The purple-haired girl leaned back on the building's roof, her hands balancing her weight, as she watched the setting sun's rays stain the sky a vibrant orange. Hibiki Misora turned her head slightly to see the boy sitting next to her, gazing moodily at the sunset, his arm resting on his leg, with the other dangling over the edge like Misora's. She smiled softly.

There was one good thing that happened while forced to work for Orohime. If it wasn't for that, she would have never met Solo… at least, not in a way that would lead to her considering him a friend. If it weren't for that, he wouldn't be with her right now. Of course at one time she would have not wanted to be with any boy like this except Subaru, but… Solo and her had gotten close. Very close. Yet, Misora reminded herself, they were just friends. Very close friends, but still…

Giggling slightly, she turned to smile at the boy. "You're so cute, Solo-kun."

The boy turned her head to regard her, flushing only very slightly.

"Hai." He responded quietly as he dropped his head once more, just the response Misora knew he'd have. She started to giggle once more, but stopped short as she heard a quiet "You, too." from her companion.

Misora started slightly, as she stared openly at the boy, who seemed not to notice. Did he just call her… cute? The pop idol's face flushed slightly with the realization.

Of course she had been called cute before. She heard it almost every day, whether it be from a fan or people she worked with. Of course she was cute. She was the definition of cute, as she had been told.

But this… this was different. Solo wasn't an adult or one of her drooling fanboys. Solo was… Solo was...

Misora shook her head quickly. This wasn't right! It was Subaru she loved, not Solo! And he loved her back, he was just too shy. One day he would get over his detached nature and confess his love. Never mind that schoolgirl he always fought to defend. Never mind that Solo was even more detached than Subaru. Never mind that she had been neglecting him to hang out with Solo, and he made no move to stop her…

Oh dear.

No. No, not now, not ever, it's not Solo! She couldn't… she couldn't be falling in love with him instead… she loved Subaru, not him!

Subaru. Subaru Subaru Subaru Subaru Subaru Subaru Solo Subaru Solo Subaru Solo Solo Solo Solo Solo Solo Solo…


Why… why did her thoughts go to him?

Didn't she love Subaru? Didn't she hope to marry him one day?

Then why?

Why did she think of Solo whenever she let her mind drift? Why did she feel a weird sensation when she looked at him, that was completely non-existent when she looked at Subaru? Why… why did she feel, if she had a choice of saving only one of them, she would save Solo…

"Solo." The purple-haired girl said firmly, having made her decision. The white-haired boy lifted his head to face her, and saw her smiling at him.

"Aishiteru, Solo-kun." She stated simply, then leaned forwards and kissed him on the cheek.

Solo's face immediately blushed a bright red and he turned his face to hide his embarrassment.

"H-hai." He managed to get out. "A-Aishteru, Misora-chan."

Misora giggled once more, and scooted closer to the boy, resting her head on his shoulder.

She had made the right choice.

Authors Notes: The reason this is "semi-AU" is because, while I've heard about the second game, I have not gotten the chance to play it yet, so I don't know if Misora and Solo met each other while she was working for Orohime. So, this one is kinda short, but I have another Misolo in mind, and that'll be longer. Anyway, I really like this pairing, even though I dislike Misora and I used to have a crush on Solo... weird. Anyway, hope you enjoyed! (It was kinda hard writing from Misora's perspective...) Oh yes, in case anyone didn't know, "Aishiteru" means "I love you".