Tsuna could only stare slack –jawed at the sight that stood before her. A sign not, but five feet away displaying the words 'Free cake with purchase of two person meal' had the petite brunette's rapt attention. Even the small hitman seeing his student's halted activity grew curious as to her behavior. Her two companions grew worried when their friend didn't move even after five minutes.

"Yamamoto, Gokudera are busy right now?" Both boys look to the young girl between them, before simultaneously declaring free schedules. With no time spared the trio of friends plus Reborn entered the restaurant displaying the offer, being immediately greeted by the staff as they entered. They were all quickly seated and served, Tsuna astounding her two companions with her vast appetite.

"Wow Tsuna you have a very healthy appetite." Yamamoto laughed good-naturedly before giving his own order to the waitress whom was blushing profusely due to two boy's sitting with Tsuna. Though unknowingly Tsuna was garnering a lot of attention herself, her companions were more than aware of all the eyes on her. Reborn was even playing into the part of a child and hugging Tsuna's chest, keeping it from the view of the many ogling onlookers.

By the time the food arrived, there was a noticeably tense atmosphere around Tsuna and only the center of all the chaos was oblivious to it. Only noting Yamamoto and Gokudera seemed to be holding their tongues, the two were becoming eerily similar in Tsuna's perspective.

"What is wrong with you guys? You seem really tense."

No one could withstand the look that Tsuna threw her friends; it was the look that said if you did not speak the truth now you would regret it severely later. Reborn was the one to save the two from answering the influential female.

"I am sure Gokudera is just having a minor nicotine fit, ignore him." Tsuna blanched at her home tutor's words, before quickly telling the bomber it was okay if he went out to have a cigarette (though she preferred he quit the nasty habit).

"N-no, it is okay I really don't need one all that bad…actually I am trying to cut down…" The silver haired boy rubbed his neck sheepishly, a slight blush coloring his cheeks.

"If you are fine…uh, um I will be right back. I need to wash my up before we eat."

Tsuna said this as she maneuvered around Reborn and out of the booth they had been seated in, quickly making her way to the 'lady's room'. The three males her the entire trip until she was hidden from view; turning to face each other after she was officially out of sight.

"Reborn I still have a problem with this guy, being around the Decimo!" Gokudera exclaimed jerking his thumb haphazardly in Yamamoto's direction, to which Yamamoto in turn replied with a light laugh and smile.

Reborn grinned viciously causing both boy's to pale slightly, and struggle to keep their demeanor.

"Why don't we have a little test then? What do you say Yamamoto, Takeshi? Do you wish to officially join the mafia and protect Tsuna?" Reborn's eyes pierced the baseball players own gaze, before the boy once again laughed easily.

"Sure little guy, whatever mafia game it is I'll play it as long as Tsuna is on my team. What do I have to do and what are the rules?"

Tsuna sighed as she finished drying her hands on the paper towel, she had been thinking a lot about her father lately. She had a feeling he had something to do with Reborn, which greatly disturbed her. It would mean there was a lot more to her mob boss candidacy than she would like to think.

Just as she was about to leave the restroom, she caught wind of sobbing. It called upon her instincts to seek out the source of the sound and comfort the person.

Following the sound to the furthest stall in the lavatory Tsuna was soon stopped by the locked door.

"Um, are you okay?" Hesitation was apparent in Tsuna's voice as she spoke through the obstruction, bordering on meek. There was a pause as the sobbing died down to a sniffle, and slowly the stall door creaked open to reveal the person behind the crying…

The three males agreed upon the terms and conditions to the test that would be administered the newest member of the famiglia. Just as they finished Reborn noted attention shift to the shy brunette just exiting the restroom. She was holding something in her hand, but his view was blocked by the many bystanders. By the time it came into view she was already five feet away from the table and both boys were surprised.

Tsuna was tugging along a very pretty child that looked no more than seven. The kid had wavy black hair, large green eyes and a thin frame. They couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl. Even the way the juvenile dressed was androgynous: white tank top, cow-print hooded vest, tan shorts and tennis shoes.

"Sorry guys! Is it okay if Lambo eats with us? He is a foreigner and lost his way." Tsuna bowed deeply as she spoke, meanwhile the little boy at her side could not remove his eyes off of Reborn. Gokudera panicked as his boss bowed to him, this wasn't supposed to happen. Just as Gokudera open his mouth to refuse the apology profusely, he was cut off by that baseball nut Yamamoto.

"Of course it is no problem Tsuna, the kid is more than welcome to share with us." Yamamoto grinned pleasantly, causing a slight blush to tint Tsuna's cheeks before she gave a wide smile of her own.

All who were witness to her smile either fell in love or blushed when Tsuna all out beamed, no matter what age or gender. It was a phenomenon that Reborn watched occur almost daily now, he even caught a few stalkers in some well placed traps. She definitely flushed out perverts faster than a mountain of pornography.

"Thanks you guys, I felt sorry for so sorry for him…I mean he even ran into the wrong bathroom he was so distressed!" Tsuna slid into the booth beside Reborn, pulling Lambo next to her as she did. The little boy took advantage of this, crawling into the girl's lap and comfortably seating himself there.

"L-Lambo aren't you a bit old for this?"

Tsuna's face was flushed as she spoke trying to figure out what to do with the child in her lap; she already had enough with Reborn, she didn't need another kid treating her like a high chair.

"Nope, I do this all the time at home." Lambo cheekily replied as he began scribbling on the child's placemat given to Reborn. Unknowingly the adorable little boy was being glared at, while Tsuna nervously accepted his place. Gokudera looked ready to strangle the careless child for his insubordinate behavior. Yamamoto was just grinning like usual, but there was a barely perceptible throb of the vein on his temple. Reborn looked ready to pull a gun out and shoot the foolish brat for taking his place, he already claimed that seat.

This was going to be a long meal.

The minute Gokudera and Tsuna went to pay the bill to collect the free cakes, Lambo whipped out a pistol aiming the gun at Reborn. The hitman continued casually sipping his espresso.

"Hey kid, I don't think Reborn wants to play right now, so why don't you put your toy away now?"

"It is not a toy!"

Lambo turned a green eyed glare onto the baseball fanatic reminding Yamamoto a lot of a certain silver haired bomber, the two could be brothers in his mind.

"Although it is none of your business, but I came here from Italy to kill Reborn. I want to get this done before that girl comes back."

Yamamoto just laughed like usual, before reaching across the table and ruffling the kid's hair, ticking Lambo off even more. Swatting the larger hand away, Lambo quickly pulled the trigger with the barrel aimed at the still unflinching Mafioso. There was a click and then nothing, not at all what the green eyed little boy had been anticipating.

In one swift move, Reborn kicked Lambo hard enough to send him flying a couple of feet until he hit his head against another table.


It took all of ten seconds before he began sobbing, causing a lot of attention to fall onto the pitiful child. Tsuna was at Lambo's side within minutes, comforting the sniveling youth while Gokudera darkly muttered off to the side.

Reborn looked very much like the cat that ate the canary, but by the time attention came upon him he was once again unreadable. He had enjoyed that very much. He reminded himself of that victory when once again he found his place being taken by the brat as Tsuna began carrying him home after Lambo was "Reborn's companion from Italy"; Reborn vowed to make the idiot cow pay.

Nana easily accepted the newest addition to the household, even setting up a small futon in Tsuna's room, much to the girl's (weak) protest. Lambo settled in quickly, but it became routine for him to attempt attacking Reborn when he thought Tsuna wasn't paying attention. She caught him a few times, though a good percentage of the time he wound up running to her in tears anyway.

Reborn had made it a point to continuously one up the cow when in the presence of Tsuna, but being sly enough about it that Tsuna was unsuspecting. He already slept in her bed which already grated at the little ingrate's nerves.

Reborn was not really a jealous or easily riled person; he just had fun pissing other people off.

And boy was it fun watching the little brat run away crying every damn time, it felt so good to be bad.

Tsuna on the other hand was constantly worrying, especially when Lambo announced he was going to 'go play with' Reborn. She panicked when the small-for-his age ten year old came to her bruised, bloody and in tears. Continuously she patched up the little boy and stifled his crying; it soon became an old routine.

Gokudera was constantly annoyed by Lambo's presence around his boss and displayed it in his actions; his cigarette intake had gone up. He had once tried to blow the cow-brat sky high and back to Italy, but wound up getting chewed out by the tenth for his attempt.

He really hated that annoying little urchin.

Yamamoto found it hard to warm up to the kid, especially when he was pulling those little stunts like unhooking Tsuna's bra when she held him. He found it difficult even more so when the spoiled child broke his bat.

"This is getting out of hand! I can't even get my homework done!" Tsuna whined as she buried her face into her arms. She just got done comforting Lambo, when he suddenly took off to once again find and fight Reborn. All of her time was being consumed by the child and it was taking a severe toll on Tsuna's time. Homework that needed to be done was piling up, and she really didn't need to give the teacher anymore reason to eye her. She groaned as she rolled over in her bed, arm thrown over her eyes.

"Would you like me to hire a nanny?"

Tsuna jumped nearly a foot in the air when Reborn asked with his voice so close to her ear the question, which she barely registered. The hitman had a Cheshire grin; the girl was amusing to no end.

"What do you mean hire a nanny? How much are we talking and is this really okay?" Tsuna didn't exactly want to push her burden onto someone else, but Lambo was getting out of hand. He was adorable and he abused the advantage way too much.

"It would be someone from the family, an old friend of mine and charge would be kept to at room and board. What do you say to this?" Reborn knew Tsuna was leaning towards a yes already and with the payment so insignificant, she would practically pounce on the idea.

"I don't know…I just feel bad about this, are you sure this person is willing to take care of Lambo?"

Reborn smirked knowingly; he had definitely caught her interest. Now just to push it a little more.

"She is a loyal friend of mine and is very skilled, she is known for her cooking."

This sealed the deal and he knew it, there was no way Tsuna would pass up the chance to get a willing babysitter who could cook, there was just a tiny detail he had left out.

Oh well it doesn't matter.

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