holographic arithmetic on top of my head as much as it is about how I would leave Charlie's cruiser undetected. It would be hard, seeing as every eye in the parking lot was already staring at the car...and who was in the passenger seat. Charlie must have told everyone that his little girl would be coming to school here...

"Good luck." We were both not very verbose and saying anything that would show emotions was...rather awkward. I nodded and opened the door to greet a strong breeze. I tried to ignore the eyes but, it was kind of hard. They just...stared.

I walked towards the main office, to follow up in the procedures Charlie told me about, and decided to look at the cars to divert anymore attention away from me...I mean, it's bad to stare back at someone who's staring at you, right? They were mainly pretty old cars with dents and scratches here and there. One car did stand out, a silver one that looked new and fresh off the manufacturing press. It almost hurt my eyes looking at how bright it was.

Arriving at Building 3, which was also the office, I opened the door and stepped into the warm, potted plant-infested room. It was cozy with a row of armchairs facing the reception desk, with three ladies sitting down, chatting. I walked up to one of them, a red head with laugh marks, and introduced myself.

"Hello, I'm Isabella Swan."

"Oh! Welcome Isabella!" That got the other two's attentions, as they looked up at me, smiling and probably thinking of some gossip during lunch with all the teachers. I didn't know how to read people's faces, but they were definitely the kind who'd need a good topic to linger on for office hour boredom.

"Well, here's your schedule...and this is the map of the school. Now I've used different coloured highlighters to route out which way is the quickest. This sheet needs to be signed by your teachers and returned today afterschool. Enjoy your day Isabella."

I thanked them and began making my way to first period: English.

"...Now can anyone explain the inductions of a foreshadowing in which Tybalt would kill Mercutio, and thus making Romeo kill Tybalt?" As I knocked softly on the door, I quickly regretted getting so much attention. A whole class of students quickly looked up at me, even those that seemed to have been day dreaming.

"Hello. You must be Isabella Swan, correct?" I nodded and stepped up to him, handing him the sheet the woman wanted me to sign. He smiled, gave me a course package and copy of Romeo and Juliet before sending me to the back of the room. I was relieved to get the back seat, considering it would limit the chances of someone staring at me. Boy, was I wrong when I noticed how people would sneak a peek at me, however obvious it was.

I looked down at the sheets of paper Mr. Varner had handed me, making a mental checklist of which novels I had to re-read and which ones I may have needed to read more on. William Shakespeare, Jane Austen...they were all books and plays I've read and owned. Afraid to look up, I opened up Romeo and Juliet to the Act 1 Scene 1 and read unenthusiastically.

When the bell rang, I picked up my belongings and proceeded to my next class. Needing the time to memorize the school's layout, I finally arrived in my second period math. I felt fairly good in class, as I was once again allowed to sit in the back and not be forced to introduce myself to everyone else. During the homework period, a cute, baby-faced boy came up to me. His pale blond hair was spiked up in perfectly designated angles and was smiling.

"So...you're Isabella Swan?" He asked with uncertainty, it almost made me feel as though if he didn't want to talk to me.

"Yes, but I prefer Bella." He apologized and continued on with other inquiries.

"Do you like it here? I heard you're from Phoenix? But then you don't look at all tanned..." He gave me a questioning look, like he was inspecting how alabaster white my skin was.

I grimaced at how little I made contact with the outside world. "My mom's half albino."

Just as I answered, the loud sounds of the bell rang. When I finally finished packing up and leaving, Mike walked up behind me and proceeded with his questions. Thank God I didn't have to supply the talking, considering it was new to me, being so isolated from the outside world for so long. It seemed like it was just yesterday that I would stay at home or walk to the library occasionally for a book.

"What class do you have next?" Mike broke my little daydreaming with a question I couldn't ignore. I scrutinized the visual image I had of my schedule to remember.

"Math, it seems." I replied, taking a turn towards my math class.

"Oh, well I'll walk you there. Mine's next door...Spanish." He made a shivering gesture and smiled as he stopped in front of a classroom. "Well, we're here. I'll see you around then. Bye!"

I hurried into the classroom before the bell rang and gave the teacher my sheet. He gave me a seat to sit beside a rather talkative girl with sandy-blond hair. She was sneaking a few looks at me before finally engaging me to talk after the trigonometry lecture Mr. Brown gave us.

"So, are you Isabella Swan?" I groaned internally and nodded, smiling slightly.

"But I prefer Bella."

"Oh, well hello. My name's Jessica Stanley and welcome to Forks!" She held out her hand and smiled with an angelic smile, obviously delighted to begin unlocking the mysteries of the 'new girl'.

When the bell finally rang, Jessica had supplied me with a lot of school gossip, weather report, clothing choices and everything in between. I was grateful she supplied most of the talking.

As we walked down the hallway, I could notice all eyes being on me. Isabella Swan, the new girl. The daughter of respected officer, Charlie Swan. It seemed just like yesterday when I was never in the spotlight - just another blind girl in the big city where no one cared who you are.

Leading me to her table of friends after picking out our lunches, Jessica plopped down into her seat and pulled up one for me.

"Bella, this is Eric, Angela, Ben, and Laura. Eric, Angela, Ben and Laura, this is Bella." They all greeted me and continued eating their lunches nonchalantly while I tried to mentally remember their names. I gave up after a few more attempts and nibbled on my lunch quietly. I looked up occasionally, seeing the quick glances everyone gave me. I knew they were trying hard not to gawk at me. I felt like just saying 'Go ahead! Stare at me!'

There were a lot of students in the cafeteria when I finally finished the last bite of my lunch. Accompanying the faces of the students were the odd band of gold numbers on top of their heads. Having been ignoring it for so long, it slightly intrigued me once again to try and understand what they meant. I was no where near deciphering it until I saw a group of students get up out of their seats.

The biggest, most muscular of the bunch caught my eyes easily, with his tall and huge frame. Wrapping her slender arms around his thick bands of muscles was a gorgeous blonde, one that would make Aphrodite feel ashamed of herself. Another couple was behind them, a peculiar black-haired pixie-like girl who only reached up to her much taller, blonde boyfriend.

My attention however, was emphasized mainly on the boy that followed them. He was handsome. His skin was alabaster white, as with his other friends and their strange statuesque beauty. The strong jawline, a straight nose, shimmering bronze coloured hair...everything paled in comparison however, when I saw his eyes. They were shockingly black, with a thick frame of lashes that could be visible from across the cafeteria.

Then my breath caught on the way out.

It was then, that I finally realized why they had caught my attention. They didn't have numbers.

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