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Summary: If the pain is too much to take, take it out on the smart-mouths in school...

Warnings: Swearing (Oh---my-God! No!! No!!), Allusions to future shonen-ai (Woah...that's weird.) and sad!Tomoyo...(I feel so bad now....)

Extra 2: Ahead of Me

For a moment, just a moment, I had no idea as to why I was in the principal's office. First it was the nurse's office and now here, to the principal's. And how we had grow to know each other. I was in here almost every other day. If it wasn't a fight near the bus loop, it was a verbal beating during class. But I didn't care.

Those idiots, the ones that got me angry enough to throw punches, deserved what they got. How could I be blamed for someone else's stupidity?

"Kurogane!" the man yelled. "Do you not understand how serious this is?! You could be expelled for pulling off this stunt! And we only accepted you because Tomoyo said you would straighten up. Do you think that any other school will accept you with a record like this?!"

He waved my school record around before letting it fall to his sturdy oak wood desk. I looked around the room. Occupying my eyes with his many awards, degrees and pictures. No matter how much education this guy had, he still couldn't tell me what to do. No one could. I heard him sigh loudly, the room seeming to sigh with him.

"I just don't know what to do anymore," he whispered.

I didn't care what he did with me. So what if he expelled me?! It wasn't the end of the world! I glared out the window, not wanting to look at yet another face that was going to give up on me. There was a small knock at the door and a secretary poked her head in.

"Ms. Tomoyo and Ms. Kendappa are here," she said in a low and polite voice.

The principal let out a breath, "Send them in."

A minute later Tomoyo and Kendappa were sitting in chairs next to me, talking to the man behind the desk about my future. I wasn't listening. I honestly could say that I didn't care anymore. What was the point in caring, when all that you care about could be ripped away from you without warning?

The drive home was silent. There was nothing to say. Kendappa didn't want to say the obvious, that I'd fucked up. And Tomoyo was too deep in thought to even consider talking at this point. I felt the car go rigid with the unsaid statements. It would have been nice to not ride home with them, but the final decision was that I was expelled and I had no other way of getting home. Not that Tomoyo would have let me walk home, like I wanted to. She told me that we had a lot to talk about, but she had yet to say anything.

When we pulled up into the driveway Kendappa's motions were all quiet and almost sad. Tomoyo was still thinking, and was barely even aware of her surroundings. If she didn't know her patchwork house by heart then she would have probably ran into a few walls by now. I walked up the steep driveway and shot straight to my room. Souma would want to talk and I wasn't in the mood for talking.

I opened my door, fighting the boxes that blocked it. I had already lived in Tomoyo's house for more than six months and had yet to unpack. That didn't really matter though. I'd be out of her house soon. Today had for sure sealed my fate with Tomoyo's hospitality. She'd want nothing to do with me, a cousin who couldn't keep himself out of a fight. I laid down on my bed and fell asleep. I'd be getting the 'You'll be living with a new family' talk soon enough.

"Kurogane," Tomoyo called softly as she shook me. "Wake up. Kurogane."

I opened one eye, a feeling of guilt pressing into me as I looked up at her, "What?"

"Get up and get dressed," she instructed. "I'll be in the kitchen. We have to go somewhere."

I nodded sleepily. Had I really slept an entire night away? I sat up and did as she told me to. I found her, right where she said she would be. In the kitchen, Kendappa sat across from Tomoyo with an upset expression carved out on her face. Tomoyo gave me a somber smile.

"Pack a light bag," she said gently.

That night, (I later discovered it was about eight at night), I had an account set up by Tomoyo with all of my inheritance money, my father's life insurance and some 'rainy day' money as Tomoyo put it. Then I stood in a bus station, by choice, waiting for my bus to load. It was the first bus of many that would throw me into the active hands of fate. My life from then on was a mess of dirty motels, bumpy bus rides and one man that I'd never be able to forget (or shake off for that matter).

But at that point in my life I didn't care what would become of me on this journey of self discovery. The only thing that mattered was the note that sat idly in my palm as I shook and slid around on the first bus. Tomoyo slipped it into my hand as she and Kedappa gave me silent and sad goodbyes. What was written in this letter? Was it her final farewell, telling me that she never wanted to see me again?

There was only one way to find out....


I know that you will not understand why I am doing this and you will probably be quite mad at me while I am gone. But this was for your own good. I am your cousin and I care for you very much. That is why I am doing this.

Your father died. Nothing can change that. Not even the many fights you've gotten into while living with me and while you were moving from house to house. You are too confused. You are torn up inside and you need to face that pain. Please for your own sake, become stronger. Stronger in a way where you will be able to talk about your father's death and your mother's absence from the beginning. Become stronger.

I love you Youou Kurogane. Nothing will ever change that. When you are ready to leave the past in the past, come back home.



End of Ahead of Me

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