iAm Stranded

Summary: On their way to a trip to Japan, Freddie, Sam and Carly crash on a deserted island! They soon find out that they're not the only ones stranded. An iCarly/ Flight 29 Down cross-over Seddie!

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Chapter 1: iAm Crashing

Sam's POV

We're going to Japan! On a private jet! iCarly has become so popular that we get asked to go to different places just to do the show! And its FREE! These first two weeks of summer vacation are going to be sweet! I've always wanted to go to Japan. There's sushi! I mean, who doesn't love sushi? Spencer is already in Japan for a sushi sculpting contest, so we'll meet him there. What food hasn't he sculpted? We couldn't come with him anyway, because we already had our tickets.

"Sam! Get me out of here! NOW!" A banging noise came from the bathroom of the small private jet.

Oh, that's Freddie. I shoved him in the bathroom… again. That makes the fifth time, I think. Man, he's such a dork . He's a techno geek, his mom is a protective, controlling psycho (I'm surprised that she let him go without her this time), and he's loved Carly for I don't know how long. The dork says that he's over her, but I know that he just wants to ruin my fun by not letting me insult him about anything. Ha! Like that's going to happen! There are so much more things I can tease him about.

"Sam," Carly said, "get Freddie out of the bathroom!" Ugh. Why does Carly always have to ruin my "Torture Fredward" time.

"But why?! I ate almost all of the ham, so what else am I supposed to do?" I whined.

"Well, there's a flat screen TV with over a hundred movies, a smoothie bar, a Wii with most of their games, and there's a lot more food that you can greedily devour, but most importantly, you really should get Freddie out before he breaks the door open!"

"Wait, there's a smoothie bar? I didn't see it! Where is it?" Really. I had no idea that there was one.

"Really? Oh, just open that door right there," Carly pointed to the door across the bathroom. "The strawberry blitz is really good. Oh and the berry swirl- Hey! We're getting off topic here! Please get Freddie out."

"You know that he's not strong enough to do that." His strength is another thing that I enjoy insulting him about. I'm still stronger than him, even though he's a lot taller and plays basketball.


"Alright! Whatever." I jumped out of the reclining airplane seat and dragged my feet over to the bathroom door. I pulled the wooden table, that was blocking the door, over to the side and opened it. Freddie fell flat on his face.

"Wow, Freddie. What took you so long?" I said with a smirk. "Whew! It STANKS in there!" I yelled in a country accent. I love doing this.

Freddie got up and pointed at me. "You are so immature. At least Carly doesn't act like you do. She would never do anything like this!" Freddie said with a red, angry face.

"Oh, I thought you were over Carly, lover boy!"

"I am! You are so rude!" This argument is getting fun.

"It doesn't seem like it. All you ever do is talk about her like she's the most wonderful person in the world!"

"I do not!" Carly angrily got out of her seat and stomped over to us arguing.

"Guys, stop! I am sick and tired of you two fighting! I hate it! You two are my best friends, and I'm always caught in the middle!" Tears started to build up in her eyes. Oh, no. Don't cry! I think the arguing is really getting to her now. We've been fighting more than ever these days…

"Carly," Freddie began, "we're really sorry. Right Sam?" He nudged me with his elbow.

"Yeah Carly, you know carried away I get when I insult the geek here." Freddie shot me a glare.

"Could you guys at least try to stop fighting? I want to enjoy at least one vacation without hearing you guys screaming your heads off." Stop fighting? What kind of request is that? That would never happen. But she did say to try. I'll try… then fail.

"Sure. Whatever you say." I said with a smirk.

"Okay." Freddie sighed. "Like that's going to happen," he mumbled to himself.

"I heard that Fred-" Carly began, but the plane jumped suddenly making the three of them fall to the floor. We all looked at each other, scrambled to our seats and out on our seatbelts. The seatbelt sign didn't light up, but the plane was still shaking violently. Without the seatbelts we would be thrown off!

"I need to see what's going on," Freddie said. I resisted to give him an insult about his "manliness" as he got up and quickly walked to the cockpit while tightly gripping everything stable to keep him from falling. Soon, he opened the cockpit door and jumped in.

Freddie's POV

This pilot isn't very good. This plane is moving as if its in a storm, but there's barely a cloud in the sky! He could at least tell us what's going on! At least we're getting to Japan with all of that technology. New computers, cell phones, cameras... stop it Freddie! You need to talk to this pilot!

I opened the cockpit door, and cautiously walked over to the pilot, who was bent over. He looked middle aged, with his grey thinning hair, and he was a little overweight. And he was sleeping! His coffee even spilled over the auto-pilot controls!

"Hey, wake up!" I screamed while shaking him. I didn't want to shake him that much since his hands were on the controls. He wouldn't wake up. I grabbed him by the and made him sit up on his seat. Then I saw that he wasn't breathing.

Oh crap! No. He can't be dead! I took his right arm and checked the pilot's pulse. Oh man, he's dead. Dead! And the auto-pilot is… oh gosh! Broken! Why me!

"How much fuel is left?" I mumbled to myself. The needle was less than a centimeter away from reaching the empty sign. "Ah!"

I turned and clumsily ran over to Sam and Carly.

Carly's POV

Oh gosh. This is bad. Very bad. I hope I don't puke, but this plane is probably going to make me.

I heard a scream and than I saw Freddie come out of the cockpit with a panicked look on his face.

Oh no. That can't be good.

"Freddie, what's going on?" Sam said frightened. She looked terrified.

"The pilot… he's dead." AH!

"What?!" Sam and I both screamed with terror.

"He had a heart attack or something, but he's DEAD! The fuel is almost out and the auto-pilot is broken!" Oh, gosh! What else can go wrong! But we can't just die without trying!

"If we want to stay alive for as long as possible," I began confidently.

"We have to fly this thing ourselves," Sam finished quietly.


Normal POV

"One. Two. Three!" Sam yelled. On three, the frightened passengers threw the dead pilot, who was named Bob according to his name tag, off of the pilot's seat so Freddie could attempt to fly the small plane. "Man," Sam said while setting the pilot against the wall, "why couldn't this dude lose a couple of pounds before the trip." Only Sam would say such a horrible thing in this situation.

Freddie rolled his eyes, hopped into the pilot's seat and gripped the steering wheel.

"You better not make us die Fredward," Sam said coldly. That made Freddie even more nervous. He was so nervous that he didn't mind being called by his real name. The frightened teenager gulped and looked out the window with wide eyes.

Freddie's POV

Okay, I can do this. Its just like a flight simulator only you mess up, you can feel the plane crashing… and burning. Oh man! Maybe I can find an island or something to attempt to land in. My life sucks right now.

Sam's POV

Oh gosh. I'm going to die! How am I supposed to live with Fred-dork flying a plane?

Carly's POV

I can trust Freddie to fly a plane right? Of course I can! Ok, not really, but I want to be positive! Oh, who am I kidding? We're gonna to die!

Normal POV

Sweat started pouring from Freddie's forehead like a waterfall. The expression on his face was full of fear and determination… well, ninety-nine percent fear. Carly sat in a seat near the cockpit in the passenger's section while Sam sat in the co-pilot's seat. If only there was a co-pilot! All three of them thought.

Suddenly, the jet made a quick drop. Both Carly and Sam wrapped their arms around their stomachs.

"Oh, I'm going to throw up!" Carly screamed as she reached for a paper bag.

"I shouldn't have had all of that ham!" Sam yelled as she ran to the nearest bathroom. After she… did what she had to do, she stormed towards the nervous "pilot." "Freddie, I'm going to kill you before this plane does!"

"Sam, please shut up! I'm trying as hard as I-" Freddie's jaw dropped. "Guys, I think we can live. I see an island!"

"Great, Fred-dork," Sam said sarcastically as she was sitting back down. "Good luck landing this thing!"

"Sam, this isn't a good time for negativity," Carly said annoyed.

"All I have to do is gradually go down towards the island and just land on the beach. Its just straight ahead. I've landed lots of times before on the computer," Freddie calmly stated.

"Guess what? This is the real thing! Not a computer you nub!" Sam yelled.

"Shut up! I'm trying to stay alive here!" Freddie yelled as he pointed the nose of the plane down a little.

Freddie's POV

The altitude looks okay. My speed's good. If only Sam would just let me fly this plane without her insults and unnecessary screaming. I sighed. I can understand why Carly isn't speaking. We just promised not to fight, and now we're screaming our heads off. Again. And there's also the fact that I'm about to land an airplane on what looks to be a deserted island, which would make anyone speechless and scared.

Wait. Are those people jumping and waving on the island? I must be hallucinating.

Normal POV

There was another sudden drop, only it was much larger and much more violent than the first one.

"Freddie!" Carly and Sam screamed.

"Sorry," Freddie yelled. "I'm getting really close to the island!"

"Guys," Carly sighed, "If we don't live, I just want to say that you two are the greatest friends I've ever had!"

"I feel the same way about you Carly," Freddie paused. "You too… Sam."

"Me three Carly," Sam gulped. "Freddie?"

"Yeah Sam?"

"Its been great insulting you all of these years."

Freddie sighed, "It never stops, does it? Ah!" Freddie's eyes widened. "Okay!… We're about to land!"

Sam and Carly tightened their seatbelts and grasped their armrests. Freddie tightened his grip on the wheel. They could all see the tropical beach coming closer and closer. Freddie pointed the nose down a little more then straightened the plane.

"This is it guys!" Freddie yelled. Carly closed her eyes while Sam's eyes were wide open, then everything and everyone became silent. The plane was only a few yards away form the surface of the ocean and it was seconds from landing on the beach.

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