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Chapter one

Japan had beautiful sunsets, but sunrises lit the morning with red and pink hues painting a glorious picture in itself making it known for this early phenomenon. From the second story window a single sleepy figure to greet the morning with a wide yawn.

The young female of small stature threw away her covers and stepped out of bed to perform a few stretches. Her hair was a light brown and her caramel eyes were large accentuating her biological beauty that no cosmetics could produce. With a heart shaped face, and naturally soft lips she was very cute.

This was Tsunayoshi Sawada, named on the predictions she was going to be a boy, Low and behold she was female; still she was given the name. She didn't mind though, a change in name or gender would not help her. Tsunayoshi, Tsuna for short, was a very shy girl with no special skills or talents. To add to that she tripped up when in front of people, and choked up when talking to new people.

A lot of her peers called her a ditz and four eyes seeing as she wore thick glasses, baggy clothes and her hair in a messy bun making her look the part of a social outcast.

Sitting at the small desk in her room she pulled out a small family tree. She still remembered this assignment, the teacher had asked for her class to research their ancestors and their origins. At first she was hesitant, but opted to do it.

She was glad she did, she had discovered her paternal ancestor, Giotto Vongola. She had some awesome connections with the tech and computer geeks. In laymen's terms she was the only female member of the schools computer club. The members mainly consisted of bullied boys with no life, and they easily accepted her. Though normally others referred to her as 'no-good' and 'stupid-klutz', they saw past that and made her feel welcomed.

She stared at the beautiful man with hair exactly styled like her own; there was no mistake that she was related to this man as she inherited his looks. Also inheriting the Italian genes if her chest was any indication. She set the picture back in her desk. Hiding her large caramel eyes behind the large thick glasses and her bangs; she dressed her school uniform which she was three times her actual size.

Tsuna hid her creamy lithe figure beneath an over sized sweater, her larger than average breasts bounced freely beneath her blouse. She hated any sort of pain, and wire bras were pain. Her skirt as per usual went past her knees and her socks hid the rest.

After she was finished dressing she became more plain than white rice, just how she liked it. Opposing the majority females, Tsuna didn't want to catch attention; it made her uncomfortable. Quietly she slipped downstairs so as not to wake up her mother, but she was slightly surprised to see the woman already up and making breakfast.

"Tsu-chan, you're finally up! I wanted to make you breakfast before you left, today is your first day back at school."

Tsuna gave a small wry smile before thanking her mother and taking a seat. Unlike most girls, Tsuna had a black hole inside her body, normally referred to as the stomach. She ate large amounts of food that seemed to disappear with no trace, no matter how much she consumed; her tiny frame stayed that way. The only thing that ever grew was her breasts and hair; possibly her height every three years.

"Don't forget to take sanitary napkins! You should be starting your cycle soon!" Nana, Tsuna's mother, said as she set down a large plate of food in front of her daughter. The minute the plate was placed down the one-way disappearing act began.

Tsuna nodded, but knew she wouldn't because she already had done so the night before. Her mother liked fret over her like a good mother, but didn't seem to realize her daughter was growing up. Tsuna didn't talk much either when it came to her personal problems, making Nana a little depressed.

Nana knew she should never have let Tsuna spend that much time with her father without supervision; she always regretted it and at the same time took great pleasure in it.

"You're appetite is so much like your father's…" The comment made Tsuna freeze mid-bite; quietly she set the fork down. Telling her mother she was no longer hungry and giving her mother a small smile, she dashed out the door leaving the woman dazed and confused. Nana was left to wonder what had caused her daughter to feel ill. Did she say something wrong?

Tsuna shuffled up the steps to the computer club's meeting room, the computer lab. Her stomach was rumbling in disappointment at not being able to finish the meal she had left behind. It wasn't that she had truly lost her appetite, more that she disliked the mention of her father. The man was a whimsical idiot in her mind.

He likely still thought she was a boy; he only came every so often only to leave early causing her mother lonely once again. The last time she saw him she was twelve, gaps between visits had continuously grown since she was three. He had not visited in two years, making Tsuna profusely angry.

She had watched silently as the woman who raised her became so excited only to have her happiness fly away in an instant, with higher regards for work than his family her father would leave at the drop of a hat. She wondered what it was that he even did, she didn't believe the tall tales of bettering the world with road construction.

Breaking away from her thoughts she found herself in front of her clubroom, they had arranged to meet here when school started. Sliding the door open she was stunned by the sight of two large boys beating up the members of her precious club.

"Tsuna-Chan, Don't come in here!" Jinenji Takuya, the club's president screamed through his bleeding and swollen lips. His face was distended and bruised. This sight elicited a gasp of horror from Tsuna as her hand flew to her cover mouth. Why do people always pick on those weaker than themselves? With false bravery as well as plenty of anger and stupidity she stormed towards the two thugs; slapping the seemingly smarter of the two. Instantly she paled realizing what she had just done.

"What the fuck is with this bitch!" The second one growled shaking the club president making his head flop back and forth, she was afraid his neck might snap.

"Stop it! Leave her out of this!" Another member screamed as he struggled to pull himself up. She barely recognized it to be Hiroshi, the club treasurer and her old friend. He looked even worse than the president; his face was swollen and bloody with lacerations painting his skin.

The delinquents seemed to only grin at the implications the club members were giving about their view of this girl, making her seem very important. Before she could blink a hand reached out and yanked her forward. Pulling her closer to the one she deemed to be the leader. He held her face painfully as he inspected her, looking over her from every angle.

The now established leader yanked away her glasses, dropping them uncaringly. She was pinned up against the nearest wall roughly; her glasses mindlessly crushed beneath the boy's large foot. She could only stare at the shards or her broken façade in horror.

"How ironic, the geek turns out to be a beauty. Man, even Kyoko would have a hard time comparing to this…"

"Jin-san, what do you want to do with her…?" The obvious lackey asked, displaying the reason he was the underling. Jin crouched down, ignoring the pleas and shouts of the beaten club members. Staring for a moment, he grabbed her chin and lifted her face. Everything in the room went silent when the unknown beauty that was Tsuna was revealed to the rest of those present, causing a sudden silence to fall.

The rough boy pinning Tsuna burst into cruel mirthful laughter as shock befell all those around him. Tsuna struggled like an animal caught in a corner, scratching and biting the arm holding her. With a growl Jin slammed Tsuna against the wall, causing her to hit the back of her head.

She went limp, causing a serious panic to arise in the present member. Attention was soon pulled from Tsuna as the punks yelled at those who began panicking. Just as Tsuna's body slowly began to move again a dark figure appeared at the club's door. With an exceedingly calm demeanor that had in no way been present earlier, Tsuna planted a foot painfully in the gut of the boy holding her. He instantly let her go, only to receive a nice upper-cut and sharp elbow. A roundhouse was her next move when taking out the henchman with a finishing blow to the face

Tsuna punched the boy in front of her with all her strength and anger, she hadn't forgotten about him. Before retaliation could be given she kneed him sharply, making him fall to the ground.

There was not a word from the almost sullen girl as another well placed kick was delivered to the boy who was soon keeling over, before succumbing to blissful unconscious. Tsuna threw a disgusted look toward the two punks, before turning towards the club members causing the club members paled. The dark aura still covering her, but it was light enough that they could still breathe. Tsuna surveyed the room as if it were foreign, but every person there knew to her it shouldn't be. Her eyes were distant and calculating.

"H-Hibari-sempai!" Hiroshi shrieked and feebly tried to protect Tsuna, but she wasn't having it. She stepped past the boy easily; her eyes flew to the dark haired prefect leaning against the door wearing a frown as he stared at the unconscious forms of the two hoodlums.

"Ch' pathetic herbivores…" Immediately the cool blue-gray gaze landed on Tsuna, appraising her for a moment. A smirk finally settled on the older boy's lips as he stared at the brunette. She wasn't average in any way at all. Tsuna stared passively at the boy and was about to take another step forward, when without any warning the girl collapsed. It was quite a shock to the entire club that the one to catch Tsuna was Hibari, none of them expecting he would move. Leaning close enough so that his lips barely brushed the shell over her ear he whispered something only she could have heard. "You are quite interesting…I'll be watching you." And faster than anyone could blink he was already at the door dragging away the two trouble makers behind him.