My first foray into Doctor Who fanfiction.

Three cheers for Donna Noble, one of the best companions ever. Her heart and soul will be missed.

She hates the stillness. It shows her all she is and all she can never be. She tries to keep busy, because when she sits still, she is crushed. She feels a void that takes her breath away. She does not know why. She has a boyfriend, a family, a good job, and a house, but something is missing.

She wakes at night, crying. She has dreams so vivid she almost feels alive again. It disappears when she wakes. She can never quite remember anything more than the surge of happiness, overwhelmed with sadness. Some days she lives for the dreams.

She feels so alone, even in a room full of people. She scans the room looking for a face she cannot picture, but knows she would know if she only saw. She laughs, but is a hollow echo of happiness.

She dreams of saving the world. Then she cries, because it can never be.