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iCarly: iLand Edition

Over the past week, everyone that was stranded on the island have been going to interview after interview all over the country. (It was hard for all of them to get on a plane to get to those places) But Freddie put up the iCarly show that they filmed on the island to not disappoint their viewers. Oh, and one more thing… no one knows that Sam and Freddie are dating. They just haven't had the chance to admit that. But of course a certain someone has a plan for that secret to spill out…

In Seattle…

"Okay! Are you guys ready for the show?" Freddie yelled from the stairs. They were all in the Shay's living room getting ready.

"Almost! I need to put my lipstick on!" Taylor screamed.

"Well hurry up. We have five minutes!" Sam groaned while standing next to Freddie.

"Hey Freddie, Carly and I are gonna go ahead, okay?" Lex said. Freddie nodded and Lex and Carly walked in the elevator.

"Taylor! Hurry up!" Daley screamed.

"Done!" Taylor yelled after a minute.

"Finally!" Everyone in the room screamed and sprinted up the stairs to the iCarly studio.

In the studio…

"Lex! Hurry up! They're coming up!" Lex was at the tech cart setting something up.

"Don't rush me!" Lex hissed. "I'm almost done," he typed a few things on the laptop and connected a couple of wires. Then the couple heard footsteps approaching the door.

"Ah!" Carly panicked. They jumped away from the tech cart and both quickly sat down on a bean bag chair. Soon the door flew open.

"Hey! We have thirty seconds!" Freddie pointed at the guests. "You guys, go to the back room!" he commanded. Almost everyone started to run there.

"Okay!" Eric put his hands up defensively, "You don't have to be all pushy," Melissa and Daley rolled their eyes and dragged Eric to the back room.

"Start the countdown!" Sam yelled.

"I'm going!" Freddie grabbed his camera and pressed a few buttons on his computer. "We're live in five… four… three… two…"

"I'm Carly!"

"And I'm Sam!"

"And we're finally back! On…"

"iCarly!" they both yelled.

"We are back from a very interesting vacation," Carly said jokingly.

"As you may have seen from our exclusive recorded web cast," Sam muttered to the camera.

"So, since we were stranded on that deserted island for a whole month," Carly started.

"Our show's called…"

"iCarly: iLand Edition!" Both girls screamed. Freddie walked back to his laptop to show a bright and colorful graphic on the screen, and Sam pressed the applaud button on her blue remote.

"So, to start off the show, we would like to introduce you to the people we were trapped with!" Sam yelled enthusiastically.

"They were stuck in that place for six stinkin' years!" Carly screamed. Freddie laughed from behind the camera, then set it down. He pressed the button on his 'tech belt' to switch to the tripod camera.

"Freddie here," he waved said as he waved to the camera. "I'm going to introduce our first guest! Lex!" Sam pressed the applaud button as Lex ran onto the studio.

"Hey guys!" Lex grinned.

"On today's show," Carly smiled, "Lex will be Freddie's assistant tech producer!"

"Yup, Lex here is great with computers," Freddie mentioned.

At a random apartment in New York…

"Huh. That's weird," a teenage girl said to himself.

"What is it, honey?" her mother asked her daughter as she came in her room.

"Well, I thought that Sam would've insulted Freddie by now," the girl said with a confused look on her face.

"It was probably that island that they were stranded on," the mother said. "Anything can happen if something like that happens to you."

"Its still weird…"

iCarly studio…

"Our next guest, is Lex's step-sister Daley!" Carly exclaimed. Sam pressed the button as the red head jogged onto the stage.

"Welcome to iCarly," Sam said.

"Its great to be here!" Daley smiled.

"Okay, next on the list is my good friend, Eric!" Sam shouted. Eric made his way to the studio.

"This guy is so similar to Sam, its crazy!" Carly yelled at the camera.

"Hello people of the world!" Eric said nonchalantly and waved to the camera. "Let's finish this show so I can eat! I'm hungry."

"See what I mean?" Carly whispered.

"And next," Freddie continued, "we have Melissa!" she showed up with her usual positive grin.

"I'm glad to be on the show guys!" she said as she waved at the camera.

Carly carried on with the web cast "Nathan is next on our list of guests!"

"Wassup people!" Nathan danced into the studio. Carly and Sam laughed as he put his arms up in the air.

"Okay," Sam laughed, "next is Jackson!" When Sam started the applauds, Jackson slowly made his way to the rest of the group.

"Uh… hi," he muttered non-emotionally, as he lightly waved to the camera.

"And last, but not least," Freddie started.

"Our final guest here is Taylor!" Carly finished. Taylor jumped into view and walked to everyone else confidently.

"Hello viewers!" Taylor grinned. "I love you all!" she yelled as she blew a kiss to the camera.

"Okay…" Freddie jumped in front of the 'attention-hog.' "Let's keep this show moving, shall we?"

"For our first segment, we're going to have an art show!" Sam said to the camera. Melissa secretly sneaked out of the studio.

"As you may know, my big brother Spencer is an amazing sculptor," Carly said, and Lex walked up to the computer and pressed a couple of buttons.

"He won FIRST PLACE in a sushi sculpting contest!" Sam exclaimed.

"Lex! Show our viewers the pic!" Freddie directed. Then Lex presented the picture of the tall, spiraling, sushi tower on the computer for the whole world to see.

"If Spencer hadn't won, we wouldn't be doing this show tonight," Carly explained.

"He used up all of the money he won to find us!" Freddie exclaimed.

"But, did you know that we have another artist here?" Sam questioned.

"Yes we do!" Carly yelled. "And her name is Melissa!"

"Come show us some art, Mel!" Freddie signaled Melissa to come back to the studio. In her hands was this huge sheet of paper, showing the blank side to the camera.

"What do you have here?" Carly asked.

"Well," Melissa answered politely, "while we were on the plane going home, I found this big sheet of paper and decided to draw to keep my mind off things."

"Like?" Sam asked in a sarcastic tone.

"Like, crashing on an island again," Everyone laughed. "So this sketch took me about six hours total to complete, and I would like to give this to the iCarly team as a present!" the girl smiled warmly.

"Thanks Melissa!" Carly exclaimed.

"So… let's show the viewers this thing!" Sam yelled.

Melissa took a deep breath and flipped over the paper so that the drawing was facing the camera. The drawing was a realistic picture of the campsite on the island. Everything was there. The tall palm trees, the shelters, the fire pit, the bridges, and she even drew plastic bins laying around the shelters. In addition to the campsite picture, a picture of each plane was drawn, one picture on top of the other. The picture of the older plane, 29 DWN, didn't look like it did now. The drawing of that plane looked just like it did when it first crashed.

"Isn't that amazing?" Freddie asked the camera. "Thanks Melissa for showing your art here!"

"You don't have to thank me. You guys got us rescued after all," everyone, except for the iCarly team, nodded in agreement.

"So that's what Chilloween is!" Taylor said as Lex closed the short clip of the Chilloween video Freddie took on that day.

"One great thing about this holiday is that it kind of has its own anthem," Carly said.

"Which was written by Jackson!" Sam added.

"So Jackson, our musical guest tonight, will be playing 'I Won't Stand Alone'!" Freddie introduced as everyone came out of the camera's view. Jackson came on the studio with an acoustic guitar in his hands. Then he sat down on a stool that was behind a microphone on the middle of the stage.

"This goes to all of my friends that were with me on the island," Jackson spoke into the mic. Finally he started playing the guitar and began to sing…

It's just another morning glory,
One more twist inside of this wild ride
Another chapter in the story
But I can't hide the way I feel inside...

Cause I'm a stranger in a strange land
And I'm a million miles from my home
If I gotta take my last stand

Well, I won't stand alone
Well, I won't stand alone
Well, I won't stand alone
Well, I won't stand alone
Well, I won't stand alone
Well, I won't stand alone

Cause I'm a stranger in a strange land
And I'm a million miles from my home
If I gotta take my last stand

Well, I won't stand alone
Well, I won't stand alone
Well, I won't stand alone
Well, I won't stand alone

Everyone clapped when Jackson played the last few notes, and Sam pressed the applaud button. The musical guest smirked as he moved the stool and the microphone out of the way.

"Great job Jackson!" Carly complimented. Jackson just kept that smirk and waited for the final segment.

"So that's it for iCarly!" Sam waved to the camera.

"What are you talking about Sam?" Eric snickered.

"There's just one more thing we must show to the audience," Daley added.

"We didn't go through this in rehearsals," Freddie complained. Nathan brought out the two beanbag chairs onto the stage.

"You two, sit here," Taylor instructed. Sam and Freddie suspiciously sat down on the chairs.

"What's going on?" Sam asked.

"You'll find out soon Sam," Carly giggled. "Lex! Roll the clip!" The ones sitting on the beanbag chairs immediately faced the television screen to watch the mystery tape. Lex typed something on the computer and a video flashed on the screen.

"Here piggy, piggy!" Freddie's voice called out of the screen.

"What?!" Sam and Freddie exclaimed and both faced everyone else that was huddled by the tech cart.

"Who taped us!" Sam yelled angrily.

"Shh!" Carly shushed. "Just watch the tape." Sam crossed her arms as she and Freddie continued watching the video.

"You don't think they taped…" Freddie's voice trailed off as the video showed Freddie fall on top of Sam after she tripped over that vine.

"I think they did," Sam's voice squeaked, and she then became furious. She leaped out of her chair and tried to stop the clip but Jackson and Nathan stopped her from doing so. She tried to squirm away from the boys' grasp, but she couldn't escape. "Let me go!" she yelled. No one watching the show could hear what was going on in the studio since the video was playing directly from the computer to the iCarly website.

"We'll let you go if you calm down and not stop the clip," Nathan compromised.

"Fine," she grumbled angrily. Nathan and Jackson released her and she dragged her feet to the beanbag chair. The video was at the point where Sam and Freddie were about to kiss.

"Here it comes," Freddie muttered to Sam. Then the pig in the video leaped and rammed into Freddie's side.

"Did that hurt?" Sam giggled.

"I have the bruises to show it," Freddie groaned.

"I won't even ask to look," Sam joked and turned her head away from Freddie, who just laughed and continued watching.

Everyone watched the pig run around in circles with the 'hunters' struggling to catch up.

"We're going to catch it!" Freddie's voice on the TV exclaimed.

"And here comes the Olympic pig," Freddie mumbled. Then the pig on the screen leaped over the trap and ran away.

"Once again," Sam muttered, "smart pig." Freddie chuckled. Then the tape rewound.

Sam turned around, "What are you doing?"

"You'll see," Lex muttered as he pressed a button on the laptop. He played the pig jumping again, only it was in slow motion. Everyone was in hysterics as the little pig took a five second jump over the trap. Then Lex made the video at its normal speed again.

"Lex!" Freddie exclaimed, "You knew how to do that all by yourself?"

"It isn't that hard," Lex shrugged and waited for the second video of Sam and Freddie. Instead, Lex and Carly popped on the screen.

"What?!" Lex and Carly screamed.

"Now its your turn," Eric snickered.

"Lex! Stop the tape!" Carly yelled. But Daley got a hold of her brother before he could do anything. Carly leaped for the laptop, but Melissa grabbed her and dragged her away from the tech cart.

"Just watch the tape!" Taylor giggled.

"Yeah, Carly, Lex. Just watch the stinkin' tape," Sam and Freddie laughed. Lex and Carly got away from the twenty-two year olds and dragged themselves to the small step of the studio to sit down.

"This is so embarrassing," Lex whispered to Carly as they watched themselves talking on the TV.

"But not as embarrassing as the next tape right?" Carly giggled silently.

"True," Lex chuckled. "Here comes the kiss." On the screen, Carly interrupted Lex with a kiss. In the studio, their faces were boiling red. Then the second kiss was shown, and the clip stopped.

"Okay! I guess we're done here," Freddie jumped up and clapped his hands together.

"No we're not," Carly giggled.

"There's one more clip," Taylor laughed.

"What clip?" Freddie asked and turned to the screen.

"No," Sam muttered.

"No!" Freddie yelled. Sam's face was beet red and she slouched in her bean bag chair to not watch her musical outburst. Freddie scooted over and put his arm around her.

"Why did they have to spy on us?" Sam groaned. Freddie grinned.

"I think they planned everything just to get us together," Freddie whispered. Sam looked up at him.

"Even you getting sick and getting lost in the jungle?" Sam raised an eyebrow. Her face started to turn back to normal.

"I hope not," Freddie laughed. "But if they did plan those things, it worked."

"I just wish they didn't tape it all," Sam muttered as 'I Want to Hold Your Hand' was playing on the screen.

"Yeah," Freddie agreed then turned to the adults at the tech cart and to Lex and Carly, "Why did you guys have to tape us?"

"Because," Eric explained, "this makes good TV," he chuckled. Sam laughed and rolled her eyes.

"… and if you say, 'Hey go away!' I will…" Sam sang on the screen.

"If I knew that you liked me in the first place, I would've just kissed you instead," Sam muttered to Freddie.

"But everyone loves a good musical number!" Freddie laughed and Sam punched him on the shoulder.

"You're really lucky that we're going out," Sam giggled. "Or else you would be in the hospital by now."

"I'm the luckiest guy ever," Freddie joked, and they watched themselves kiss on the screen.

"You know what?" Sam asked.

"What?" Freddie asked back.

"I actually wouldn't have this any other way," Sam grinned and kissed Freddie on the cheek.

"Me neither," Freddie smiled and kissed back. The video disappeared on the screen, and everyone jumped back into position. Lex went back to the computer, and the tripod camera switched back on.

"So," Sam laughed nervously, "that concludes today's show."

"Yup," Freddie said awkwardly.

"Tune in next week, on…" Carly's voice trailed off and everyone in the studio jumped in front of the camera.

"iCarly!" They all screamed. Freddie jogged back to the camera and stopped the live broadcast.

"We're clear!" Freddie yelled.

"Great job guys," Sam exclaimed sarcastically.

"No problemo," Eric snickered. "So there's snacks, right?"

"Yeah," Sam laughed. Then they all walked over to the stairs to go back to the living room.

"That was a great show you guys!" Spencer yelled from beside the desktop computer as he saw everyone come down from the stairs. "Especially those videos," he chuckled.

"Don't mention it Spence!" Sam said in a threatening tone.

"Okay!" Spencer walked slowly to the kitchen.

"So," Sam began.

"What do you have to eat around here?" Eric interrupted. Spencer brought out a huge tray with ten small plates on it.

"Spencer's amazing spaghetti tacos!" Carly exclaimed. Her boyfriend and they twenty-two years olds looked at her. "Really guys! Noodles CAN live happily in a hard taco shell!"

"Okay," Eric shrugged and took a taco, "as long as it isn't fruit or fish," and he took a huge bite.

"True," Daley agreed and everyone else got themselves a spaghetti taco and started eating.

Freddie and Sam walked over to the computer. "We're going to check the comments," Freddie said. He set down his food on the counter, and checked the comments section of the website.

"Wow!" Sam exclaimed. "Look at how many viewers we got! This is crazy!"

"How many?" Carly asked eagerly.

"We got over ONE MILLION viewers!" Freddie screamed.

"Oh my gosh!" Carly shrieked. "Hurry! Let's see those comments!"

"Okay…" Freddie said as everyone huddled around the computer.

NYC1994 (A/N: The girl at the apartment earlier in the chapter) I was wondering why Sam and Freddie weren't fighting… lol

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"Hey Jackson!" Freddie thought of an idea. "Maybe we could put your song on the website for everyone to download!"

"A lot of people love that song," Sam added.

"Sure, I guess," Jackson smirked.

"We could do a recording later," Freddie said, and they continued with the comments.

SpencerFan: Melissa's drawing was so good! And I loved the videos. They were so cute!

B-ball29: ha-ha! I didn't know Sam could sing! Great show, and welcome back!

"This really was a great show everyone. We got more comments than ever before!" Carly exclaimed.

"You know," Sam began, "This island is probably the best thing that has ever happened to all of us." everyone else nodded in agreement.

Freddie turned to Spencer, who was making plans for a new sculpture on the kitchen table. "Spencer? What did you do when we were stuck on the island?"

Spencer turned to Freddie, "You're mom stayed with me most of the time, sulking with phones in our laps, waiting for you to come home!" Spencer exclaimed sarcastically.

"What did his mom do to you this time?" Sam groaned.

"Okay, sure we cried and comforted each other throughout the whole thing," Spencer started, "but she fed me tofu, gave me a gallon of cloud block, and even forced me into a tick bath!"

"Spencer, that must have been awful!" Carly exclaimed.

"Yeah, but didn't you kind of expect that? I mean, it is Freddie's mom," Sam said.

"Hey!" Freddie yelled, "Just because…" he paused, "Yeah, you're right," Freddie sighed.

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