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Author Notes: Hey, everybody…Timothyology here. This is my first attempt at a list fic, and my first attempt at another fic since my last, sappy Harry/Ron. Feedback is greatly appreciated….and I'm in the market for a beta…yeah. Enjoy!

7 Things About Slytherin Ron:

1. It's not that Ron hates all Gryffindors, he just finds the majority of them intrusive, naïve, stubborn and overly infuriating (though he chalks that last one up to the fact that he's a Weasley) and he should know; he grew up with 5 of them.

2. There is one Gryffindor, though, that he finds kind of…endearing. Ever since the moment that he shook hands with the-boy-who-lived on the Hogwarts express, he knew that there was something a bit off about that one.

3. Ron hates the bushy haired know it all that always seems to find her way to Harry's side. And she's so typically Gryffindor, that he doesn't see why Harry puts up with her. Well…maybe she has helped in the past…maybe. Alright, so he guesses that her human dictionary..ness has been a great asset to his Harry. (did he just think that?)

4. Ron has found over his 4 years at Hogwarts that he will do anything (yes anything) for Harry Potter. Despite his reputation among the other boys in his house for being as hot-tempered as the likes of Draco Malfoy, Ron will even defend Harry's name in a duel…against Draco Malfoy…what has he gotten himself into?

5. Ron thinks that the day that Harry finally kissed him, as sloppy and inexperienced as it was, was the best day in his whole life. Everyone, even Draco, who Ron had settled his differences with, was ecstatic over the news. Draco even left him a celebratory bottle of Ogden's Best on his four poster that night.

6. Ron – despite his cold exterior – is actually just a big, red puppy and Harry can't get over how the boy likes to cuddle with him every moment of every day while they're together.

7. As he walks off toward the lake, hand in hand with Harry, Ron is so glad that You-Know-Who (it's a habit..) is finally gone, and proud that it was his Harry who had finally done it. And as Harry peels off his invisibility cloak, and Ron closes his mouth over Harry's, he hopes that every day from here on out will be spent just like this. His Harry and him.