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I turned my body to lean into Edward and he held me closer.

"Edward, I want you inside of me." I blushed at the comment.

His body tensed up to my words and his lips pulled into a thin line. I knew he understood exactly what I meant, and I was surprised he was still so afraid to try after what we just did.

To show him my trust, I wrapped my arms around his body, swung one leg over his, and pressed myself to him. I would have crawled inside him if I could, to show him how close I wanted to be. I trusted him, and needed our bodies to come together.

He gently pushed me away and my eyes began to fill with tears at the rejection. He crawled out of bed and tucked the covers tightly around me before walking to the door. He peaked his head out. I watched him curiously and saw him nod his head once before returning to me.

His perfect body lied next to me, wrapping me in a close embrace. I searched for his lips and he gave them to me generously.

"What was that?" I whispered.

"Precautions." With that, he lifted the sheet off of me and slid his body next to mine, successfully sending a new wave of chills through my body.

I tried to keep my mouth shut as he repositioned himself on top of me, but I was already groaning pleasure with every touch.

As gently as possible, with fierce concentration showing on his face, Edward slid himself into me. He held me tight, as my body grew accustomed to the pain, saying sorry every time I whimpered.

After a minute or two, the feeling of ecstasy overwhelmed me. Edward and I were finally together in every sense – and it felt amazing. I smiled, and he smiled back.

He hadn't hurt me, or lost control. Instead, he had brought pleasure and safety to every cell in my body. We had each other now, and eternity to spend it.

With the same gentleness as before, I felt Edward pull himself out until just the very tip of him was left.

I cried out at the loss of what could have very well been part of me. To comfort me, he left a trail of kisses along my neck.

I made an effort to relax myself. Moving would only make this harder.

He took my arms and pulled them around his neck. Then he leaned over and I felt his cold lips press against mine. The kiss conveyed passion and desire on both ends.

Edward pushed himself forward, back into me, just as slowly as before. I wrapped my arms tighter around him willing him to move faster.

He didn't. Not for a long time did he move faster. I was dying for him, dying to me closer, to try more. But, I didn't want to push him, so all my effort was thrown into not moving my body.

We continued to kiss, and I felt him hold me tighter, closer. I would never leave, partially because I couldn't move against the iron grasp he held on me.

He broke away, giving me a chance to breath, and he set his head firmly against mine. Our cheeks touched, and so did the rest of our bodies. He inhaled deeply, breathing my scent, and I gasped for air. This was too thrilling.

With almost unperceivable alterations, the motion of our hips grew faster.

With him rubbing against me, I was too lost in the feeling to notice anything else. It was intoxicating, exhilarating, invigorating, stimulating, innerving. It felt too good, like nothing before it.

Reaching the end of my control, my muscles began to contract around him. I was shaking.

Edward stopped the motion, resting himself inside me, keeping contact with all of my body. He was almost crushing me against his chest, and I still held on tighter, trying to bring us closer.

His head found its way to my chest where it listened intently on the beating of my heart. Still, I was connected to every inch of him.

A/N I got a comment that because Edward does not have blood flow, he cannot get an erection and therefore cannot come. I would like to point out that I never said he had an erection, and I never said he came. Because I don't know of any human who had sex without an erection, I cannot be completely sure it is still possible, but I assume it is.

A/N In another review, the person says that just because he does not have blood flow does not mean he cannot have an erection. All bodily fluids are replaced by venom, so Edward could come as well. The review also points out that since the venom would not make contact with the blood stream, it would not affect Bella. In conclusion, perhaps I was wrong on these two things.

We spent what felt like eternity in that position. Neither of us willing to move. I grew very comfortable there.

My heart was racing, just like my thoughts. I was with Edward, he wouldn't leave me. Tonight felt amazing, I was thrilled to be with Edward. Eternity with Edward was going to be perfect. I couldn't wait to try again. If he were holding back from fear of hurting me, what would it be like when I was unbreakable? I loved Edward, completely.

Edward's cold lips found their way to my warm ones and pressed down lightly. I responded to him, wanting to have as much as I could. Unfortunately, it didn't last long and he pulled away, resting his face next to mine.

I yawned, tired from the day's events, and overly thrilled from the night's. My eyes grew heavy and I heard my lullaby humming in my ear.

I had everything I wanted except one, but that could wait. Edward and I were still wrapped together, and I was safe.

"I love you," I tried to say, but I'm not sure it reached his ear as I fell asleep.

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